How To Use Velcro Rollers on Fine Hair: Styling Guide

Have you ever thought about how velcro rollers for fine hair would work? Whether you’re a fine-haired girl or just someone who wants to learn how to use Velcro rollers on fine hair, this article will be your best friend for the next few minutes.

What are Velcro Rollers?

Velcro rollers are hair styling tools that create soft waves and curls, long hair blowouts, or add volume to short and fine hair. Each barrel has a jagged, rough surface that holds your strands as you roll sections of your hair onto it.

No heat

If you use velcro rollers on fine hair, you won’t need heat (like curling irons or blow dryers) to give your hair a nice blowout. All you need is a couple of Velcro rollers and a little bit of time.

Good for multitasking

One of the most incredible things about using Velcro hair rollers on fine hair is that you can leave them on your hair and do something else! You can do your makeup or get into your dress while also doing your hair! Talk about a time saver!


You don’t need professional skills to learn how to use Velcro rollers on fine hair! These hair curlers are pretty straightforward: get a section of hair, roll it toward your scalp, and leave it on.

More About Styling Fine Hair

The thing about having fine hair is that some people think too much or too little about thin hair! When you know what your hair can or cannot do, you inevitably become better at styling it as well! Here are some general pros and cons about styling fine hair, which can help once you finally use those velcro rollers on fine hair!


Easier to style

If you’re always running late, you’ll find it a blessing to have fine hair that is easy to style! Fine hair is generally easier to straighten, curl, or put into complex hairdos that people with thicker, textured hair find challenging to do.

Uses fewer products

Thin hair also means that you don’t need to use a lot of hair products–whether it’s shampoo, conditioner, hair lotion, or all other products you can think of. Think of it as a space and money saver! Neat, right?

Dries faster

Fine hair means you can leave your hair to air dry, and it dries out in less than an hour! You won’t need the help of air dryers to dry your hair, which is great for girls who are always on the go!


More prone to damage

The thinner your hair is, the smaller the follicle size is as well. That’s why fine hair can be more susceptible to damage, unlike thicker hair. If possible, try not to use excessive heat when styling your hair.

Greases easier

Besides being easily damaged, fine hair tends to become greasy even after just a day or two. People with thin hair are enticed to shampoo their hair daily, which causes more damage! Hair experts encourage people with fine hair to use dry shampoo for oily hair on the days they don’t wash their hair, to keep the grease out of their scalps.

Scalp burns

Summer is an abomination for girls with fine hair. Thin hair means that heat and exposure to the sun can easily penetrate the scalp, causing burns that might irritate your scalp. Scalp burns can also cause your skin to be rough, dry, and itchy.

How To Use Velcro Rollers on Fine Hair

How to Use Velcro Rollers for Fine Hair

Never used a Velcro roller on your fine hair before? No worries! Here’s a step-by-step guide we’ve prepared so you won’t have to run a trial and error.

  1. Start with not-so-damp hair. Wet or damp hair can get pulled too much and end up in breakage. Use a blow dryer for fine hair or air dry your fine hair until it’s about 75% dry.
  2. Section your hair into smaller parts. The smaller your sections are, the tighter the curls will be. Separate them by using a hair clamp. If you have 3″ rollers, make sure your sections are 3″ as well.
  3. Stretch out your section and roll a velcro roller starting from the end.
  4. Roll toward your scalp! Always, always, always, roll away from your face.
  5. Once all rollers are in, leave them in for as long as you want. You can speed up the process using a low-heat blow dryer.
  6. Unroll your hair slowly. Otherwise, it may cause unwanted frizz on your hair.
  7. Use a setting spray or mousse to keep your hairstyle longer.

Things to remember when using Velcro rollers on fine hair

Things to remember when using velcro rollers on fine hair

Heat setting

The good thing about hair rollers is that you don’t need to put heat on your hair for the curls to set! But if you’re in a hurry and need those rollers to come off, you can always use heat on your Velcro rollers!

If you plan on using heat, ensure the hair dryer is in a low heat setting. Use the hair dryer for five minutes or until your hair is at least 75% dry.

Roller size

The barrel size of velcro rollers will determine how your hairstyle will look. Rule of thumb: if you use big rollers, you create softer waves. If you use smaller barrels, you create tighter curls.

Big size

Big sizes are best for those with medium to long hair lengths. Opt for bigger sizes, like a 2″ or a 3″ roller, for a softer look. If necessary, use two rollers on each section—a bigger one on the crown and a smaller one near the ends.

If you want to add volume to your short hair, you can ditch the small barrels and opt for the larger ones. Using bigger barrels won’t put your hair in curls, but it sure will add volume to your mane.

Smaller size

If you have short hair, you might want to opt for a smaller-sized velcro roller. Using a large-sized barrel instead of the smaller ones will have little to no effect on short hair.

Leave-in time

How long your hairstyle will last depends on how long you leave your velcro rollers on your hair. You can leave it for as short as 10 to 20 minutes (without heat), but expect your hair to fall straight after a few hours. You can also wait until your hair dries before unrolling your hair; this will help your curls stay in your hair longer.

Although sleeping in rollers is not advisable, if you plan to sleep with them, ensure that you use velcro rollers on fine hair that are also made for sleeping. Opt for soft velcro rollers, not hard ones.

FAQs about Velcro Rollers on Fine Hair

Do velcro rollers on fine hair damage your hair?

Unless you use extreme heat on your hair while wearing hair curlers, then your hair will be fine! The greatest thing about velcro rollers on fine hair is that they’re not damaging and can be left on your hair without worrying about heat and breakage!

Are velcro rollers good for fine hair?

Yes! Velcro rollers are great for fine hair because they use little to no heat! Fine hair also tends to look flat and straight. Velcro rollers can add volume to your hair with little effort.

Do velcro rollers make your hair frizzy?

If you don’t use your rollers properly, it might cause frizz on your hair. As you roll your fine hair in the Velcro rollers, ensure you only use an adequate section of your hair. Too many strands in one barrel can cause your hair to slip off the roller and eventually cause frizz.

How long should you keep velcro rollers for fine hair?

It depends on how long you want the curls to stay in your hair. 10 to 20 minutes is good if you want to add volume or a soft wave to your hair. If you use it while drying your hair, it might even last longer. Generally, there’s no rule on how long you should leave Velcro rollers on your hair.

Can you sleep in with velcro rollers for fine hair?

Sure, you can! Just make sure that the type of velcro rollers in your hair are the ones that can be used for sleeping. Some rollers can be hard to sleep in and can damage your hair while sleeping.


If you have fine hair, velcro rollers may just be the best thing that has happened to your hair. It’s easy to use, inexpensive, non-damaging, and uses little to no heat! So, the next time you have extra time on your hands before a major event, instead of plugging in your old-fashioned curling iron, maybe it’s time to whip out that set of velcro rollers for fine hair that you’ve been keeping inside your closet.

These are great gifts for hairdressers you are friends with. Give them a bunch of rollers, a roller set for natural hair, or even spiral hair ties to add to their styling tools.