10 Best Loc Styles for Short Hair (Short Dreads for Men)

10 Best Loc Styles for Short Hair (Short Dreads for Men)

Few hairstyles are as expressive as dreadlocks. Cool casual, rugged streetwise, or formal and professional: dreadlocks really can do it all. And contrary to what you might expect, it’s not that hard to get started. All it takes is a little patience and a willingness to listen to your hair …

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Stunning Red and Black Hair Styles

Red and Black Hair Styles

There’s something special about red and black hair. Maybe it’s the contrast of the colors or the fact that they are such intense, bold shades. Whatever the reason, red and black hair styles always look amazing. And when it comes to fall hairstyles, there are endless possibilities. From long and …

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10 Gorgeous Wet and Wavy Hair Styles

Wet and Wavy Hair Styles

Wet and wavy hair styles, again, are having their moment. It has been around since the 1950s on men with their pomade-hold slick brush up, but it wasn’t until later that women were introduced to the wet hair styles. And it wasn’t until recent decades that wet hair styles exploded …

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Gorgeous Short Red Hair Styles for Fall 2022


Are you looking for a little fall hair color inspo? Maybe you’re ready for a new look? We have short red hair styles to help you choose. Short Red Hair Styles for Fall 2022 So, it’s come to that season again, pumpkin spice, the trees changing color, and you’re ready …

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Best Black Men’s Hair Twist Styles

Best Black Men's Hair Twist Styles

Black hair is uniquely beautiful. Its strength, bounciness, and kinkiness give it a life all of its own that other hair simply cannot match. So what do you do if you want to capitalize on these positives? Use black men’s hair twist styles, of course. Black Men’s Hair Twist Styles …

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15 Adorable Natural Hair Styles For Kids

Natural Hair Styles For Kids

What better way to celebrate the 5th World Afro Day than to feature some adorable natural hair styles for kids. Gone were the days when children with Afro hair needed to straighten their curls and coils to look pretty. Today, let us all join the global movement of teaching young …

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12 Gorgeous Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles

Old Woman Short Grey Hair Styles

Beauty transcends all ages and all hair colors. Inspired by my grandmother, who gracefully embraces old age and grey hair, I decided to feature twelve gorgeous old woman short grey hair styles. Each of the short grey hair inspirations in the list is easy to recreate and groom. As much as …

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Natural Curly Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Natural Curly Wedding Hairstyle Ideas Curly Wedding Hairstyle

So, you’re blessed with natural curly hair, and you have a wedding coming up. This can be a difficult hair type, and you need natural curly wedding hairstyle ideas. Working with your curls is better than fighting them, and I have a guide for wedding brides and guests like you. …

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10 Super Cute Hairstyles For Black Girls

Cute Hairstyles For Black Girls Curly Wedding Hairstyle

As we near the 5th year of celebrating world afro day on the 15th of September, what better way to enjoy that special day than by sharing it with all the black girls in the world? If you are looking for cute hairstyles for black girls to rock that day, you’ve come …

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15 Best African Hair Braiding Styles

African Hair Braiding Styles

When it comes to protective hairstyles for black women, African hair braiding styles are a must-try! From easy and simple to intricate and wild, there are endless designs, patterns, colors, and accessories that suit every personality type. Are you ready to be inspired and get creative? Look at some of …

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Trendy Hair Claw Styles for Different Hair Types

Hair Claw Styles Guide For Different Hair Types Curly Wedding Hairstyle

There’s been a boom in hair claw styles recently, and we’re seeing a lot of people embracing the hair claw styles trend; super easy and stylish; it’s obviously a fashion favorite. The hair claw style works as a chic but also relaxed look. There are ways of neatening and containing …

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