Manscaped VS Meridian: A Battle For The Best Manhood Care

manscaped vs meridian

As a grown up man, I personally give importance to personal care and grooming. Basic facial and body grooming does not only help me look better, but it also contributes to personal hygiene. This concept also applies to our manly parts. I can think of many good electric shaver brands for myself, but the fierce …

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Silk’n Infinity Review (2022): The Best Permanent Hair Removal Device?


When it comes to removing unwanted hair in our body, there is the age old battle between electric shavers vs epilators. Another option is the use of barber face wax. But these methods entail life long commitment to hair removal regimens. And these are both time consuming and costly. Great thing that there are permanent …

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Gamma Clippers: 3 High Quality Clippers You Should Try


Gamma clippers are a high quality set of clippers that may be worth a space in your toolbox. As a barber or stylist, you should know all possible options for your clippers to ensure that you give yourself and your clients the best possible experience. With their practical features, these innovative clippers are sure to …

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Wahl Designer Clippers Review: Corded & Cordless Clippers


Did you know that Wahl is the first company to invent hair clippers? And today, we bring to you, their best selling hair clippers to date –the Wahl Designer Clippers.  In this article, we will feature the Wahl Designer Corded Clipper and the Wahl Designer Cordless Clipper. We will let you know the inclusions, specs, …

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