4 Best Hair Ties for Guys + Styling Guide

Gone are the days when long hair was exclusively for the ladies. Let’s face it, gents: long hair is just as good on guys as it is on girls.

With long hair, you can make very different statements about who you are and the image you want to project. It can be the cool Bohemian vibe, a rugged survivalist, or a long hairstyle that shows off your tribal roots.

But no matter what look you’re going for, you’ll need the right tools to hold back your hair when you style or maintain it. And that’s where hair ties for guys come in.

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Most hair bands or hair elastics are made for women, and hair ties for guys are a pretty niche market.

Nonetheless, they exist and are tailor-made to suit men’s needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you should look out for.

Hair Ties for Guys Buyer’s Guide

Hair Ties for Guys Buyers Guide 1

If you don’t know how to use a hair tie yet, you should know that shopping for hair ties for guys is pretty much a matter of taste and appearance over actual function. Hair ties for both guys and girls work in the same way. However, there are certain types and materials used in hair ties for guys – and these should be your first consideration when shopping for these accessories.


As with most products, the first questions you need to answer are “What value am I hoping to get out of my purchase” and “Why am I shopping for hair ties for guys.” These questions will guide you toward the problem you’re trying to address with a hair tie and will serve as a guide when evaluating materials, price, size, and so on.


Next is the material. Hair ties for guys (and girls) are made of pretty simple stuff, with most hair ties made of silk, cotton, microfibers, elastic, or spandex. Each of these materials has its advantages, durability, and elasticity, meaning you need to know what you’re looking for before committing to a specific hair tie.

Elastic hair ties for guys are pretty neutral in terms of looks. They are best if you need a tight hold.

This hair tie is also great for athletes and long-haired guys who lead a very active lifestyle. But if you’re looking for a hair tie that works, you can’t go wrong with elastic. 

If elastic is too tough or rough for you, consider coil or spiral hair ties. These are made of durable and flexible plastic, meaning that while they may look delicate, coil hair ties can tangle with the roughest and most challenging hair.

Finally, if you’re trying to minimize tension while taming curly hair, it may be better to go for hair ties with materials such as polyester or cotton. And if you’ve got brittle, fragile hair, you’ll want a silk hair tie.

Once you know what material you want, you’re pretty much set to go. However, if you’re dressing to impress, your hair tie design can matter.

While most guys prefer a simple elastic band to keep their hair out of their face, you can use a beaded or banded design if you’d like a more defined appearance. 

How To Use Hair Ties for Guys

How To Use Hair Ties for Guys

Using a hair tie is pretty simple, but for guys who are new to having long hair, here’s a quick and easy guide on how to do a basic ponytail.

  1. Start by placing your hair band or hair elastic on the wrist of your dominant hand.
  2. Straighten and pull your hair back, all the way to the back of your head.
  3. Make sure to run your fingers through your hair and use a comb if you think it’s necessary.
  4. The important thing is that your hair is free of bumps and knots.
  5. Once you’re satisfied, hold your hair together at the base of the ponytail using your other hand (the one without the hair tie)
  6. Using your other hand, stretch the hair tie over both your dominant hand and the ponytail while pulling your hair through.
  7. Don’t let go of the band!
  8. Once your hair is through, use your fingers to twist the band – once is enough – then pass your hair through that new opening.
  9. If you need tighter binding, you can repeat this process as many times as you want. Just be careful not to put too much pressure on your hair!

Hair Ties for Guys Styling Guide

A basic ponytail works for most guys. But for those looking to style their hair up, even more, there are a lot of tied hairstyles that you can use.

Top Knot Man Bun

If you’re looking for an even neater look, try a man bun. This hairstyle both looks great and can project an image of a highly disciplined, professional individual.

Hair Ties for Guys Styling Guide

While some may scoff at the man bun, the fact that it keeps your hair firmly at the top of your head is essential for athletes and those who do a lot of work with their hands, particularly machinery.

Half Up, Half Down 

Half Up Half Down

The half-up, half-down hairstyle on men is a great way to add a bit of flair to your look. This style is achieved by pulling the top half of your hair back, away from your face, and securing it with a hair band. The bottom half of your hair is then left loose, framing your face. This style works well for both casual and formal occasions.

Dreads in a Bun

Dreads in a Bun

For those who are feeling adventurous, you can further tie your hair into braids, wick dreads, or plaits. Styling will take time and practice, though. So for those who want to experiment, I highly suggest seeking the expertise of someone who’s done it before or, better yet, a professional hairstylist.

Viking Hairstyle with Bubble Braids

Viking Hairstyle with Bubble Braids

For the ultimate in fierce masculinity, look no further than the hairstyle of the ancient Vikings. This Viking hairstyle starts with the hair being pulled back into a tight ponytail before being styled into bubble braids. You can also use a hair tie with beads for this look. The result is a hairstyle that exudes power and strength yet is still surprisingly stylish. So if you’re looking for a way to make a bold statement, why not try out the Viking hairstyle?

Hair Ties for Guys List

If you need help picking out hair ties for guys, look no further – I’m here to help!

Want something basic? You can’t go wrong with elastic hair ties.

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This set of 120 plain black hair ties is very affordable. And no, you didn’t misread that: there are 120 hair ties in this package, meaning you’ll almost always have a hair band ready, no matter the situation.

People shopping for hair ties for guys with a little more to spend and who want something smoother and looser may want to invest in GIMME Bands instead.

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These microfiber hair ties for guys are small, tough, and durable, promising a firm yet gentle all-day hold with zero snagging, dents, or breakage. They also come in a slew of colors if you feel like accessorizing your hair.

Those looking for buns may want to look into HAVHAF’s braided hair ties.

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These hair ties for guys offer a firm hold and a braided design, which allows them to compliment thick, curly black hair and seamlessly blend into any tied hairstyle.

Some hair ties for guys are stronger than others, and that’s where Max’s Man Bun Ties come in.

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These hair ties promise an extremely tight hold while being comfortable to wear due to their soft elastic bodies.

FAQs about Hair Ties for Guys

Can girls use hair ties for guys?

Yes! Everything in this guide holds for women who want to look for new hair ties or want to try a new style.

What are the best types of hair ties to use?

The type of hair tie to use depends 100% on your needs. Elastics are great for active people and provide great hold while remaining neutral. Those with more sensitive hair should look into softer materials, like polyester or silk.

Why do hair ties hurt?

Hair ties put pressure on your hair and its roots – just like any hairstyle that locks your hair into a specific arrangement. The pain usually means that your style is either pulling too much hair or pulling it too tightly. If at any time your hair tie starts hurting your hair, try loosening it up or switching to a different style.

Why do my hair ties keep breaking?

Hair ties have to fight against the pressure of your hair wanting to break free. And this isn’t a contest of rigidity, but rather, the opposite. If your hair ties keep breaking, look for stronger, more elastic hair ties.

Can I wash my hair ties?

Yes, you can. Basic soap and water washes should do the trick, and more durable hair ties can just go in the laundry. However, hair ties made of sensitive materials like silk should always be hand-washed.

Are thick or thin hair ties better?

When it comes to hair ties for guys, there’s no one answer. Smaller hair ties tend to give better hold at the cost of more pressure, while bigger ties give looser holds but don’t hurt your hair as much. Which one is better for you will depend entirely on your needs.

“Hair” To Stay

It’s safe to say that long hair for guys is here to stay so better get a good hair tie organizer. As the hairstyle’s popularity grows, so too will the need for hair ties for guys, and I hope that this short read was able to help you find the kind of tie you need! 

Mel R

Mel is a licensed Chemist in New Jersey who has worked in several cosmetics companies and has years of experience formulating hair care and beauty products. She uses her knowledge in cosmetics to distinguish and find the best products to recommend to Union Of Barber’s readers. When Mel’s not writing, you can find her walking her dogs or cooking and baking at home!

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