Best Humectants for Hair

Best Humectants for Hair Reviews

Hair products labeled with humectants can be a great way to complement your current hair care routine. The product has proven to do wonders for people suffering from dried-out hair and irritated, itchy skin on their scalp.   Humectants are among one of my most recommended go-tos for people who …

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Aussie Leave In Conditioner Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

Aussie Leave-In Conditioner Review

Leave in conditioners like Aussie Leave In Conditioner are a great way to get extra moisture, nourishment, or healing for your hair. I’m personally a great fan of leave in conditioners. Not only do are they far easier to use than regular conditioners, but you also save a lot of …

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5 Best Hair Moisturizer for Men


In this article, I am going to share with you a list of what I think are the best hair moisturizer for men. These hair care products are not only limited to women, as most men also want to keep their hair in top form. Best Hair Moisturizer for Men: …

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10 Best Hair Mousse for Men: Best Men’s Styling Products

Best Hair Mousse for Men 1

What’s the best hair mousse for men? I often get asked about the difference between hair styling products. The wealth of hairstyling options today range from powders to creams and gels to wax and pomades. It’s no wonder that people get confused when trying to find a product that’ll best …

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10 Best Hair Styling Powder for Men to Add Texture & Volume

Hair Styling Powder for Men

Hair styling powder for men has been gaining traction as an excellent hair care product today. It’s also known as hair powder, volumizing powder, volume powder, texture powder, or mattifying powder. Hair styling powder is quite tacky – slightly sticky and not completely dry, and just a small pinch of …

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Top 10 Best Macadamia Hair Products That Repair Damaged Hair


When it comes to hair cuticle repair, you can surely rely on Macadamia Hair Products. Yes, you read it right. Macadamia is not just a delicious snack or treat, it is also a widely-used hair care ingredient. It is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that specifically soften, smoothen, …

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