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The 5 Best Combs for Men to Use

A gentleman’s grooming kit leaves nothing to chance. All the devices and accessories you need have to be the best at what they do. All the details need to be taken into account regardless of how minor they may seem.

Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb - Men's Hair, Beard & Mustache Comb - Pocket Sized Sandal Wood Comb for Everyday Grooming, Use Dry or with Balms and OilsWith that said, we can all agree that combs are some of the oldest grooming accessories known to man. They seem to serve a simple purpose no wonder their role in a man’s overall appearance is very often overlooked.

However, if you are a fan of our blog then you know we do not leave anything to chance and that’s why we also go the extra mile of preparing a detailed review even for combs. After all, your appearance counts on it and as it happens, we also care about your appearance.

So, What’s the Best Comb for Men?

The best comb for men is the Viking Revolution Comb . This well-designed dual action comb is simple but well thought-out to get the job done on different hair types without any problems. It comes with both coarse and fine teeth so it can work on hair of different lengths and texture. It’s also light and highly portable making it perfect for all the men who want to stay groomed on the go.

Here is a detailed review on this and some of the other top combs for men.

Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb

Folding Beard Comb w/Carrying Pouch for Men - All Natural Wooden Beard Comb w/Gift Box - Green Sandalwood Comb for Grooming & Combing Hair, Beards and Mustaches by Viking Revolution $8.88
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Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb is the bestselling comb for men because it carters for different needs and it’s highly portable. The dual-action comb has fine teeth on one side and coarse teeth on the other. As a result, men of different hair types, length and texture, can use the comb for grooming without experiencing any sort of static or pulling. The dual sided comb is also extremely versatile because as you can use it for both your beard and head. It works really well with the mustache as well.

This Viking Revolution comb is made of pear wood. It feels really good on the hand. The wood and overall design of the comb also makes it perfect for even application of balms and oils.

The comb also stimulates the hair follicles, but the stimulation is not as much as you would get with a great beard brush. Still, it does a great job for such a small piece of equipment.


  • Highly portable
  • Comes with a compact storage bag
  • Great for applying balm and oil
  • Stimulates hair follicles
  • The dual sided design makes it versatile


  • You need to store it properly as it can break quite easily

Hyoujin 601 Black Carbon Wide Tooth Comb

HYOUJIN 601 Black Carbon Wide Tooth Comb Detangling Comb Detangler Hair Comb for Long Wet hair Hair Straighten Curly Hair 230℃ Heat Resistan $5.89
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This carbon comb is hand crafted to produce the best results without any complications. The comb is heat resistant and with the wide perfectly aligned teeth, it glides through mid to long hair without pulling your hair. Since the comb is carbon sanded, it also prevents static.

The teeth spacing is perfect for fast detangling. It also makes styling of hair an effortless task. It leaves your hair effortless and free from even tiniest knots. You will never have to worry about any kind of damage during detangling.

The Hyoujin 601 Black Carbon Comb can be used with both dry and wet hair.


  • It comes with a sleeve pouch for easy storage and transportation
  • Very portable
  • Works well with both wet and dry hair
  • Affordable
  • Heat and static resistant


  • It can break easily

Kent A 81T Pocket Comb

Kent A 81T (2.8") Pocket Comb & Beard Comb for Mustache and Beard - Travel Kit Beard Comb for Grooming/Beard Care - Fine Tooth Comb Mustache Comb Kent Comb for Mustache Kit Beard Grooming Styling Comb $8.00
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Kent A 81T is a perfect option if you are looking for a pocket comb for your mustache and beard. This comb will slide into any regular pockets without any issues at all and remain in place without inconveniencing you in any way. And when the time comes for you to use, you will not be disappointed with the results.

This Kent Pocket Comb is designed with rounded tips making them an excellent choice for anyone with a sensitive skin. The teeth are also aligned perfectly to allow for smooth detangling. In addition to that, the comb can be used for styling and shaping your beard. You could use it on the go or if you want to strengthen you’re the hair before trimming a dramatic van dyke beard style.

Other than making detangling easy for sensitive skin, the fine rounded tips of the teeth also help to stimulate the skin and scalp. This encourages blood circulation which is very useful for beard growth.

The Kent A 81T Pocket Comb is made from cellulose acetate with a tortoise shell finish. It’s tactile and flexible but still strong enough to serve you for a long time.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Quite durable


  • May not work so well for longer beards

Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb

Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb - Men's Hair, Beard & Mustache Comb - Pocket Sized Sandal Wood Comb for Everyday Grooming, Use Dry or with Balms and Oils $13.82
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This comb has an interesting folding design which makes it easier for you to use, store, and carry it. When you unfold it, the handle gives you more control over the comb so it’s much easier to use than other combs with a limited form factor. However, storage and transportation would be a nightmare in that state and that’s why you can also fold it down when it’s not in use and pack it in a small package.

The Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb is made of wood that prevents static and hair pulling. The teeth are fine and rounded at the tips for smooth gliding. They detangle knots with so much ease. They also work well with different hair types from long and curly to thick, thin and short hair.

The wood used here is quite durable.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Easy to use
  • Works with beards, mustache and head hair
  • Durable
  • Great for different hair types


  • The screw used for folding can grow loose over time

Kent A FOT Handmade All Fine Tooth Comb

Kent A FOT Handmade All Fine Tooth Pocket Comb for Men, Hair Comb Straightener for Everyday Grooming Styling Hair, Mustache and Beard, Use Dry or with Balms, Saw Cut and Hand Polished, Made in England $9.50
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The Kent A FOT Handmade Comb is a pocket-size comb that can be used on the head, beard or mustache. It features fine teeth that provide an effortless glide to detangle hair without pulling it. The teeth are soft and rounded at the tips. This helps in stimulating the skin or scalp to promote blood flow. For healthier hair growth.

The Kent A Fot comb is made of celloluse acetate. This is a flexible, tactile and durable material that detangles hair without causing static or heat production. It’s also much durable than some of the fine wooded combs on the market.


  • Made of a static-resistant material
  • Rounded tips stimulate the scalp and skin
  • Hand crafted
  • Very soft on the skin and scalp


  • The small size can make it harder to use
  • It can break quite easily
  • Best Combs for Men Buying Guide

When shopping for a comb, you need to look out for the following factors:

Material Used

Combs come in different materials from wood and plastic to metal and horns. Each of these material has its pros and cons so it’s up to you to decide which one fits your needs best. However, most people prefer wooden combs like Viking Revolution comb.

Metal combs are durable and fight friction and static but thy can pull your hair. Meanwhile, most plastic combs are just flimsy. However, cellulose acetate combs like the Kent Pocket Comb is an exception as it’s fairly durable and static resistant. It can be quite expensive though.

Width of the Teeth

Combs can either have wide or fine teeth. Others have medium teeth and of course, you can get a dual action comb with fine teeth on one side and wide teeth on the other.

So, which one is right for you? Well, Wide tooth combs like the Hyoujin 601 Black Carbon Comb are a great option for people with thick hair because they allow more hair to pass easily through the wide spaces. They also work great for dump hair and detangling curly hair.

On the other hand, fine tooth combs such as the Viking Revolution comb and Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb are great for thin hair. They leave you looking very neat.

I’d recommend you get either a comb with both fine and wide teeth or buy two separate combs to carter for both needs. That’s simply because your hair will always grow with time so you need the right comb for all occasions.

Final Thoughts

With the best comb, you get to stay groomed on the go without experiencing any kind of pain coming from static or heat production. That’s what the above top combs for men are designed to do. The tips of the teeth are also perfectly designed to stimulate the skin and scalp. Try them out today and you’ll see how big of an impact they’ll have on your grooming and overall appearance.

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