These Are The 5 Best Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair and bald patches are never great conversation starters and sometimes make for embarrassing situations that lead you to question, “Why me?” In most cases, it affects your confidence and self-esteem, but it’s good to know that experiencing hair loss is rarely your fault.

Various reasons lead to hair loss, including hereditary issues and lack of vitamins, or even hormonal changes in women, such as pregnancies and menopause. In some cases, there may even be medications that are causing your hair to thin down.

Treatments like microneedling for hair loss and PRP hair treatments might take a while to show results. Thankfully, there are ways to reverse thinning hair today, but chemical treatments and salon visits are costly and would take months before you see a difference. Enter the quickest and most cost-effective solution in the market––hair fibers!

What are hair fibers?

If you’ve never heard of hair fibers, fret not! It’s easier to think of hair fibers as cheaper alternatives to concealing hair loss, especially if you have bald areas across your scalp. Hair fibers are usually made of various materials such as natural keratin, cotton, or wool as they look the most natural when you try to blend them into your hairs.

Hair Fibers - before and after of thinning hair

They’re easy to build on, so you have full control of how much you want to conceal and comes in different colors to match your hair. In most cases, you may even find that hair fibers can last through your daily activities including being caught in the rain or going through a sweaty workout session.

Picking the right hair fiber

But if there are so many choices in the market today offering hair fibers, how would you know which to choose? For starters, you’ll want to pick a brand that uses the best materials in making their hair fibers. Picking a product that is made of natural keratin and contains no added chemicals is best as keratin gives you the closest finish to real hair so nobody would suspect that you’re suffering from hair loss.

There are also rare occasions when a brand uses real hair fibers for that extra natural touch, but you’ll have to expect to pay a premium for it. Extra details such as making sure it’s resistant to sweat, rain, and water also gives you a peace of mind for a full day’s use without the risk of the hair fibers washing or flaking off. Finally, be sure to always pick the hair fiber that’s closest to your natural hair color so there isn’t a noticeable difference between the two.

Here are our picks for the 5 best hair fibers in town

With that said, we’ve picked out the 5 best hair fibers available today to help you decide what would work best for your hair woes.

Caboki Hair Loss Concealer

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Best Hair Fibers - Caboki Hair Loss Concealer Dark Brown 30G (90-day Supply) Caboki is an American brand that offers hair fibers that work on any hair types such as curly locks, straight hair, and even African American hair. It’s made from natural cotton derived from Morocco and is great because it doesn’t stain your clothes with wear. They’ve also got a range of 14 colors to choose from, ideal even if you have very dark hair or a beautiful light blonde.

Caboki Hair Loss Concealer is however not very resistant to rain and doesn’t build well on users with extremely thin hair, so if you’re using their hair fibers, you may want to be sure you won’t be caught out on a rainy day.

Toppik Hair Building Fibers

Best Hair Fibers - TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers, Dark Brown, 0.42 Ounce

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If you’re looking for a hair fiber brand that’s great for its value for money, look no further than Toppik Hair Building Fibers. Made with natural keratin for a natural finish, these hair-building fibers are easy to build on even with a little product.

This gives you better control for an overall look, and you’ll get to choose from 9 different colors to suit your natural hair color.

It’s important to note, however, that the Toppik Hair Building Fibers is not sweat resistant so do expect that you will have to do touch-ups as you go through your day if you sweat easily. It also contains ammonium chloride as a part of their ingredients which may not be ideal if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Hair Illusion Hair Fibers

HAIR ILLUSION Hair Fibers for the Balding, Thinning Hair of Men and Women 100% Natural Texture Hair Loss Concealer, Black 38g $39.95
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Hair Illusion is one of the rare brands in the market that uses actual human hair fibers in their product. The difference between the hair fibers and your actual hair are almost unnoticeable and is resistant to conditions such as sweat and rain. This also eliminates the need for touch-ups throughout your daily activities but can easily be washed off with shampoo when you’re done for the day.

Unfortunately, the prices for the Hair Illusion Hair Fibers are steeper than other brands due to the use of real human hair fibers. The colors are also more limited and they’re usually only for users with darker hair, so if you have light blonde or red hair, then the Hair Illusion Hair Fibers may not be for you.

Samson Hair Loss Concealing Fibers

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Samson Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair - 100% Undetectable Natural Formula - Completely Conceals Hair Loss in Seconds. Covers bald spots. Thicken your hair instantly - 25 Gram Container (BLACK) The Samson Hair Loss Concealing Fibers is made of natural keratin and is great if you’re looking for an affordable hair fiber brand. They also sell refill packs in case you’ve run out of your first product buy, making it cheaper and better for the environment as you will use fewer plastic bottles in the long run.

Samson Hair Loss Concealing Fibers are also stained and smear-proof, so the colors won’t transfer onto your clothes. You may, however, be limited to certain hairstyles if you’re using the Samson Hair Loss Concealing Fibers, as you will not be able to comb or style the fibers after applying them to your hair.

Finally Hair Fibers

Hair Building Fibers Dark Brown Hair Loss Concealer Fiber 28 Gram .99oz Refillable Bottle by Finally Hair (use our Dark Chocolate Brown for darker) $13.97
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Finally Hair is a brand of hair fibers that offers a large range of colors – there are 23 colors to choose from, including a selection for users with red hair. As their product is easily refillable, it also opens up to the possibility of color mixes so you can mix and match to the color closest to your natural hair.

Suitable even for users with sensitive skin, Finally Hair Hair Fibers is made of keratin so you’ll be able to achieve a natural look even without an extra applicator. The only downside to Finally Hair Hair Fibers is that they occasionally clump together especially in humid weather and they sometimes face shipping difficulties so you would have to stock up on quite a few bottles to avoid running out.

Hair fibers 101: Your guide to using hair fibers

Here are some quick tips on how to apply the hair fibers and small notes to consider when buying the right hair fiber!

Always remember that hair fibers are best used with dry hair. Building them up to stick to your hair when wet may occasionally cause it to clump and look unnatural, and when it dries you may come across uncomfortable flaking of hair fibers on your clothes. If you want to make the hair fibers stay on longer, do consider purchasing a hair fiber locking and setting spray instead of using regular hair gel or commercial hairsprays.

Elevate Hair Fiber Locking & Setting Hold Spray | New Advanced Long Lasting Formula | 2-6 Month Supply | Lock Hair Fibers in Place All Day | Strong Holding Spray to Set Fibers for Men and Women
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Don’t use too much at a go! As hair fibers are made to be built on, you can always control the amount you want to use to achieve the right volume in your hairstyle. This will also avoid making the fibers clump together, giving you an unnatural look. If you’re looking to style your hair, be sure to pick the right product that allows for hair setting after you have the hair fibers.

You could also look into purchasing additional accessories such as a hairline optimizer that acts as a template to help guide where you want to build the hair products.

It’s always best to look closer into the ingredients that are used to manufacture the hair fibers. Steering clear from chemicals ensures that your scalp doesn’t get harmed with prolonged hair fiber use, and this is especially important if you have sensitive skin.

While you want the hair fibers to stay on for a full day of activities, be sure to always wash them off by the end of the day. Most hair fibers can be rinsed off with shampoo and water, and this keeps your scalp clean and healthy to encourage hair growth possibilities. Finally, it’s also good to allow your scalp to breathe occasionally, so we recommend setting days where you take a break from using the hair fibers.

One great product that it’s not on the list is Febron Hair Fibers. Check out our review of these cotton fibers and how fast it adds volume to hair. how It may be daunting to experience hair woes such as bald spots and thinning areas, but knowing that there are affordable fixes such as hair fibers should help ease your worries from here on. We hope you’ll be able to pick the right hair fiber for yourself through our 5 best hair fiber picks and that you’ll find your confidence in holding your head that’s full of natural-looking hair up high once again.

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