Best Mens Hairstyles With Beard Ideas and Inspiration 2022

Knowing what hairstyle will go with your beard is sometimes difficult to choose, so I’ve created a guide on different hairstyles with beard for a little style inspiration.

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Best Men’s Hairstyles With Beard Ideas

Maybe it’s taken you years to get your beard to the stage it’s at, or, maybe you like to change things up regularly and you’re running out of fresh hairstyle ideas. Whatever your reason for landing on this blog, we have lots of different hairstyles for you to consider with your beard. Long to short, your beard can be the glory of your look while you still rock a cool hairstyle to match.

Medium-Length Hair and Beard

Medium-Length Hair and Beard - Best Mens Hairstyles With Beard

This look is awesome styled back off the face, keeping texture and maybe keeping the shape a little longer on the top so it falls back nicely. Worn with a beard adds a real hunky vibe to the look. Play with a flexible hair paste to add definition and movement to the hairstyle and beard combination, and you’re good to go.

Classic Hipster Man Bun Hairstyle with Beard

Classic Hipster Man Bun Hairstyle with Beard

Maybe you like the classic hipster look? Low maintenance, tied up and it means you don’t have to commit to losing length on your hair, you just change the way you style it. A man bun hairstyle balances out the beard giving an all-round nice profile to your look.

90s Curtain Hairstyle With Beard

90s Curtain Hairstyle With Beard

Maybe a 90’s curtains hairstyle will appeal to you? It’s a fun middle-ground hairstyle, not too long or too short, and worn very casually. A little gel to add some 90s grunge while keeping the beard trimmed up to match.

Surfer Look Hair with Beard

Surfer Look Hair with Beard

Maybe you like that salty surfer look with textured waves? Usually worn in a medium to long length and worn loose and natural. Styled with a beard can look super cool, and if you want to enhance the messy surfer wave look, I recommend using a sea salt spray to give the hair some grit.

Medium curly hairstyle with beard

Medium curly hairstyle with a beard

Leaving curly hair with a little length to do its thing is a fun hairstyle to pair with a beard. Giving the curls freedom they can add height and width to a look. Curls can look great messy, but I’d recommend shaping up the beard and maybe keeping it a little shorter to avoid overpowering your look with hair.

Men’s short buzz cut with a beard

Men's short buzz cut with a beard

So, this hairstyle and beard combo can have quite a contrast in length. Depending on how extreme you want to go, you could go buzzed short with a super long beard. Requiring very little daily styling, a buzz cut is a good option for someone with a beard that really does not want to style hair daily.

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Goatee and medium lengths

Goatee and medium lengths

Maybe you like to have your own style when it comes to your beard and hairstyle look. This look has an offbeat peculiar vibe which I think is super cool to try and uniquely be yourself. Think Johnny Depp’s goatee and hairstyle combination. If it’s good enough for the A-listers it’s good enough for us all.

Beard and a classic short back and sides

Beard and a classic short back and sides - Best Mens Hairstyles With Beard

The reason a classic is a classic is because its timeless, simple and a great all round for everyone. If you want something easy that also looks super handsome, the classic short back and sides mean this hairstyle with beard is the one for you.

Beard with an Under-cut hairstyle

Beard with an Under-cut hairstyle

What about working with an undercut in the back? If your hair is long and thick and you have tried growing it out but struggling with the sheer density of hair, this can remove some hair while adding a quirky twist. Paired up with a beard and you’re ready to go.

Faded haircut with a beard combination

Faded haircut with a beard combination

Maybe you like to look a little sharp? A fade adds an edge to a look and keeps you looking neatly groomed. Working a gradient in the sides and the back of the hair will keep the length up top so you can play with your hair style to match your beard.

Dreadlocks with Beard hairstyle

Dreadlocks with beard hairstyle

Maybe you like that all-out hippie vibe? The relaxed look and carefree hairstyle might just be the look to match your personality. However, don’t be fooled by the look being care free, dreadlock requires attention to keep neat but if you like the hair style with a beard it’s totally worth the work.

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Mullet hairstyle with beard

Mullet hairstyle with a beard
Photo from IG/brodiethebarber_

Over the last year the mullet hairstyles have boomed. Maybe you want to try pairing a mullet with a beard to wear something a little different. Mullets are shorter on the sides, giving you the ability to neaten up around the look and wear a beard in combination. Nice.

Long Hair and a Beard

Long Hair and a Beard

Maybe your hair goal is to go for that super long Viking look paired with a beard. The hairstyle is a carefree low maintenance look, and can look good long and down, half tied off the face or back in a bun so you have options. Think Jason Momoa, zero f*cks and still looks ace.

Slicked back hairstyle with beard

Slicked back hairstyle with a beard

Maybe you want to just get that hair out of your face. The slicked back look has a hipster feel, while working with a high shine polished look and a cool element of contrast to the beard texture. Sometimes the key to keeping a beard and hair combo looking well-groomed if neatening up the look and the slick look for sure does this. High-shine pomades are a great product to achieve this look.

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