Best Black Men’s Hair Twist Styles

Black hair is uniquely beautiful. Its strength, bounciness, and kinkiness give it a life all of its own that other hair simply cannot match. So what do you do if you want to capitalize on these positives? Use black men’s hair twist styles, of course.

Black Men’s Hair Twist Styles Overview

What is the Hair Twist Hairstyle?

The hair twist hairstyle involves twisting strands of hair together by dividing them into sections to create a unique, distinct look. This hairstyle is most often seen with black, afro-textured hair. That’s because no other hair type has the strength nor resilience to be styled into twists and maintain this particular shape.

What is the Hair Twist Hairstyle

Black men’s hair twist styles come in many forms – by length, undercut, and fade – and all are gorgeous and striking in their own way.

Hair Twist Benefits 

Black men’s hair twists capitalize on black hair’s natural strength and kinkiness to create a unique and dashing look. This style is also a low-maintenance alternative to hairstyles such as dreadlocks, though low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance!

No matter how long your hair is, as long as you’ve got type 4c hair, you’re sure to find a hair twist to suit you. Short, medium, long, with a fade, with an undercut – anything’s possible. All a hair twist needs is a little patience for you to model your hair just the way you want.

The History of Black Men’s Hair Twist Styles

Black hair has its roots in Africa. Scientists believe that afro-textured hair is how it is today because our ancestors evolved shorter, curlier, kinkier, and more durable hair to resist the sun’s heat better. These characteristics continue today: type 4 hair is very springy, resistant to heat, and incredibly durable.

As ancient civilization advanced and early humans gave up the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, once agriculture and domestication took their place, people had more time to focus on their social status. One of the earliest forms of defining the self’s identity and status was one’s hair. Prominent members of society used well-styled hair to distinguish themselves. It can also say things about one’s self without using words.

Today, hair is still a popular way to express one’s individuality, and this sentiment has given rise to various hairstyles. And among these styles is the simple yet powerful hair twist.

10 Best Black Men’s Hair Twist Styles

The hair twist is a hairstyle that makes for a powerful first impression and is sure to impress. Here’s a list of some black men’s hair twist styles you might want to try!

Two Strand Twist

Two Strand Twists

Two strand twists may be one of the newer kids on the block, but don’t let that dissuade you – these are among the easiest ways to achieve a hair twist. Just take two strands of hair, twist them together until you’re happy, then let it drop. Voila!

While this hairstyle is plenty great on its own, some men choose to accentuate these twists by adding accessories, such as rings, or highlighting them via a beard.

Sponge Twist

Sponge Twist Black Mens Hair Twist Style

Not everyone has the time to sit down and style their hair. For busy men who still want to try out a hair twist, why not give a twist sponge a go? These devices are made specifically to amplify the curls, coils, and kinks in your hair, allowing for a quick and hassle-free hair twist style.

Comb Twists

Comb Twists

Since we’re talking about two-strand twists, I should also mention comb twists. Also known as comb coils or finger coils, these twists involve twisting the hair around your finger to create small, tight coils. Just as with two strand twists, you can choose to use accessories to accentuate and highlight this hairstyle.

Twist Out

Twist Out Black Men Hair Twist Styles

If there’s a single hair twist style that best embodies freedom and a relaxed attitude, it’s the twist out. This particular hairstyle follows no hard and fast rules – twist your hair outwards however your heart desires. It’s this nonconformity that gives the twist out its reputation for being very cool and very casual.

Not only does the twist-out make a lasting first impression, but it’s also great for adding depth and volume to hair. Thanks to the outward-protruding twists, your hair will look (and feel) much bigger than it is, making it look like there are many more locks than there really are.

Short Hair Twist

Short Hair Twist

Sometimes simple is best, and no other black men’s hair twist style exemplifies that than the simple short twist.

This hairstyle can be a lot of work and can unravel itself if not styled properly. However, its distinct features will help you stand out from the crowd. Short hair twists are also versatile and can be sculpted and integrated into several looks. Casual, chic, or professional – all of these are environments that short hair twists can work in.

One thing to note about the short twist is that you must have loosely coiled hair before starting, or else the hairstyle will fall flat.

Medium Two Strand Hair Twist

Medium Hair Twist

Medium-length hair is much easier to twist than shorter hair, and just like the short twist, the medium twist can be carefully sculpted to fit a variety of social situations. And just as medium hair is just right, so too is the medium twist, as it can be used as a basis to form a variety of hairstyles. Creating patterns, sectioning, or braiding: your scalp is your palette when rocking a medium hair twist.

Long Two Strand Hair Twist

Long Two Strand Hair Twist

The last twist by length is, of course, the long hair twist. Long hair twists on men greatly enhance the versatility of the medium hair twist’s styling prowess. With a lot, more hair comes a lot more possibilities.

The length, too, is one of this hair twist’s talking points. Depending on how thick your hair is, you can get a neat, almost wispy hair twist. Alternately, you could rock pseudo-dreadlocks that aren’t as complex as the real thing. The downside? Long hair twists are relatively high-maintenance.

Hair Twist with Fade

Hair Twist with Fade

Fades are very popular today, and not only can they stand on their own as a hairstyle, but they’re also one of the quickest, easiest, and simplest ways to get extra definition and zing with your hair twist style.

Hair twists with fades can work with any length of twist but perform best alongside medium or long hair twists. This hairstyle mixes a short, clean look with a more casual, dynamic top and is guaranteed to make an impact.

Bleached Twist

Bleached Twist

Call it bleached, call it dyed; the end result is the same: gorgeous. If you’d like to combine the styling strength of black hair with different colors, why not bleach or dye your hair?

When it comes to bleached twist hair, remember that less can be more. Just as with two strands or thick twists, you can add a lot to your look with just a dash of color at the end of your twists. Your hair, your rules.

High Top Twists with Braids

High Top with Braids

This high top twists with braids hairstyle, as demonstrated above, involves scalp braiding the hair along the sides. Compound this with some bombastic twists on the top of your scalp, and you’ll have a look that’s sure to catch more than a few eyes. You can even get creative as there’s really no restriction on how to fix your hair twist with this style.

Long Comb Twist with Undercut

Twist with Undercut

Take the idea of the high-top fade to the end of the spectrum, and you get this, the twist with an undercut. The undercut can be as close or as neat as you want, but its main purpose is to highlight your hair twist style. For best results, couple this one with a comb twist for a neat-looking look!

FAQs About Black Men’s Hair Twist Styles

How long do black men’s hair twists last?

On average, well-done twists can last from two to eight weeks; this is highly dependent on how well the twists were created. Thinner hair twists also tend to last longer than thicker ones.

How do I maintain my hair twists?

You can take good hair of your hair twists just by keeping your type 4 hair happy. Keep it clean and hydrated, and use moisturizers as needed to keep your hair from drying out. To protect your hair at night, you can also choose to wear a headscarf or durag when you sleep.

Is it better to twist wet or dry hair?

That depends entirely on you, as both have their own advantages. While dry hair gives you greater length, it can be harder to work with. Wet hair, on the other hand, isn’t as long, but it does set a ton better than dry hair.

You Do Your Do!

While black men’s hair twist styles may not be for everyone, they’re definitely worth a try if your hair can keep up with it. Remember though: you should always wear whatever hairstyle makes you comfortable!

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