5 Nanogen Shampoo & Keratin Hair Fibers Reviews

Another name that frequently crops up when people talk to me about hair loss is Nanogen. Nanogen is a company that’s perhaps best known for their flagship product, Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers.

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The main question that people ask is, “are Nanogen products any good?”, and my answer to that, like many hair loss products, is it depends on what you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in using Nanogen products to help with your hair loss products, here’s a quick guide to help you find the product you need, and what you can expect from each of them.

Who is Nanogen?

Nanogen is a UK-based company that specializes in researching and creating hair thickening products. Since 2001, Nanogen has continually searched for ways to create thick and natural-looking hair for people suffering from hair loss. Their efforts paid off with their signature product, the Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers.

What are Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers?

The best way to understand Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers is by breaking down its name.

Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers,, 30-grams, Light Brown

Keratin is the protein that our hair, skin, and nails are made of.  And nanogen incorporates these keratin fibers in their product to instantly create thicker looking hair.

How Do Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers Work?

Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers use electrostatic charges to attach themselves to your hair. These complement your hair’s natural keratin. The fibers stick to your hair strands, creating a fuller, thicker look while remaning all-natural.

Does Nanogen Make Any Other Products?

Yes, Nanogen does make other products. Apart from Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers and its accompanying Hair Fiber Locking Spray, Nanogen also makes shampoos and conditioners for men and women, and a unisex conditioner.

How Do I Use Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers?

  1. Style your hair as you normally would.
  2. Sprinkle some Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers in areas where you want more thickness and volume.
  3. Gently massage the fibers into your hair with your hands.
  4. Use Nanogen Hair Fiber Locking Spray, if it’s available.

Nanogen Products Review

Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers

Nanogen Hair Building Fiber, Dark Blonde 30 Grams

Special Features:

  • Enriched keratin fibers bond to hair via electrostatic charge

Pros: Comes in multiple colors for either a natural or styled look, allows user to quickly add volume or thickness to thinning hair

Cons: Not a long-term solution to hair loss, needs Nanogen Hair Fiber Locking Spray for full effect

Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers Review:

Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers are Nanogen’s flagship product.

Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers are quick and easy to use, and guarantee added volume and thickness in just a few minutes. They’re also remarkably resistant to outside factors like wind, rain, and sweat, and combined with Nanogen’s Hair Fiber Locking Spray, can last for a very long time.

By creating fibers comprised out of keratin and using the body’s protein makeup as a basis, Nanogen ensures that their product will work for everybody, regardless of age, sex, hair texture or hair type, or reason for hair loss.

Nanogen has also factored in the impact that hair loss has on self-esteem, and so these products come in multiple colors: black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, cinnamon, auburn, gray, or white. A translucent color system perfectly mimics how light bounces off real hair, and gives hair fibers a natural look that doesn’t stand out.

While Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers are great for a fast boost to hair, they’re more of a temporary solution to a permanent problem. It’s best to use this in tandem with another hair treatment product, such as a DHT blocker for genetic baldness, or hair stimulants like minoxidil.

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Nanogen Hair Fiber Locking Spray

Nanogen Locking Mist SpraySpecial Features:

  • Gives Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers greater strength and added resistance against wind, rain, and sweat
  • UV filters and shine enhancers protects against sun damage and protects color
  • Formulated to not interrupt other topical treatments such as medicines or other conditioners

Pros: Doesn’t affect other topical hair products like minoxidil, maximizes lifespan of Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers

Cons: Doesn’t do anything on its own, has a strong smell, hairspray does the same job for a lower price if you’re not using another topical treatment

Nanogen Hair Fiber Locking Spray Review:

Nanogen Hair Fiber Locking Spray is meant to be used together with Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers. It does a fantastic job of locking fibers in place and protecting them from external hazards like wind, rain, or sweat.

Nanogen Hair Fiber Locking Spray is also equipped with UV filters and shine enhancers. These cause the spray to not only protect against sun damage, but also protect your hair’s color. This works great with the coloring effects of Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers, letting its color shine through and making your hair more vivid and lively.

The Nanogen Hair Fiber Locking Spray’s smell is a contentious point. While some people, including myself, don’t mind it too much, other customers have complained of an unbearably strong odor from using this spray.

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Nanogen Shampoo for Men

Nanogen Thickening Hair Treatment Shampoo for MenSpecial Features:

  • Added keratin for hair thickening
  • Contains multiple good ingredients for general hair health

Pros: Good blend of ingredients for healing, conditioning, moisturizing, and hair thickening, very affordable

Cons: Some customers have reported a chemical smell

Nanogen Shampoo for Men Review:

As someone pointed out online, this is a good shampoo – but you need to have realistic expectations. Even if said shampoo is Nanogen’s high-quality men’s shampoo, there is no such thing as an overnight miracle for your hair loss.

With that said, Nanogen Shampoo for Men is one of the best products available on the market. It’s loaded with good stuff to keep your hair healthy and happy, such as argan oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera, pea sprout extract, green tea leaf extract, and keratin for hair thickening. All of these ingredients have been proven time and time again to have positive effects on either moisturizing, healing, or conditioning your scalp.

Nanogen Shampoo for Men isn’t just full of healthy natural extracts, but it’s also free of parabens, SLS, and SLES. This makes Nanogen Shampoo for Men great for getting thicker, lusher hair, while also remaining smooth and gentle on even the most sensitive of scalps.

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Nanogen 5-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Men
Nanogen 5 in 1 Exfoliating Shampoo & Conditioner
Special Features:

  • Powerful exfoliating, thickening, conditioning, and strengthening properties
  • Removes Keratin Hair Fibers

Pros: Saves a lot of time, powerful yet gentle blend of ingredients

Cons: Can leave hair feeling a bit oily

Nanogen 5-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Men Review:

If you decide that you’d like to get all your hair treatments done at once, Nanogen 5-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Men is the Nanogen product for you. This handy hair care product has 5 roles – as a shampoo, an exfoliator, a hair thickener, a conditioner, and a hair strengthener.

Nanogen 5-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Men contains lots of helpful ingredients to maintain and improve your hair, such as pea sprout extract, aloe vera, green tea leaf extract, larch wood extract, and clover flower extract.

When put together, these ingredients blend into a shampoo and conditioner that’s thorough, yet gentle and will leave you and your hair feeling clean and refreshed.

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Nanogen Shampoo for Women

Nanogen Thickening Treatment Shampoo for Women

Special Features:

  • Added keratin for hair thickening
  • Contains multiple good ingredients for general hair health

Pros: Works quickly with visible results, better results on women with thinner or finer hair textures, gentle formulation

Cons: Smell might not be for everyone

Nanogen Shampoo for Women Review:

Nanogen also carries shampoo for women. Nanogen Shampoo for Women works almost exactly like the same product for men, but carries a slightly different formulation.

While Nanogen Shampoo for Women does contain much of the same products as the men’s shampoo – aloe vera, tea leaf extract, clover flower extract – it also has added chamomile. This makes Nanogen Shampoo for Women not only a powerful yet gentle cleanser, it also promotes healthier, happier, and most importantly, shinier hair.

Nanogen’s blend of ingredients ensures that this shampoo will work great for all women, but those with thinner or finer hair textures will get even more mileage out of this already great product.

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FAQs about Nanogen

Are hair fibers a permanent solution to hair loss?

It’s difficult to say. While Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers can quickly give your hair a boost in volume and thickness, they don’t address the root causes of hair loss. Fortunately, Nanogen does offer other products to help with hair loss, such as their shampoo.

I accidentally inhaled or swallowed some hair fibers. Will I be okay?

Nanogen’s products are non-toxic, meaning that they’re safe even if accidentally inhaled or ingested.

Can I leave Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers in my hair overnight?

Yes, you can leave it in your hair overnight.

Can I use heat-based treatments after using Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers?

It’s better to first finish all heat-based treatments before applying Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers.

Are Nanogen Products Any Good? Verdict

Nanogen has been in the hair care business for a long time, and they really know what they’re doing. With their combination of powerful long and short term solutions for hair loss, Nanogen has all the bases covered. Even if you’re not sold on the idea of their Keratin Hair Fibres, their shampoos are all high-quality hair care products, and they’re definitely worth trying out.

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