Folicure Shampoo Review: Treatment For Hair Loss & Dandruff


Folicure shampoo claims not only to fight hair loss and boost hair growth, but also to prevent grey hair and treat dandruff. Sounds amazing right? But we understand if you are a bit sceptical. Unlike hair therapy dietary supplements that help with almost all types of hair problems, shampoo products often focus on one particular … Read more

What is a Neutralizing Shampoo? Best “Nutralizing” Shampoos

Neutralizing Shampoo When Do You Really Need It

These days, there are so many things you can do with your hair. What’s more, there are so many products to choose from to help you maintain your crowning glory. We’ve got alcohol-free shampoos, detoxifying shampoos, and shampoos specifically made for different hair types. But this time, we’ve also got to discuss neutralizing shampoos. In … Read more

Biolage Purple Shampoo Review for Grey & Blonde Hair


There are various kinds of shampoos formulated for almost every hair type and different hair needs. The most popular are hair-specific regular or daily shampoos like Kerastase Shampoos and Theorie Shampoos. The Valotin Hair Rejuvenation and Shapiro MD are hair cleansers and conditioners that help reverse hair loss. For anti-dandruff, you can choose from Zincon, … Read more