Caviar Hair Products Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s

Caviar Hair Products are luxury, science-backed haircare products that utilize the powerful ingredients used in skincare for hair care. The line of transformative hair care products is produced by haircare brand Alterna. The products are designed to transform the hair quickly, gently, and effectively. With noticeable results after the first use, this is what Alterna […]

Genius Hair Growth Oil Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this Oil

Genius Hair Growth Oil is a natural hair growth formula produced by Genius Labs. The hair treatment is designed to speed up hair growth, fix damaged hair and prevent and reduce thinning and excessive hair loss. The oil is designed for both men and women and it contains natural bio-active ingredients to help strengthen the […]

Folexin Review 2021: Does this product really work?

Welcome to our Folexin review for 2020. Hair loss issues have become even more rampant in the last couple of years. This can be attributed to various factors, the key of which is lifestyle. Even though genes significantly contribute to one’s risk of going bald, lifestyle factors such as eating habits coupled with health issues […]

Juvetress Review: Does Juvetress Hair Therapy really work?

Hair loss is a serious crisis affecting millions of people across the world. It also happens to be a personal and emotional thing, and this causes several problems. One, the victims are always desperate in search of a quick and cheap solution. Second and most frustrating is that manufacturers prey on this desperation to produce […]