Best Buzz Cuts for Men Ideas

So, the buzz cut, the striking look that’s trending this year and it looks great, I made a buzz cuts for men article, so you have professional guided information.

Best Buzz Cut Clippers for Men

What is a buzz cut?

Well, a buzz but is a short clippered haircut. Classically people think of the one-length all-over buzz cut, but there are many variations on buzz cut hairstyles for men. Buzz cut doesn’t necessarily mean one length all over, you can play with fades, flat tops, and crew cuts. If you like low maintenance this could be the look for you.

Best Buzz Cuts for Men ideas

Classic buzz cut for men

Classic buzz cut for men

The classic buzz cut for men is a shaved all over the same length look. Very short and neat. This look is so low maintenance and easy to create the look on yourself if you’re feeling brave. It has a military feel to it and the cool thing about really short hair is it shows off all its features.

Buzz Cut Fade for Men

Maybe you would like a little more gradient in your buzz cut? The faded buzz cut gives a little variation to the classic look. It also has more shape to it so as it grows out, it will have more style than the classic one-length all-over look.

Flat top buzz cut for men

The flat-top buzz cut for men has an 80s vintage military feel. It’s a very masculine look with sharp corners and harsh lines in the haircut. I like it because the has an edge to the look and is a little different, maybe this look is more for the fashion-conscious guy.

Crew buzz cut

Crew buzz cut

This one really is a classic haircut that has been popular for decades. With the short and neat sides and longer on the top, you can play with a little gel or wax to add some interest or leave it natural for those buzz-cut lazy days.

Buzz cut with patterns

Maybe you’re the creative guy and you like to show that in your haircuts? Well, shaving patterns and designs into a buzz cut a pretty cool option. Just make sure you find a barber with this skill set; these looks can be tricky to create so do a little research on barbers in your area.

Buzz cut with a beard

Buzz Cut with Beard

So maybe you have grown a glorious beard and you’re happy to let the hair go but not the beard? You can still rock a beard with a buzz cut. Also removing your hair can draw more attention to the beard, giving it all the glory.

High fade buzz cut

Going for a high fade with your buzz cut can nip in the sides and shape the buzz cut to suit your hair type/face shape. The high fade will add more height to your men’s buzz cut, elongating the face and giving the buzz cut a little more style.

Buzz cut with color for men

Buzz cuts can look very striking with hair color and can be a statement maker. If you like to experiment with color, I suggest going blonde and playing with different bright tones over it. Or if you’re super experimental, you can always have patterns and play with color too!

Things to consider when having a buzz cut

The buzz cut is low maintenance daily but can be more maintenance on how regular you need the cut. With the buzz cut being so short, it will grow out fast. Also, if you have thick straight hair, sometimes the hair will grow out, giving you an obvious grown-out haircut.

Buzz cut = commitment

So, if it’s a long-term idea then you will have to keep on top of keeping your buzz cut short. Also, it’s the extreme commitment to short hair, there’s no going back once it’s all buzzed off, so you kind of need to be committed to the idea. Alternatively, if you decide after that you don’t like it – there’s always hats 😉

Going to a hairstylist for a buzz cut vs DIY

Now I did mention that the classic buzz cut is an easy cut to create on yourself. However, if you have not been that short before, and you are image-conscious, it may be best to go for some guidance.

As a hair stylist we can study the head shape, your needs and suggest alternative ideas. We have the ability to help with transitions from long to short, so you don’t get the shock of your life.

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