9 Best Afroanew Wigs and Headwraps for African American Women

Afroanew is a company that understands that hair is not only just another part of your body. It can be many things: an expression of yourself, a statement, a part of an outfit or a look, or a style. But one of the most amazing things that hair can be for you is a representation of a culture.

In this review I’ll be introducing Afroanew and the best of their products. Read on and find out what’s best for you.

Who is Afroanew?

Afroanew Logo

Afroanew is a London-based company whose dedication is to celebrate African hair and style. Their products range from wigs, headwraps, hair extensions, to accessories and hair care products. If you’re looking to boost your confidence or simply want to sprinkle some glamor in your hair and in your style, then this company is all for you. 

Afroanew Wigs

You might be one of the many women who suffer from severe hair loss due to health issues or untoward experiences. Or you might just want to express yourself by wearing another type of hair. For whatever reason it may be, wearing wigs is for anybody and everybody and Afroanew knows that.

They are the first to introduce the innovation that is wrap wigs to the world. These wigs are especially stylish and convenient. By having a headwrap surround the cap part of the wig, it can be much more easily put on and it is more secure from getting accidentally removed. 

The company has a vast selection of wrap wigs and you’ll be sure they have one just for you. Let’s take a look.

The Best Afroanew Wrap Wigs

The Best Bob Style Wrap Wig

Afroanew Leopard Bob Wrap Wig

Afroanew Leopard Bob Wrap Wig

Think a bob cut looks good on you? If you think so, then this wig is just right for you. No need to get the flat irons out and pay for a treatment to set your hair straight, this wig gets you that classic yet trendy look in an instant.

This wig is made of high quality Japanese synthetic fibers, one of the most trusted and widely used fibers for wigs and extensions. Its headband is made of polyester fabric with a leopard print for extra style points. With the Leopard Bob, you can rock a fierce look with a classic hairstyle.

The Best Natural Hair Color Wrap Wig

Afroanew Sooty Wrap Wig

Afroanew - Sooty

Not everybody has naturally blonde hair and not everybody has naturally brown hair. Let’s face it, the act of coloring your hair is tedious and can be a painful experience. You’ll also be subjecting your hair to harsh and damaging chemicals. If you’re looking for a change in your look without having to experience the tedium and damage, then the Sooty is for you.

The Sooty is made of high-quality Japanese synthetic fiber. The headband is also made of polyester fabric. The sparkly pattern of the headband will make you stand out as much as your brown and blonde hair will.

Best Human Hair Wrap Wig

Afroanew Emerald Wrap Wig

Afroanew Emerald Wrap Wig

While Japanese synthetic fiber and other synthetic hair materials can look like actual hair, human hair wigs are the closest you can get to a genuine looking set of locks. 

Afroanew Emerald has a variation that is made of human hair with curls that are straight out of a beauty magazine. The headband is made of polyester fabric. The Emerald gets its name from the dark green color of its headband. With the Emerald, you can pull off an entirely new look without anybody clocking your locks as a wig. 

Afroanew Headwraps

Headwraps are a timeless clothing article for black women. And throughout the years, the trend of wearing headwraps have crossed cultures and race. However, headwraps are not simply a piece of cloth wrapped around the hair, it also carries culture and a rich history. In the present, headwraps are a subversion of the oppression many people of color have faced throughout history.

Headwraps are not only stylish, they’re also a very easy and convenient way to add the finishing touches to your outfit. In a rush and don’t have the time to style your hair? Grab that Afroanew headwrap, put it on, and off you go.

Afroanew offers a plethora of headwraps that can be just that one thing missing in your outfit. Their line of headwraps come in many different styles, colors, and patterns that you’ll surely find something that will match any of your outfits. Let’s take a look at what they’ve got for you. 

The Best Afroanew Headwraps

The Best Basic Headwrap

African Print Head Wrap With Satin-Lined

Afroanew - African Print With Satin-Lined

Satin is not only a high-quality, durable, and shiny fabric. It is also a great insulator to retain moisture in your hair. Old-school headwraps have a tendency of drying out your hair and can cause friction that can lead to damage. This African Print Headwrap by Afroanew makes sure neither of those happen because its inner part is lined with satin. 

Meanwhile, the outer part of the headwrap is made of wax printed cotton.

The Best Turban

Afroanew Shadow Turban (Satin Lined)

Afroanew - Shadow Turban (Satin Lined)

Turbans have been around for centuries and they’ve been worn by men and women all around the world, most predominantly in Africa and the Middle East. Whether you’re in it just for the style points or you’re looking for an elegant but modest headwear, Afroanew has got your back with its Shadow Turban.

The Shadow Turban is made of a wax cotton outer. The color black goes with anything, and the Shadow Turban can go with any outfit you can come up with. The inner of the turban is made of satin, so your hair can stay moisturized and free from damage even if worn for long periods of time.

The Best Open Crown Headwrap

Afroanew Polka Dots Headwrap

Afroanew - Polka Dots Open Crown Headwrap

Are headbands still in? Of course they are! This hair accessory is a classic and will stay as a quintessential way of managing long hair. But how about polka dots? Of course they’re still in! Classics age but they don’t get old. 

Afroanew offers a wide variety of headbands but the Polka Dots stands out. It’s a shapeable band that’s made of printed cloth with a wired interior that’s flexible and easy to wear. The polka dot pattern gives you that classic look just like the ones in those 80s pop music videos.

Afroanew Hair Extensions

There are those that are fine living their entire lives with the same hairstyle, and that’s okay. But there are also people like me who like to change it up every once in a while, that’s also okay. Hair extensions are a great way to change up your style by lengthening your hair without the need to commit.

Afroanew boasts a host of hair extensions in their shop. Keep reading to learn what hair extensions you can purchase from them. 

The Best Afroanew Hair Extensions

Afroanew Kinky Curl Lace Closure Human Hair

Afroanew - Kinky Curl Lace Closure Human Hair

Looking to change it up right up the top but don’t wanna wait for months to grow out your hair? If your hair is already kinky or curly or if you want the other half of your locks to have that kinky curl look, then these hair extensions are perfect for you. These clip-in extensions are 100% made of human hair.

You can even twist ‘em, braid ‘em, or even wand curl these extensions. They can also be bleached or dyed depending on your preferred color. This product comes in 14 inch, 16 inch, and 18 inch variations. 

Afroanew Kinky Blown Out Clip-Ins

Afroanew - Kinky Blown Out Clip-ins

If you’re going for that afro-hair look or if you already possess these wonderful curls and want to make your hair longer instantly and temporarily, then look no further than Afroanew. These come in bundles of ten or more pieces depending on the size of your head or the thickness you prefer. These extensions are also made purely out of human hair. 

Consistent with the brand, these extensions can be modified however you like – style wise and color wise. This product has a normal and thick variations and come in different lengths from 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches. 

Afroanew Burmese Curly Clip-Ins

Afroanew - Burmese Curly Clip-Ins

Burmese curls may look intimidating to handle and maintain since they can be voluminous and its numerous thick locks can get wild sometimes. However, you can go for this look without having to commit to the hairstyle with Afroanew and its Burmese Curly Clip-Ins. 

Much like their other hair extensions, these ones are also 100% made of human hair. These can be styled and colored however you want. This product also has normal and thick variations and come in lengths from 12 inches to 20 inches.

Afroanew: The Takeaway

The vast array of products of Afroanew is more than enough for you to find the exact wig, headwrap, extension, and hair accessory for you. With their products being made of the best synthetic and genuine material out there, you can be assured that your next purchase won’t need replacement for a long time.

There are a multitude of companies out there that are dedicated to creating hair products. But there are only a handful of companies who are dedicated to boldly celebrating and expressing black culture. This is a rich and royal culture with an iconic history, and Afroanew makes it so that you can wear that culture with pride. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Afroanew Products

Do Afroanew headwraps work on all types of hair?

Yes. Even though the headwraps and accessories by Afroanew are dedicated to kinky and afro hair, even straight and wavy hair types can be accommodated by their hair accessories. 

Do Afroanew headwraps and wrap wigs come in different sizes?

The headwraps and wrap wigs are one-size-fits-all products. They have adjustable laces that are usually behind the wrap itself. Not to mention, the wraps themselves are stretchable.

How can I maintain my Afroanew hair extensions and wrap wigs?

First, fill a basin with lukewarm water and add a little mild shampoo. Submerge the wig or extensions in the water and gently swish it around. Rinse the wig or extensions through cold running water. Finally, you can lay the wig on a towel or let it drip dry. 

Does Afroanew do custom made orders?

The company only sells ready-made products.

Does Afroanew allow returns and exchanges?

Yes. They allow returning and exchanging of unworn and unwashed items within 14 days of your purchase. 

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