DasGro Hair Formula: Packed With 24 Best Hair Growth Nutrients


Are you having trouble with hair thinning or balding? Are you looking for a hair loss solution that will help you regrow your hair and at same time keep you healthy? Well, the DasGro Hair Formula may just be the perfect product for you! This hair loss and hair therapy supplement contains not only ingredients …

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Anti Gray 7050: The Best Supplement To Prevent Gray Hair?


We are as curious as you are to find out whether Anti Gray 7050 can delay or even reverse hair graying. So let us find out! What causes hair to turn gray? The color of our hair depends on the melanin found in our hair shaft. As we grow older, our hair follicles produce less …

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Top 10 Best Barber Apron for Professional Hairstylists & Barbers


A barber apron is one of the most important barber accessories. It serves as a protective barrier against hair trimmings, water, hair coloring formulas, shampoos, conditioners and treatment chemicals. Barber aprons also help professional hairstylists to become efficient at what they do. Usually, it has built-in pockets for scissors, combs, pins, and even clippers! This …

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Silk’n Infinity Review (2021): The Best Permanent Hair Removal Device?


When it comes to removing unwanted hair in our body, there is the age old battle between electric shavers vs epilators. Another option is the use of barber face wax. But these methods entail life long commitment to hair removal regimens. And these are both time consuming and costly. Great thing that there are permanent …

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John Frieda Straighteners Review: High Quality Flat Irons in 2 Sizes


Almost every woman will agree that hair plays an important role both on our overall appearance and on our self-confidence. We create different hairstyles that accurately express our vibe, mood, and personality. That is why we look for different hairstyling products and equipment that can help us achieve the look that best represents ourselves.  Related: …

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Gamma Clippers: 3 High Quality Clippers You Should Try


Gamma clippers are a high quality set of clippers that may be worth a space in your toolbox. As a barber or stylist, you should know all possible options for your clippers to ensure that you give yourself and your clients the best possible experience. With their practical features, these innovative clippers are sure to …

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