The Van Dyke Beard Style: How to Trim Guide

Van Dyke Beard Style

The Van Dyke beard is a vintage style that traces its origin back to the 17th century thanks to one Anthony Van Dyck. Van Dyck was a Flemish painter who wore the beard for quite some time, but it only became popular after the portrait he made of King Charles …

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10 Best Shaving Cream for Electric Razor & Wet Shaving

best shaving cream

Although shaving may be down the list of priorities this year, with many sporting “quarantine beards”, as things ramp up again in the US and worldwide – it may be time to get rid of your newest friend. This is our list of the best shaving cream for electric razor …

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Synthetic, Badger or Boar Shaving Brush? 5 Best Shaving Brushes

best shaving brushes

A shaving brush is an essential part of every successful wet shave. They facilitate a super close shave while keeping the whole experience comfortable and smooth. And if you’re not sure whether to buy a shaving brush with synthetic bristles or a boar shaving brush then you’ve come to the …

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Straight Razor vs Safety Razor: Best Safety Razor Blades Review

Best safety razor blades

Many people prefer safety razors over other types of razors due to how simple and effective they are. However, for a safety razor to properly do the job, it needs to have the right blade. A blade that will complement the razor perfectly to facilitate a smooth, comfortable, and irritation-free shaving experience. …

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