10 Best Hairspray for Men Review: Men’s Hairspray for Styling & Hold

Can men use hairspray? If you’re tired of hair gels, pomades or hair wax, then maybe its time for you to get a hairspray. In this best hairspray for men review, I’ll let you know more about hairspray for men, its ingredients and uses. I’ll also review some of the best ones available today to help you find the best hairspray for your hair type!

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What is Hair Spray?

Hairspray is a hairstyling tool used for holding hair, forming curls and waves, or volumizing the hair. Some hairsprays are a mixture of liquid and gaseous aerosol, where aerosols serve as propellants to spray out the liquid component. Other hairsprays are composed of liquid components alone and are put in pump sprayer bottles.

Mane Tame Zero-Gravity Matte Texture Spray 7oz - Adds Instant Fullness, Volume, Texture and UV Protection. Hair Thickener, Best used as a Styling Spray with a Matte Finish

Hairspray was common after the invention of the aerosol process in the early 19th century. Back then, spray cans were used in the cosmetics industry and later evolved as dispensers of hairspray. Historically, men didn’t use hairsprays until the 1980s while most women have used hairsprays since the 1960s as part of their hairstyling technique.

Nowadays, hairspray is a generally safe hair product used to style the hair of men or women of all ages. Its practical use is to leave hair in place even especially in extreme weather conditions. And new hairspray formulations involve adding nutritional vitamins and protective ingredients to make hair look good and healthy.

Hairspray Ingredients

Conventional hairsprays are composed of plasticizers, concentrate, luster agents, and fragrances.  Plasticizers are there to provide structural support for hair.  The most commonly used plasticizer ingredients are silicones and copolymers of PVP or PVAc.  On the other hand, non-water-soluble silicone dimethicone helps is responsible for making hair smooth and ading shine to hair.

Hairsprays contains additional concentrate and luster agents that provide vitamins and minerals for healthy and lustrous hair. Fragrances or parfum as listed in most spray bottles, give off the hairspray’s unique scent. Some are infused with natural ingredients and hair growing ingredients depending on your hair needs.

For propulsion, most hairsprays use propellants like isobutane or hfcs for the efficient spraying process. But hairsprays that tops the market nowadays do not use propellants anymore. Some only contain alcohols and liquid agents and uses pump spray for fluid spraying mechanisms.

Hairspray Uses

Hairspray is normally used to add volume, texture and for hairstyling. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, hairsprays can be used daily safely. A lot of hairspray varieties can also help fix common hair problems like frizzy hair or oily hair. There are even hairsprays that helps protect hair from heat and damage!

10 Best Hairspray for Men Reviewed

Now you know the benefits of hairspray for men and everything you should know before buying one. Let’s proceed to the review of 10 of the best hairspray for men!

#1 BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray

BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray - Get Thicker Hair in 60 Seconds - Stylist Recommended Hair Products for Women & Men - Hair Volumizer + Texture Spray Hair Thickener for Fine Hair - 4 oz

Boldify Hair Thickening spray is a lightweight formula that gives texture and volume without leaving buildup as other products do. It gives a thick, matte, and textured finish. This hairspray is suitable for all hair types including medium to oily hair, chemically treated, or fine and straight hair.

Its ingredients include sea salt that absorbs sebum or oil in hair and scalp. Macrocystis Porifera and algae extracts, on one hand, have anti-oxidative and anti-microbial properties that help prevent dandruff and flaking.

Pro: One of the best things about Boldify Thickening Spray is it does not contain parabens and was never tested on animals.

Con: It contains a strong scent, that some users dislike. It also contains some European banned materials like butylphenyl methylpropional(lilial) and hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene (lyral) which may also cause allergic reactions.

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Best Hairspray For Men with Fine, Thinning Hair

#2 Nioxin Thickening Spray

Nioxin Thickening Spray, Volume and Texture for Thinning Hair, Peppermint Oil, 5.1 oz

Nioxin Thickening Spray is a clinically proven formula that adds texture and lifts limp-bodied hair to create thicker hairstyles. It contains peppermint oil, castor oil, and menthol that protect the scalp from fungal infection, prevent buildup on the scalp, and promote healthy, and younger-looking hair.

Pro: Nioxin 3D styling is scientifically engineered to increase volume and hair strands diameter, in fact majority of people who have used it have fine, thinning hair and they loved it.

Con: The con is that it contains methylparaben, one ingredient that may cause allergies to some.

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Best Hairspray for Men Matte

#3 Brickell Men’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Brickell Men's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray for Men, Natural & Organic, Alcohol-Free, Lifts and Texturizes Hair for a Beach or Surfer Hair Style (2 Ounce)

Brickell offers some of the best hair products for men. Their Men’s Texturizing Spray is infused with hydrolyzed proteins to nourish and moisturize hair. The Vitamin E content on the other hand protect hair from damage.   Brickell Men’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray for Men also contains sea salt that helps build natural-curls and beach-style finish.

Results are best seen after applying on dry hair, no need to dampen your hair before using. It got a high positive rate of 80% from its verified users on Amazon.

Pro: One special thing about this product is that it is specifically formulated for men of all ages. This means that even little kids or older people can use this product. The ingredients are also natural and organic and this makes it more attractive to some customers.

Con:It has a watery consistency and the light formula doesn’t work on people with thick hair.

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Best Smelling Hair Spray For Men

#4 Men’s Hair Spray by American Crew

Men's Hair Spray by American Crew, Medium Hold, 8.45 Fl Oz

American Crew is another salon-trusted brand that creates some of the best products for men. The American Crew Medium Hold Spray Gel is full of naturally derived ingredients that doesn’t damage hair. In fact, it contains sage, ginseng and quillaja bark that strengthens hair follicles and hair strands giving better flexibility and protection from breakage.

The American Crew Hold Spray Gel has a manageable consistency. Although you can apply it to wet hair, it works best after blow drying. Finally,

Pro: Specifically made for men, this hairspray for men has a unique male fragrance that gives off a scent of masculinity.

Con: One con about this hairspray is that it has a weak quality packaging. Some customers got faulty spray heads and some others reported leaks from bottles.

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Best Hairspray for Men that is Unnoticable

#5 Consort Hair Spray for Men

Consort For Men Hair Spray Unscented Extra Hold 8.30 oz (Pack of 4)

This may seem contradictory, but I listed this hairspray under the best smelling because there are guys that prefer their grooming products unscented. Although, the unscented label is just to emphasize that it doesn’t have that flowery scents like most other hairsprays. This fact makes Consort Hair Spray for Men’s hairspray smell more natural.

Pro: This hair spray is unscented and provides hold for 12 hours maximum. It’s paraben free and non sticky.

Con: Completely synthetic, it doesn’t contain any natural nourishing or protecting ingredients.

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Best Hairspray for Curly Hair Men

#6 London Grooming Hair Spray for Men

The London Grooming Company Sea Salt Spray For Men | Firm All-Day Hold | Matte Finish | Easy To Wash Out | Messy/Textured Look | 8.8 Fl Oz (250ml)

The London Grooming Sea Salt Spray is best for curly wavy hair. It adds texture and holds natural curl without the frizziness. Its main ingredients include sea salt that naturally adds texture and volume and castor oil for moisture.

This hairspray for men can be used as a primer for other hair holding products. It has a matte finish and a warm, woody, semi-sweet scent.

Pro: It is vegan and cruelty-free and easy to wash out.

Con: Not suitable for thick hair.

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Best Hairspray for Hold and Shine Men

#7 Avenue Man Extra Hold Hair Spray

Extra Hold Hair Spray (8 oz) - by Avenue Man Hair Products - All Day Flexible Hold & Fast Drying Hairspray with Certified Organic Extracts for All Hair Types - Paraben Free - Made in the USA (8.0 Fl Oz)

If hold is your primary goal, Avenue Man’s Extra Hold Hair Spray is the one for you. This humidity resistant formula is filled with natural ingredients that provide additional conditioning and protection. It contains different oils like Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oil, plant extracts like Wild Chery Bark and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, and Vitamin E!

Pro: It’s organic and alcohol, sulfate free and paraben free.

Con: It’s quite expensive.

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#8 Vitalis Hairspray Pump Maximum Hold

Vitalis Hairspray Pump Maximum Hold 8 oz. (Case of 6)

Vitalis is one of the oldest European hair care brand for men. And this hairspray is a very popular product for its strong hold and unscented, unsticky finish. Most men users have been using this product for 20-40 years and most of them still love it.

Pro: It doesn’t contain propellant and environment-friendly.

Con: This old formula is fully-synthetic and doesn’t contain natural ingredients for hair moisture or protection.

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#9 STMNT Grooming Goods Grooming Spray

STMNT Grooming Goods Grooming Spray, 6.7 oz | Natural Finish | Thicker Hair Feel | Non-Sticky

STMNT is a grooming brand created by barbers. Their elegant STMNT Hairspray for men is a must-try for its light hold and great scent. It works on fine and thick hair and gives a thicker but not sticky and stiff finish.

Pro: This hairspray for men is vegan and cruelty free.

Con: No natural ingredients.


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#10 Mane Tame Zero-Gravity Matte Texture Spray

Mane Tame Zero-Gravity Matte Texture Spray 7oz - Adds Instant Fullness, Volume, Texture and UV Protection. Hair Thickener, Best used as a Styling Spray with a Matte Finish

Last but not the least is Mane Tame Zero-Gravity Matte Texture Spray. Just like the other hairspray for men that I liked, it has naturally derived ingredients like . In addition, this styling spray is easy to use and adds volume and texture in a jiff.

And for those who doesn’t like shine, this has a matte finish. In addition, it offers sunscreen protection, making your hair UV damage protected.

Pro: Its sulfate and paraben free.

Con: Contains HFCs.

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These hairsprays are the best hairspray for men I can find in the market. There are many varieties to choose from for different hair types, or hair finishes. Some are selling fast, so better get one while they last.

Best Hairspray for Men: Verdict

There’s nothing more fulfilling than ending a day wearing that confident, good-looking hair. I recommend you to get that Men’s Hairspray by American Crew for that masculine finish and manly scent. If you are opting for a stronger hold, try the Consort Hairspray for Men with Extra Hold.

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