10 Little Girl Braid Hairstyles With Beads

Little Girl Braid Hairstyles With Beads

Beads are like the icing on a cake for little girl braid hairstyles. Beads have always been a staple piece or accessory for young girls wearing braided hairstyles. Beads are always in style and are loved by most little girls. We can all agree that beads can take simple braids …

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Wrapping Hair for Soft Locs

Wrapping Hair For Soft Locs

Soft locs are a type of locs made with synthetic crochet loc extensions installed individually with hair wrapping. Soft locs are similar to crochet locs, or faux locs, but the only difference is that they are called soft locs because of how they are installed and how soft and flexible …

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9 Little Girl Braid Styles With Natural Hair

Little Girl Braid Styles With Natural Hair - featured image

Hair extensions are great, but sometimes, all the hair needs are protective styling with natural hair! Children become self-aware as early as 15 months old, and they definitely notice their hair and want it to look good, so we must make that happen! Natural hair needs all the care it …

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Butterfly Braids Styling Guide + 5 Hair Inspirations


If you’re looking for a way to spice up your braids, creating butterfly braids is the way to do so. In this styling guide, you will learn the basics of creating a butterfly braid, style inspirations, and tips on how to achieve them. I’ll also answer some of the most …

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Congo Dreads Styling Guide

Congo Dreads Guide

Congo dreads is a daring and eye-catching locs style with an unmistakable appeal. It has been seen on many famous artists, including Bob Marley and Jay Z, giving it a special cachet and uniqueness.  Wearing these locks is sure to garner attention because of their exotic appearance, perfect for making …

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Mohawk Dreads Styling Guide + Hairstyle Inspirations

Mohawk Dreads Styling Guide Mohawk Dreads

For centuries, people have been expressing themselves through their hairstyles. And in recent years, the mohawk dreads have become one of the most popular hairstyles.  Mohawks and dreads have their unique meaning and symbolism.  Mohawks are often associated with non-conformity and individuality. This is because the style is quite unique …

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10 Badass Viking Locs Hairstyle Inspirations

Viking Locs

Viking locs are bold and fierce dreadlock hairstyles that embody the warrior spirit of Norsemen. Thanks to the Vikings series, Viking locs have become all the rage recently.  But if you haven’t watched it, there is no need to worry. This article will feature ten badass Viking locs inspirations that …

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Loc Braids Styles Guide + Braided Locs Inspirations

Loc Braids Styles Guide + Braided Locs Inspirations

When it comes to stylish and eye-catching hairstyles, few can top loc braids. A fusion of traditional braids and dreadlocks, loc braids offer the best of both worlds. Braids and dreads have a long history, dating back thousands of years. Both of these rope-like hairstyles look the same and were …

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10 Awesome Rope Twist Dreads

Rope Twists Dreads

Go for the rope twist dreads hairstyle to give your locs more oomph! Rope twist dreads involve twirling and twisting strands together to form a rope-like effect. The result is a fabulous hairstyle with extra texture, volume, and character. Read more if you are dying to learn more about rope …

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Bantu Knots Styling Guide + Hairstyle Inspirations

Bantu Knots Styling Guide Hairstyle Inspirations Mohawk Dreads

Bantu knots, Zulu Knots, or Nubian Knots are traditional African hairstyles that women have worn for centuries. The style is achieved by twisting small sections of hair around itself to form a knot. Bantu knots can be worn as is or can be undone to create beautiful, cascading curls. This …

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Braids with Bangs Styling Guide + 10 Best Hairstyles


The only thing cuter than braids is braids with bangs. Bangs or fringes are strands of hair that fall over the forehead, usually grazing the eyebrows. These fringes, braided or not, can create subtle changes in your face shape. Getting bangs may be a big decision for most of us, …

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