Derma Roller and Castor Oil for Hair loss: 2 Powerful Products for Hair Growth

Ever wondered if there exist a hair loss solution that works so simply yet so effectively? Yes, there is! And it’s the derma roller and castor oil for hair loss combo! It may be hard to believe but this couple is scientifically proven to be more effective than the already popular minoxidil. Not only that, it is also much easier to use!

In this article, we are going to get you through the details about the derma roller and castor oil for hair loss treatment. Soon you’ll know what we mean when we say that these products are very simple yet very effective. We will also conclude on what we personally think about these products. But before we dive deeper, let us know some facts about the hair loss and hair growth solutions.

Hair loss

There are several hair problems anyone can have. Some of them are itching, flaking, dryness, frizziness, split ends, damage and greying. But one of the more troublesome for almost anyone hair thinning or hair loss.

People normally lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. This goes unnoticed as new hairs grow just as fast. However, when fallen hair is not replaced, one suffers hair loss. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, around eight million American adults experience this condition. You are not alone.


The most common causes of hair loss is androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. This genetic condition affects both men and women and can start as early in their teens or early 20’s. Other causes include emotional and physical trauma, stress, harmful hair treatments, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Hair growth solutions

Lifestyle changes such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient rest helps reverse hair loss. There is also an abundance of best hair growth products on the market today. Among them are dietary supplements like Dasgro Hair Formula and Nutrafol vs Viviscal. There are also product lines that produce shampoos, conditioners and topical solutions that fight hair loss like Shapiro MD.

Another emerging hair growth solution uses safe, painless and non-invasive laser hair therapy treatment. However, there is a simple technology that utilizes your body’s natural healing mechanism to promote hair growth. It’s called a derma roller and castor oil for hair loss. And it’s scientifically shown to be more effective than the more popular alternatives.

What is a derma roller?

Let us talk about the first product on the derma roller and castor oil combo. A derma roller is a small handheld device with a rolling cylinder covered in small needles known as microneedles. These needles vary in size from 0.25 mm to 1.5 mm and are used to inflict minor injuries to the surface of your skin. If it sounds scary, do not worry because this method is backed up by research to be safe and to have many benefits for the skin including your scalp.

Derma rollers are traditionally used to reduce fine lines and acne scars. But just recently, people are starting to use it to treat hair loss. The reaction it initiates in the skin is actually an important process to promote hair regrowth.

As the needles inflict micro-wounds on the surface of your skin, your body naturally responds by healing and repairing itself. It then produces collagen which is an essential protein that makes up your skin and your hair follicles.


Your body is a healing machine, and injuries are prioritized for more blood flow and nutrients. This is what happens when the a derma roller inflicts micro-traumas to the scalp. Blood flow to the area is stimulated to bring more nutrients, and this process, together with collagen production, is an ideal environment for healthy hair growth.

But we are not done yet, because as a topping to derma rollers, there is a special add-on that makes the benefits of these devices even more effective! Here comes the catalyst for a healthy hair growth, the castor oil.

What is castor oil?

Now, let us get to know the second product on the derma roller and castor oil combo. Castor oil is used for thousands of years for its medicinal, industrial, and pharmaceutical uses. For the specific purpose of encouraging hair growth, castor oil promotes wound healing, reduces inflammation and is a natural moisturizer.

Using castor oil after derma rolling encourages faster healing of the micro-wounds. The ricinoleic acids, omega acids, and antioxidants it contains improve blood flow and deliver nutrients to the scalp which catalyze growth and improve the health of your hair. That is the derma roller and castor oil for hair loss combo we are talking about!

How to use derma roller and castor oil for hair loss?

Step 1: Clean and dry your scalp

Make sure that your scalp is clean and dry. Derma rollers are best used after bath on a shampooed hair.

Step 2: Sterilize your derma roller

It is very important that your derma roller is sanitized before use. Rinse the head of the roller with disinfecting liquids such as hot water, soap, or alcohol.

Step 3: Roll 4-5 times in different directions

Start from the edge of your hair line or on the region you want to focus. Roll 4-5 times vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Apply just the right amount of pressure to feel a tingling sensation but not pain.

Step 4: Apply castor oil to your scalp

Massage your scalp with a little amount of castor oil after rolling. It is not recommended to put oil on your derma roller.

Step 5: Clean, sanitize and dry your derma roller

It is best to clean, sanitize and dry your derma roller after use.

Step 6: Avoid any irritating substances

Only style, color, or treat your hair 24 hours after derma rolling as these may irritate your scalp.

Where to buy a derma roller?

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Where to buy castor oil?

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What do we like about derma roller and castor oil for hair loss?

Scientifically Proven

Study shows that microneedling with derma roller stimulates hair growth faster. Moreover, hair count after 12 weeks is 4 times as great compared to the effect using minoxidil. You have faster and denser in a single a treatment, what more can you wish for?

Time Efficient

Unlike other alternatives which should be used daily, the derma roller and castor oil for hair loss is only used once every 1-4 weeks. It’s like getting the best option for the least effort!

Effective Combination

Derma roller and castor oil for hair loss is an effective combination. The multipurpose castor oil  has great rejuvenating effects to scalp and hair. This combination does not only accelerate hair growth but ensures that each new strand is nourished to the follicle.

What do we like about derma roller and castor oil for hair loss?

There is almost nothing to like about these products. However, while the derma roller and castor oil for hair loss may work for many, there may be cases where it won’t. Just do not expect overnight results and be patient with the process.

Like all other hair loss treatments, this may also not be for everyone. People with preexisting skin conditions and other complications should consult a dermatologist before using these products.

Possible risks and side effects

The medical community generally considers derma rollers to be safe. However, risks are still possible. The primary concern is irritation after use due to an unsterile derma roller. Hence, sanitizing your derma roller before use is required.

On the other hand, caster oil is very safe as a topical liquid. In fact, it can also be ingested for its health benefits. Regardless, allergic reactions may arise for some people after application to the scalp.

In conclusion, using derma roller and castor oil for hair loss is a generally safe procedure. However, you should seek a dermatologist before use if you have any preexisting skin conditions and after use if any complications develop.

Reviews on derma roller and castor oil for hair loss

“It’s been more than a week since I started using it, and I can see the effect already. I recommend the product to whoever would want to have a professional treatment by itself. I will observe the progress and keep posting here.” By Ahmet

“You need this stuff…I am now a fan of castor oil! I’ve always read that castor oil was great for hair growth so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been using it on my eyebrows, lashes and on my hair (my hair is natural, veryyyyy curly and colored) and in a month I can already tell a difference.” By Leeleemodee

FAQS on derma roller and castor oil for hair loss

Is derma roller and castor oil for hair loss effective?

Yes. According to study, microneedling using derma rollers are more effective for hair growth compared to minoxidil in treating alopecia. Adding castor oil even accelerates the process.

How long before I notice results?

Results may vary from one person to another. But it was clinically proven that derma rollers statistically work faster than minoxidil and noticeable hair regrowth can occur in as fast as 6 weeks!

How often should I use Derma Roller and Castor Oil for hair loss?

The frequency of use will depend on the size of the needles based on your product. In average, it is advised to use a derma roller  only once every 1-4 weeks.

How many times can I use a derma roller before replacing?

Your derma rollers can be used 15-20 times before replacement. Use derma roller and castor oil for hair loss for best results.

Can I use my derma roller with other oils?

Yes. Ayurvedic oils like Bhringraj oil, Amla oil, and Brahmi oil can be used together with your derma roller. However, we have a certain preference for castor oil because of its wider-ranging benefits.

Final Verdict

We highly recommend the derma roller and castor oil for hair loss treatment. We think that no other product in its class is more effective and easier to use. Just keep in mind that whatever regimen you are trying for your hair, the best results come with the best habits and lifestyle. Eat healthy, rest well, exercise regularly, and smile often.

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