Folliboost Hair Growth Serum by Tricho Labs Review

If you have been scouting for hair growth products, perhaps you have encountered the Follliboost Hair Growth Serum at least once.  This is a widely-used and well-loved topical oil that helps grow hair. In this article, we will talk about the Folliboost Hair Growth Serum in detail. We hope that you can get all the information that you need before you purchase the product.

But before we go to the product review, let us first learn more about hair loss and the various ways to delay, if not reverse this problem.

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Hair Loss: Nature, Causes and Remedies

Having hair can have different problems. There is itching, flaking, dryness, frizziness, and hair greying. But lacking or losing hair is equally, and sometimes even more troubling.  

Hair loss comes as we age. This happens when the lost hairs on our scalp are not replaced. Hair loss can occur temporarily or permanently. Around eight million adults experience hair loss in the United States according to American Academy of Dermatology. 


The most common causes of hair loss are heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, emotional and physical trauma, stress, harmful hair treatments, nutrient and vitamin deficiencies.

But no matter how dreading hair loss can be, never be discouraged because there are a lot of available hair loss solutions. You can address hair loss through lifestyle changes. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and enough rest can go a long way. You can also take vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure that you get the right amount of nutrients to support body functions, including hair growth. There are also plenty of anti-hair loss products that you can use.

One of the many external remedies is the use of topical treatments that boost hair strength and hair growth. The product that we will review today provides these said hair benefits.

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What is Tricho Labs Folliboost Hair Growth Serum?

Tricho Labs: Folliboost Hair Growth Serum - Natural Formula with Biotin, AnaGain, Baicapil, Peppermint Oil and More for Thick, Full Hair - 2 oz. - Helps Fight the Signs of Hair Loss - Made in the USA

The Folliboost Hair Growth Serum is a liquid topical oil that stimulates scalp blood circulation, reactivates dormant hair follicles and strengthens hair fibers from roots to ends. It restores hair quality, vitality and density after one to three months of continuous use. Thus delivering a thicker and fuller-looking hair. This product comes in 2 fl. oz. or 60 ml bottles.

Folliboost Hair Growth Serum Ingredients

The Folliboost Hair Growth Serum uses powerful, natural and safe active ingredients that supports thicker and fuller-looking hair. Below is the list of Folliboost Hair Growth Serum’s active and complete ingredients.

Folliboost Ingredients

Biotin metabolizes the food that we eat and converts it into energy. This vitamin also stimulates keratin production in the hair. 

D-panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5) supports hair growth, hair quality and hair pigmentation. 

Arginine HCL stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth.

Pisum Sativum (Pea Sprout Extract) strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair loss and encourages hair growth. 

Glycine Soja (Soybean Oil) keeps hair moisturized. This also helps other nutrients and vitamins get absorbed in the hair. 

Triticum Vulgare (Wheat Sprouts) stimulates hair follicles at the cellular level. Thus encouraging better hair quality and growth.  

Scutellaria Baicalensis (Chinese Skullcap) fights against hair damage and boosts stem cells for hair thickening and hair growth. 

Tricho Labs Folliboost Hair Growth Serum Complete Ingredients

Pisum Sativum, Biotin, D-Panthenol, Glycine Soja, Triticum Vulgare, Scutellaria Baicalensis, Arginine HCL, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Peppermint Oil, Deionized Water, Propylene Glycol, Propanediol, Lactic Acid, Glycerin, Wheat and Soy Amino Acids, Serine, Threonine, Sprout Extract, Xanthan Guam, Polysorbate 80, Diazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Potassium Sorbate, Ubiquinone, Squalane, Sodium EDTA, Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract, Hydrolyzed Wheat and Soy Protein, Tripeptide-10 Citrulline, Tripeptide-1, Lecithin, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Caprylyl Glycol.

Who can use Folliboost Hair Growth Serum?

This product is made by Tricho Labs. A brand that specializes in creating premium hair products for women. That said, Folliboost Hair Growth Serum is best but not limited to adult women. Men can also use this product according to the company’s customer service.

But if you ae a pregnant woman, breastfeeding mother, with pre-existing medical condition or under medications, it is best to consult first with your doctor before using this product.

How to use Folliboost Hair Growth Serum?

The Folliboost Hair Regrowth Serum is simple and easy to use. Just follow the directions below. 


  1. Fill the dropper with Folliboost Hair Regrowth Serum.
  2. Apply 1 to 3 drops on the areas of your scalp that you want hair to grow. 
  3. Massage your scalp with your fingertips so that the serum gets absorbed quickly.
  4. Do not rinse your hair. Leave the serum until your next application.


  1. For best results, use this product twice a day. Before starting your day in the morning and before going to bed at night.
  2. Avoid contact with the eyes. Wash eyes with clean water immediately if contact occurs.
  3. Keep this product away from children’s reach.
  4. Do not swallow. 
  5. Strictly for external use only. 

Where to buy Folliboost Hair Growth Serum?

You can buy Folliboost Hair Regrowth Serum on Amazon. The 2 fl oz or 60 ml bottle costs only $39.95.

Tricho Labs Folliboost Hair Growth Serum -...
  • A Powerful Natural-Based Formula For Hair Growth:...
  • The Easy Way to Support Thick, Full Hair:...
  • Includes Anagain and Baicapil: Includes two...
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  • Your Satisfaction is Our Priority: Folliboost...

For best results, you can also buy the Folliboost Hair Growth Vitamins. A bottle contains 30 capsules. This also cost $39.95. 

Folliboost Hair Growth Serum Pros and Cons

What do we like about this product?

The Folliboost Hair Growth Serum contains powerful, natural and safe hair growing and hair thickening ingredients. This product stimulates scalp blood circulation and strengthens hair follicles. It has a lightweight and non-greasy feel. The peppermint scent is clean and soothing. This is a gentle hair growing formula that is widely used and well loved.

What we don’t like about this product?

There are two things that we do not like about this product. First is the lack of dosage specifications for each active ingredient. This is necessary if we want to know how potent the product is and if the active ingredients are within safe amounts. 

The second concern is its expensive price. Not everyone can afford this product.

Folliboost Results

Does Folliboost Hair Growth Serum Really Work?

The Folliboost Serum contains several active ingredients that have great potential in growing new hair. But based on client reviews, not all experienced positive results after using Folliboost Growth Serum. One of the reasons, maybe, is that not all users have the same issues that the Folliboost can address. Most of its ingredients mode of action works in stimulating hair follicles and none works on DHT blockage.

DHT blocking compounds have been found to be effective in treating hair loss. That’s why I suggest that you use DHT Blocker supplemments like Propidren and shampoos like Plantur 39 in combination with this serum.

Folliboost Hair Growth Serum Reviews

According to some user reviews, the serum works within 30 days to make hair look thicker. Other reviewers haven’t seen any change after using the serum, though they note that it isn’t greasy and is easy to apply. The price point for the product is on the higher end, but this doesn’t seem to deter some customers from trying it out.

Folliboost Side Effects

There are no known risks and side effects of this product. If you notice any adverse effects, discontinue use and consult with your doctor.

Other Tricho Labs Hair Growth Products

Folliboost Vitamins Review

Tricho Labs also offer Folliboost Vitamins that you can use with the Folliboost Hair Growth Serum. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that can help grow healthier and stronger hair from the inside. Compared to the Serum, the Folliboost Vitamins have a higher user rating as using this along with the serum produced more positive results including thicker and stronger hair. This may be because Biotin is more effective when consumed orally than just applying it topically.

FAQs on Folliboost Hair Growth Serum

How long before I see results from Folliboost Hair Growth Serum?

You can expect to see results within 1 to 3 months of continuous use. But remember that results vary for each person. Some experience results sooner or later. While there are also a few who claimed that this product did not change anything for them. 

Does Folliboost Hair Growth Serum have scent?

Yes. The Folliboost Hair Growth Serum has a peppermint oil. This makes the product smell clean and soothing.

Should I wash my hair after I use the Folliboost Hair Growth Serum?

No. Ideally, you should use the hair growth serum on freshly washed or clean hair. Then, leave it there until your next hair growth serum application.  Use this product twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. 

Does Folliboost Hair Growth Serum fight hair fall?

The Folliboost Hair Growth Serum does not directly claim to fight hair fall. But it stimulates scalp blood circulation and strengthens hair follicles. Thus, this product encourages better hair quality and growth.

Does Folliboost Hair Growth Serum contain Biotin?

Yes. Foolliboost Hair Growth Serum has Biotin that helps boost keratin production in hair. This ingredient also supports hair quality, structure and growth.

Is Folliboost legit?

Folliboost seems to be an effective hair growth serum for some users. And their manufacturer Tricho Labs is a US-based company that manufactures hair products for women. I suggest that you purchase both the Folliboost Serum and Vitamins to maximize your hair growth potential.

Folliboost vs Minoxidil: Which is Better?

Minoxidil is an FDA-approved drug. It is more potent and has been clinically proven to promote new hair growth. Compared to Minoxidil, Folliboost is more expensive but produces fewer side effects because of its natural formula. If you have sensitive skin, I suggest that you try Folliboost first and see if it works for you.

Folliboost vs Vegamour Serum: Which is Better?

Unlike Folliboost, Vegamour contains DHT Blocking ingredients like Caffeine and Red Clover Extract. While Folliboost’s main action is to stimulate hair growth, Vegamour helps block the formation of hair loss causing DHT, to prevent hair shedding. Because Vegamour uses natural ingredients it’s safer too and produces fewer side effects. But overall, Vegamour hair growth serum is the clear winner because aside from DHT Blockers it also contain hair growth stimulating products.

Read our in-depth review of Vegamour Serum: Vegamour Gro Hair Serum Review

Final Verdict

If you are specifically looking for topical hair growth serum and you have the budget, then the Folliboost is definitely a great option. This product has received plenty of positive feedback from its users. It has a reputation that it delivers great results.

Just remember to not expect instant results. Hair loss comes from a variety of reasons. To get the best results, you may want to consider other hair loss products from Shapiro MD and hair loss supplement like Hairprin. Also, make sure to have a healthy diet, regular exercise and enough rest.

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