Best Hair Tie Organizer for Scrunchies and Hair Elastics

Every woman knows the struggle of managing hair ties. They always seem to disappear when you need them most. With a hair tie organizer, you can keep all your hair ties and scrunchies in one place, making it easy to find the perfect one for any occasion.

In this article, find the best hair tie organizers to keep all your scrunchies and hair elastics tidy and easy to find. So if you’re ready to get organized, check out my review of the best hair tie organizers on the market.

What is a Hair Tie Organizer?

A hair tie organizer is any container to hold hair ties and accessories. If you have tons of scrunchies, hair pins, and clips, it is a good idea to have a storage place to keep all your hair accessories in one place. These are ideal gifts for young girls who love styling their hair.

Ideally, a hair tie organizer should allow you to keep your hair ties out of the way. As well as protect them from external contaminants such as dust, dirt, or insects. 

Best Hair Tie Organizers List

Types of Hair Tie Organizers

Hair tie organizers can come in many forms.

The most common form of hair tie organizer is a simple box. They can be recycled, handcrafted, or made of plastic. There are also transparent boxes for hair ties, which allows you to see through them at a glance.

Larger hair ties, such as scrunchies, should have their dedicated storage in cylindrical displays, holders, or racks. Other hair tie organizers take a modern yet practical approach in the form of rotatable models.

More practical shoppers looking for hair tie organizers may want to look at models that offer the most storage space for their compact size. The best hair tie organizers will likely be branch models, hooks, bags, or jars.

Now that you know what to look for, here are some of the best hair tie organizers online.

Best Hair Tie Organizers Review

mDesign Plastic Hair Accessories Container

mDesign Plastic Cosmetic Storage Organizer Box Containers with Hinged Lid for Bedroom, Bathroom Vanity Shelf or Cabinet, Holds Masks, Palettes, Lotion, or Nail Polish, Lumiere Collection, Clear

Special Features:

  • Transparent construction
  • Hinged Lid
  • Stackable

The first thing most people think about when the phrase “hair tie organizer” comes to mind is a box model. And the mDesign Plastic Hair Accessories Container is just that.

This small yet space-efficient hair band organizer features a transparent plastic material. This feature allows you to pick and match hair ties without putting them on.

It also boasts a vertical design. Plastic organizers with this design mean you can store a lot of hair ties while minimizing the space you use.

While this organizer is affordable, you can save more if you get their 2-pc mDesign Container  or 4-pc container set . And if you’re not a fan of box organizers, mDesign offers many other storage containers, including jars and mini cabinets.


  • Spacious
  • Lightweight
  • Great value

Cons: None

Bottomline: Those looking for a box-type hair tie organizer won’t be disappointed with this product. Affordable, sturdy, and dependable, the mDesign Plastic Hair Accessories Container is perfect for small hair ties and accessories.

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Demostar Acrylic Scrunchie Holder

Demostar 2 Pcs Acrylic Scrunchie Holder Stand, 10 inches Clear Jewelry Bracelet Display Organizer, Large Capacity Scrunchy Storage Tower, Gifts for Teen Girl, Keep Makeup Table Tidy

Special Features: It fits 40-60 scrunchies

Look no further if you’re looking for a high-quality hair tie organizer for your scrunchies. The Demostar Acrylic Scrunchie Holder offers a ton of storage space for your scrunchies and a way to display them as you like.

The package has two large acrylic cylinders that fit 40-60 scrunchies. And the Demostar Acrylic Scrunchie Holder cylinders feature thick branches that allow you to store scrunchies without damaging them. They are also relatively stable, featuring a wide and stable base.

Pros: The package comes with two ponytail holders.

Cons: More expensive than regular box organizers

Bottomline: The Demostar Acrylic Scrunchie Holder is your all-in-one solution for scrunchie storage needs. It’s stable and spacious and will keep your scrunchies alive much longer.

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Ivyu Scrunchie Holder

Scrunchie Holder Organizer Stand Bracelet Holder Accessories Jewelry Hair Tie Organizer Cute Stuff for Gils Bedroom The Perfect Hair Dresser Dislpay and Also can be Mug Tree Stand Cup Rack

Special Features:

  • Bamboo construction
  • Branching design
  • Great for holding other hair accessories, not just scrunchies

If you’re looking for something that serves as a hair tie organizer and a decorative piece, the Ivyu Scrunchie Holder is right up your alley.

This scrunchie organizer features a branching design that makes it great for holding, storing, and organizing multiple hair ties. On top of this, it’s made of bamboo, which improves its visual appeal.

This scrunchie organizer comes with screws and a manual and is easy to install. And because of its wooden material and design, it is stable enough to hold even headbands and watches. 


  • Visually appealing design.
  • Branches are good for holding multiple hair ties.

Cons: Looks good for scrunchies only. You may need another hair organizer if you have other accessories like small jewelry, elastics, hair ties with beads, and hair claws.

Bottomline: The Ivyu Scrunchie Holder isn’t just practical. It’s also visually pleasing and goes perfectly with wooden dressers or furniture.

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J Jackcube Rose Gold Metal Scrunchie Holder

J JACKCUBE DESIGN Rose Gold Metal Scrunchie Holder Stand, Hair Bands Scrunchies Display Organizer for Teen Girls Accessories, Hair Ties, Bracelet, Jewelry Storage Tower- MK726A (Rose Gold)

Special Features:

  • Rose gold metal design
  • Cylindrical scrunchie holder
  • Won’t stretch scrunchies out

The J Jackcube Rose Gold Metal Scrunchie Holder forgoes the more practical plastic in favor of a nice-looking metal cage design. This feature, though, gives it less actual storage container space than other hair tie organizers. But what you get in return is a solid, sturdy hair tie organizer that serves as a great ornament.

The J Jackcube Rose Gold Metal Scrunchie Holder isn’t all looks, though. Its cylinder is wide and thick enough to hold up to 20 scrunchies, hair bands, or other hair ties without damaging them. This scrunchie organizer is supported by a wooden base, which ensures the product’s stability and adds to its overall appeal.


  • Rust-resistant construction
  • Stable wooden base


  • Holds fewer hair ties than other similar items
  • Pricey

Bottomline: The J Jackcube Rose Gold Metal Scrunchie Holder is less efficient regarding sheer storage space. However, it’s impossible to deny this hair tie organizer’s aesthetic qualities.

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Revaxup Hair Tie Organizer

REVAXUP 2pcs Hair Tie Organizer Boxes,Small Portable Hair Tie Holder Organizer Can Be Stackable Or Hung On The Wall,Best for Hair Ties Storage or Small Items Organizer on Desktop, Pink&White

Special Features:

  • Box design hair tie organizer
  • Transparent acrylic construction
  • Added hook for hanging storage

For those looking for a way to store kids’ hair ties or for those who like clips, the Revaxup Hair Tie Organizer is made for you.

This small yet ample box hair elastics organizer offers space for storing hair clips or ties and smaller accessories such as earphones. They’re also quite cute, featuring light or pastel colors, which makes them great for kids.

Best of all, the Revaxup Hair Tie Organizer is a convenient option. These hair tie organizers have an added strap that allows them to hang from hooks or as an excellent portable hair tie holder.


  • Compact
  • Ample storage space
  • Easy to open

Cons: Not stackable

Bottomline: The Revaxup Hair Tie Organizer is a light yet excellent storage solution for small items.

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N-22 Vanity Shoot All-in-One Hair Tie Organizer

VANITY SHOOT Scrunchie Holder Stand and Accessory Organizer ALL-IN -ONE, Clear Acrylic Tower and Organizer, Scrunchies, Bracelets, Jewelry, Hair Ties, Accessories, Cute Display Organizer, Teen Girls Stuff, Nice Gift for Women, Fashionable Girl's Room Décor, TWO-IN-ONE Fashion Display.

Special Features:

  • All-in-one design
  • Heavy-duty acrylic construction

If you’ve got many hair ties begging for storage, an all-in-one hair tie organizer might be your best choice. In that case, the N-22 Vanity Shoot All-in-One Hair Tie Organizer is a great pick.

This hair tie organizer features multiple storage compartments for different hair ties. Whether it’s scrunchies, spiral hair ties, hair ties for guys, large hair claw clips, or anything else, this hair tie organizer has ample space for them all.

The transparent design also makes it a good display on your drawer or dresser. The only issue is that its scrunchie holder is more miniature than the other scrunchie holders on this list and is more expensive. 

Pros: Highly compartmentalized storage for multiple types of hair ties

Cons: Pricey

Bottomline: Lots of hair ties require lots of storage space. If you’ve got many different hair ties lying around, the N-22 Vanity Shoot All-in-One Hair Tie Organizer can handily stash them all.

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FAQs About Hair Tie Organizers

Are scrunchie cylinders hollow?

Most scrunchie cylinders are hollow, which allows you to use them as extra storage. Do note that this varies from product to product.

What is the best design for a hair tie organizer?

That depends entirely on what you need—got many small scrunchies or ties? Go for a branch. If you have lots of bobby pins, contact a hair tie box. On the one hand, a cylinder is your best pick if you got lots of scrunchies. 

There’s a hair tie organizer for almost every kind of hair tie out there––and thus, there will always be one that is the “best” for your needs.

Can you use hair tie organizers to store things other than hair ties?

Yes, you can. However, I’d advise getting a separate container for those who want to use them to store candies, lipstick, or anything that might leak. The last thing you want is for those substances to melt and get in your hair ties!

Organization Pays Off

If you know how to use a hair tie, it pays off to properly store your hair ties. Not only will you not have to spend precious time going around the house wondering where they went, but they’ll always be where you need them when needed. And with one of these hair tie organizers by your side, you’ll never have to dig around looking for a misplaced bobby pin or scrunchie again!

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