21 Best LA Barbershop & Barbers in Los Angeles, California

If you’re looking for a great place to get your hair cut in LA, you’ll definitely want to check out one of these LA barbershops. From old-school barbershops to trendy new salons, there’s something for everyone.

And whether you’re looking for a simple trim, the coolest hairstyle or a complete makeover, you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands. So next time you need a haircut, be sure to give one of these barbers in Los Angeles a try.

Where can I find the Best LA Barbershop & Barbers in LA?


Steezcuts - LA Barber
Photo from IG/steezcuts

Run by multi-talented barber/tattoo artist Joshua Aguilera, Steezcuts offers basic cuts…or you can go the whole hog and avail of the artist’s loving hand with shaves, fades, eyebrows, beard grooming – you name it, he can do it.

Address: 660 Monterey Pass Road 210 MONTEREY PARK, CA 91754
Instagram: @steezcuts
Website: steez-la.square.site

The Barber Den LA

The Barber Den LA
Photo from IG/thebarberdenla

Founded by Jordan Halem, a barber with 10 years of experience under his belt, The Barber Den aims to provide a cozy environment alongside big city haircuts. Friendly staff, a well-kept and tidy store, and a price that’s hard to match, The Barber Den in LA is one of out best go-to spots.

Address: 7748 1/2 Santa Monica Blvd
Instagram: @thebarberdenla
Website: thebarberdenla.com

LA’s Finest Barbershop

LA’s Finest Barbershop
Photo from IG/LA’s Finest Barbershop

Look good and feel great with one of the best barbershops in Los Angeles. LA’s Finest Barbershop was so good, they had to open two locations to ensure that looking your best has never been easier.

Address: 4172 Woodruff Ave Lakewood / 4959 Katella Ave Suite E Cypress
Instagram: @lasfinestbarbershop
Website: www.lasfinestbarbershop.com

Elysian Barbershop

Elysian Barbershop
Photo from IG/Elysian Barbershop

With six storied Hispanic barbers making the rounds at the Elysian Barbershop, you can rest safe that you and your beard will be in good hands. It’s not just their expertise that you’ll be staying around for though: customers agree that this barbershop feels like a home away from home. Come for the cuts, stay for the stories.

Address: 5118 Santa Monica Boulevard
Instagram: @elysianbarbershop
Website: www.elysianbarbershop.com

Manly and Sons Barber Co.

Manly and Sons Barber Co.
Photo from IG/Manly and Sons Barber Co.

Established in 2014, Manly and Sons Barber Co. offers a perfect blend of traditional and modern. These veteran groomers offer a wide variety of haircuts, from the tried and true styles of yesteryears to fades and buzz cuts and even full shaves.

Address: 1200 N Alvarado St., Los Angeles, CA 90026
Instagram: @manlyandsons
Website: www.manlyandsons.com

Hector the Barber

Hector the Barber
Photo from IG/Hector the Barber

Hector’s barbershop on wheels is sure to raise eyebrows when you first see it. His regular customers, on the other hand, know exactly what to expect – Hector’s bus opens up into a fully decked-out barbershop. Do note that as a solo barber, you’ll need to make an appointment with Hector (see his Instagram below) so as to get your cut on time.

Address: 3100 S Hoover St, Los Angeles, CA 90007 (Mobile service)
Instagram: @hector_the_barber

Master Barbers LA

Master Barbers LA
Photo from IG/Master Barbers LA

With a name like “Master Barbers”, you know you’re in good hands. Master Barbers LA not only offers excellent cuts for men, but also takes into account family men with their Father & Son package, or even a generic Two Haircut Reservation package.

For those looking to be at their very best, Master Barbers LA also offers a 75-minute session with Israel Castro, a consummate professional who will pamper you with a haircut, a rinse, hot towels, a clay mask, and finish it off with a shoulder massage.

Address: 5610 W Manchester Avenue
Instagram: @masterbarbersla
Website: masterbarbersla.com

Blind Barber LA

Blind Barber LA
Photo from IG/Blind Barber

You wouldn’t expect a place called “Blind Barber” to be one of the best barbershops in California – but it is! Blind Barber harkens back to the roots of a barbershop as a place for men to get together. And where there’s a gathering, there are drinks.

Blind Barber not only offers exquisite, precise haircuts, but also offers an impressive selection of cocktails and grooming products on site.

Address: 5715 N Figueroa St, Highland Park, 90042
Instagram: @blindbarber_la
Website: blindbarber.com

Lloyd’s Barbershop

Lloyd’s Barbershop
Photo from IG/Lloyd’s Barbershop

Lloyd’s Barbershop understands that sometimes the classics are the best. This LA barbershop specializes in classic cuts with hot towel straight razor shaves. But don’t think that’s all they can do – Lloyd’s Barbershop is more than ready to give you the haircut you’ve envisioned for yourself.

Address: 538 S Flower St Los Angeles, CA 90071
Instagram: @lloydsbarbershops
Website: www.lloydsbarbershop.com

Shorty’s Barber Shop

Shorty’s Barber Shop
Phot from IG/Shorty’s Barber Shop

The recipient of numerous awards and recognitions ever since its establishment in 1999, Shorty’s LA Barber Shop offers inclusive services for both men and women. Cuts, fades, coloring services, razor shaves – you name it, Shorty’s can do it. Take a trip down to their store and experience Shorty’s wealth of experience first hand.

Address: 755 N Fairfax Ave, West Hollywood CA 90046
Instagram: @shortys_barbershop
Website: https://www.shortysbarbershop.com/

Grey Matter LA Barbershop

Grey Matter LA Barbershop
Photo from IG/Grey Matter LA

Grey Matter LA  prides itself on three points: fashion, style, and virtue. This barbershop found in the robust heart of LA not only offers excellent service that goes above and beyond what’s expected, but also constantly reinvents and innovates itself to constantly give customers top-shelf service. Don’t take our word for it though – try them yourself.

Address: 145 N La Brea Ave Ste A Los Angeles, CA 90036
Instagram: @greymatterla
Website: www.greymatterla.com

Flower Street Barbers

Flower Street Barbers
Photo from IG/Flower Street Barbers

Want a fade that catches eyes? Give Flower Street Barbers a try. This LA barbershop, found on the eponymous Flower Street, utilizes a chill modern motif that belies its dedication to professionalism and excellence. You won’t walk away disappointed, either: everything, from the start of your cut to the finishing touches, is tailor-made for each customer.

Address: 3021 S. Flower St. Los Angeles, CA 90007
Instagram: @flowerstreetbarbers
Website: flowerstreetbarbers.com

JAG’S Barber Shop

JAG’S LA Barbershop
Photo from IG/JAG’S LA Barbershop

JAG’S Barber Shop combines the best of old-school barbering with modern sensitivities and styles. The result? Professional but friendly barbers who’ll use every bit of their expertise to make you look fantastic. Whether it’s via appointment or a walk-in, you’ll always walk away satisfied with a JAG haircut! 

Address: 6233 W. 87th St, Los Angeles CA 90045
Instagram: @jagsbarbers
Website: www.jagsbarbershop.com

Gornik and Drucker LA Barbershop

Gornik and Drucker LA Barbershop
Photo from IG/Gornik and Drucker LA Barbershop

Here’s an LA barbershop with a bit of history: Gornik and Drucker used to just be Drucker – Harry Drucker, a master barber – who established the original LA store way back in 1936.Since then, this barbershop has seen many famous figures come and go, such as Ronald Regan, Frank Sinatra, and Clark Gable.

In 1989, William Gornik, another master barber, joined forces with Drucker to create the modern Gornik and Drucker: an LA barbershop that’s withstood the test of time with its unbeatable high-quality service.

Address:  Beverly Hills, The Maybourne Hotel, 225 North Cañon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Instagram: @gornikanddrucker
Website: www.gornikanddrucker.com

Bolt Barbers Los Angeles

Bolt Barbers Los Angeles
Photo from IG/Bolt Barbers Los Angeles

Bolt Barbers was rated the Best Barbershop in Downtown LA five consecutive years in a row by The Downtown News, so yeah, you can say they have a little experience under their belts.

This LA barbershop aims to deliver not only quality haircuts but also a social experience for males aged 7 to 70. Students, teens, family men, old gents – Bolt Barbers has something for all of you.

Address: 460 S Spring St at Fifth, Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90013
Instagram: @boltbarbers
Website: boltbarbers.com

Legends the Barbershop

Legends the Barbershop
Photos from IG/Legends the Barbershop

Legends the Barbershop describes itself as a “movement, a place with positive, contagious energy, and great service” – all of which are very true for its customers. Founded by the skilled Brian “Goose” Davis in 1999 who, while attempting to get a haircut, instead found a mentorship in the art of barbering. Today, Legends the Barbershop hosts a squad of top-notch professional barbers and prides itself in setting trends rather than following them.

Address: 431 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Instagram: @goosethebarber
Website: legendsthebarbershop.com

The Barbershop Club

The Barbershop Club
Photo from IG/The Barbershop Club

For that dapper look and rich, old-time experience, The Barbershop Club is certain to please. With its vintage aesthetic and holistic approach to men’s care, both your hair and your soul are sure to leave this place feeling enriched.

Address: #326 3515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010
Instagram: @thebarbershopclub
Website: thebarbershopclub.com

LA CUTZ Barbershop

LA CUTZ Barbershop
Photo from IG/LA CUTZ Barbershop

LA CUTZ Barbershop believes that when it comes to haircuts, simple is best. This LA barbershop prides itself in its skill in both modern and classic hair cuts. If you’re looking for a good taper, fade, undercut, comb over, or even eyebrow threading, LA CUTZ Barbershop is your one-stop barbershop. 

Address: 3509 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90019
Instagram: @la_cutz
Website: lacutzbarbershop.business.site

Sweeney Todd’s Barbershop

Sweeney Todd’s Barbershop
Photo from IG/Sweeney Todd’s Barbershop

Despite the ominous name, Sweeney Todd’s LA Barbershop does not eat its customers. What it does provide is a vintage 50’s atmosphere, complete with posters and even an old rotary dial phone! This isn’t just for show though – this place is tough and plays by the classic rules. That means no phones, just good old socialization with other gents ready for the closest shave they’ll ever get.

Address: 4639 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Instagram: @sweeneytodds_barbershop
Website: sweeneytoddsbarbershopla.com

Saints Barbershop

Saints Barbershop
Photo from IG/Saints Barbershop

Saints Barbershop isn’t just an LA barbershop: it’s also a boutique, art gallery, and event space. Sure, you’ll come for the great haircuts, but you’ll likely stay for the variety of creatives you’ll meet while at Saints.

And don’t worry: while Saints does take appointments, walk-ins are more than welcome to sit and bask in the sunshine while waiting for their haircut.

Address: 12796 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066
Instagram: @saintsinlosangeles
Website: saintsinlosangeles.com

Neighborhood Cutz LA Barbershop

Neighborhood Cutz LA Barbershop
Photo from IG/Neighborhood Cutz

Fast, clean, and efficient cuts are the name of the game at Neighborhood Cutz. This LA barbershop specializes in shaves, whether those are traditional straight razor shaves or hot lather shaves. Walk-ins are more than welcome to visit, but you can also book an appointment online.

Address: 3959 Wilshire Blvd. A23 Los Angeles, CA 90010
Instagram: @neighborhoodcutz

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