The Best Salon Treatment for Damaged Hair

So, you’ve got damaged hair and want a salon-quality hair treatment to fix it. Luckily, I’m a hairdresser, and writer, so I can help you with that.

Now, there are different kinds of damage to hair. To get the best salon treatment for damaged hair, we need to diagnose why your hair is damaged. Different damaged hair types need different salon-quality treatments. It’s good to have realistic expectations, treatments and hair masks aren’t a magic wand, but sure do help to repair damaged hair.

Best Products for Damaged Hair

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Can a Salon Treatment Fix Damaged Hair?

Personally, I think ‘fix’ is a strong word to use when it comes to damage. If you have chemically or heat-damaged hair, chances are it will take time. A salon treatment can help save what you have now, by strengthening broken bonds in the hair.

Also, they can keep hair in a better regular condition so you avoid having damaged hair. I’m a huge believer in the prevention of damage- rather than fixing the aftermath. So, if your hair is damaged, figure out why and try to prevent adding further damage to it.

Hair Salon Treatments for Damaged Hair

We have intensive masks, bond rebuilding treatments, infra-red treatments, scalp treatments, haircuts, keratin treatments, and the list goes on. I like to figure out why a client has damaged hair first.

The Best Salon Treatment for Damaged Hair

This usually comes down to lacking in strength or lacking in moisture. Strength is a hair structural issue, meaning the tiny bonds inside your hair are weakened, and it snaps easily. Moisture issues tend to be a porosity issue, meaning your hair is ”open” and feels dry.

How do I know if I need an in-salon strengthening hair treatment for damaged hair?

So, is strengthening the hair an issue? Is your hair so damaged it’s broken off? Do you find broken pieces of hair on your clothes? Do you use aggressive chemicals on your hair like home dyes or bleaches? To test the strength of the hair a stretch test can help you figure out what’s going on. Pluck a strand and stretch it, if it stretches back, it’s strong, if it snaps or goes wavy/frizzy it needs help with strengthening.

How do I know if I need a moisture salon treatment for damaged hair?

So, moisture lacking hair normally is a porosity issue. So, when it’s porous it means the hair is open. The hair structure has a protective layer surrounding it called cuticles. The cuticles are like fish scales, overlapping each other and facing one direction. Like roof tiles, the layers of cuticles lay facing down. When damaged they open, leaving the outer layer of cuticles feeling rough. Also losing internal moisture in the hair because it is open and porous.

Best In-Salon Bond-Building Treatment For Strength Damaged Hair

This kind of treatment is generally great for most guests in the salon with damage or just everyday hair. Now, this is the perfect treatment for hair lacking in strength and since storming the market still remains my favorite bond builder – Olaplex. Particularly the in-salon 2-step treatment, it’s saved my hair before and even helps us push our bleaches a lot lighter.

Olaplex Bond-Building Treatment In The Salon for Damaged Hair


Olaplex No.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment, White, 5.2 Fl Oz

The treatment is the liquid form of the bond that breaks in the hair over time, weakening its strength. Over time all hair will have issues due to the environment, heat, saltwater chemicals, etc.

So, that’s why I recommend this treatment for most clients. The no3 is a take-home that will help keep the salon treatment in check – keeping your hair perfectly bond built until the next salon visit! It’s also a patented product, so don’t believe all those companies saying ”it’s as good as Olaplex.

Other Olaplex Products Available on Amazon

Best In-salon Treatment For Moisture Loss Damaged Hair

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment, Rebuilds + Repairs, For Dry, Damaged + Color-Treated Hair

One of my favorite treatments I’ve used for my moisture loss guests is Awapuhi Wild ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment. This treatment is specifically designed to add a moisture complex to the hair, it’s infused with Awapuhi ginger which has awesome moisturizing properties and I personally love the smell. It’s an intensive treatment so every 1ce every week if dry, or every other week if the hair begins to soften.

Dry Hair Types

Do I need an in-salon treatment for damaged hair?

Unfortunately, dry hair can lead to damaged hair and some people do just have a natural courser hair type.  A favorite leave-in crème to help smooth the cuticle flat on these hair types is Alterna bamboo shine sleek brilliance cream.

No products found.

This is the best smoothing cream I’ve ever used and great on mature coarse hair types too. It also has a beautiful very fine glitter that reflects light but the main reason I love it is it leaves the hair feeling hydrated.

Damage Prevention: Looking After Your Hair

Want to avoid costly salon visits? And stop spending your energy looking for the best salon treatments for damaged hair?

Well, a few things can help. General hair health maintenance involves regular hair trims and heat protection. No at-home coloring, also no extreme color changes too fast or too often, UV sun protection for hair, hair masks, and love! Take care of the general upkeep of hair health and you’re likely to find yourself not needing salon treatments for hair damage.

Evelyn Davies

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