Essy Naturals Hair Growth Oil Review: Our Verdict

Natural hair loss solutions have become extremely popular in the last couple of years, rightfully so. A quick search on the internet is enough to show you how devastating chemical-based oils that are filled with synthetic fillers and other harsh compounds really are. This has pushed more people to seek natural alternatives. Sadly, not all-natural […]

Votala Hair Growth Serum Review: The Good & The bad

Votala is a hair care company, most popular for its hair growth products. The most prominent being their hair growth serum/hair oil. The serum was designed to treat and activate dormant hair follicles to encourage hair growth. For both men and women, the oil can be used to reduce the symptoms associated with alopecia which […]

Mane Choice Growth Oil Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this hair product

Hair loss can occur after being exposed to various factors for a prolonged duration. The worst part is that you won’t notice it until the shedding is getting out of control. This causes lots of frustrations forcing most people to search for the quickest fix possible. Sadly, there is no quick fix for hair loss. […]

Propidren Review 2021: Propidren by Hairgenics – Does it work?

There are various reasons why you may be experiencing hair loss. Some common causes include poor nutrition, harmful surroundings or environmental factors, medical conditions, and aging. A sex hormone known as DHT is another common cause of hair loss. It’s actually one of the primary reasons for hair loss among bodybuilders. Most hair loss products […]

Plantur 39 Review 2021: Pro’s & Cons of this Shampoo

People as young as 18 years old can experience hair thinning and shedding. However, as we age, the risk for hair loss goes even higher. For women, the onset of menopause poses new dangers to their hair. That’s simply because many hormonal changes occur, leaving them in a predisposed position for more aggressive hair loss. […]

Nioxin System 5 Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this Hair Product

Nioxin Research Laboratories Inc. is a popular company with various product lines. The company was started back in 1987 by Eva Graham. Since then, they have produced numerous hair products, most of which have enjoyed enormous success. In 2008, the company was bought by Procter & Gamble. This was quickly followed by various changes, including […]

Sugar Bear Hair Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this hair brand

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins pulled one of the most successful marketing campaigns we’ve seen in the beauty industry. These gummies have been advertised throughout the internet by celebrities like Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians. Since then, the vitamins have been sold and used across the world. A quick Instagram search is enough to show you […]