Kenra Clarifying Shampoo Review: Does it Really Detoxifies Hair?

Does your hair look flat and dull? Or perhaps it feels oily and dirty even after washing? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then it is time for Kenra Clarifying Shampoo. In this article, we will help you get to know this product well.

We understand that there are many different kinds of shampoos and they can be quite confusing. There is the regular daily shampoo, all-natural shampoo, alcohol-free shampoo, sulfate-free shampoo, shampoo for colored-treated hair, antifungal shampoo, and anti-hair loss shampoo. But for now, we will focus on clarifying shampoo.

What is a clarifying shampoo?

A clarifying shampoo is a special type of shampoo. It has a more powerful formula for deep and thorough scalp and hair cleansing. A clarifying shampoo removes oils, dust, dirt, mineral deposits, chemical substances and build-up on the scalp and hair that normal daily shampoos cannot. 

Because of the clarifying shampoo’s potent formula, it is not meant for daily use. It can strip off hair’s natural moisture, leaving it dry and prone to breakage. A clarifying shampoo is best used once to twice a month. Those with extremely oily hair can use it once a week. It is also great before applying hair color or hair treatment. In this article, we will talk about one of the most popular clarifying shampoos in the market today.

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What is Kenra Clarifying Shampoo?

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo | Deep Cleansing | All Hair Types | 33.8 fl. Oz

The Kenra Clarifying Shampoo is a liquid deep hair cleanser that comes in 300 ml and 1 liter bottles. It can remove as much as 99% of hair build-up, mineral deposits and residues that weigh down hair and make hair look dull. This product is ideally used not more than once a week and before any hair color or hair treatment.

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo Ingredients

Unlike your regular favorite shampoos or all-natural shampoos, clarifying shampoos do not refrain from using strong surfactants or potent cleansing agents. In fact, surfactants like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate are the active ingredients, along with Citric Acid and Blueberry Fruit Extract. 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate

The Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate are surfactants or powerful cleansing agents. They attract water molecules and at the same time attach to oils, dust, minerals and chemicals. These surfactants are the reason that dirt, build-up and residues are washed off from your hair as you rinse. 

Citric Acid and Blueberry Fruit Extract

The Citric Acid and the Blueberry Fruit Extract are also powerful cleansing agents. They break down build-up, chemical residues and mineral deposits on hair to make them easier to wash out. These ingredients also restores the natural pH level of hair. 

Complete List of Ingredients: 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine, Acrylates Crosspolymer-4, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate, Dehydroacetic Acid, Mica, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate, Titanium Dioxide/CI 77891, Calcium Gluconate, Citric Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lactic Acid, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol Butyl Ether,  Benzyl Alcohol, Honey Extract, Blueberry Fruit Extract, Gluconolactone, Water, Fragrance.

Who can use the Kenra Clarifying Shampoo?


The Kenra Clarifying Shampoo is perfect for all types of hair that requires thorough cleansing and build-up removal. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, short, long, natural, processed or color-treated, this product removes excess oil, dirt, hair impurities, mineral deposits and hair residues.

This clarifying shampoo is also ideal for those who will undergo hair color treatment.

How to use Kenra Clarifying Shampoo

This product is easy and simple to use. Just follow the directions below.


  1. Wet your hair.
  2. Apply the Kenra Clarifying Shampoo onto wet hair. 
  3. Massage well until it forms lather.
  4. Let it stay for 30 seconds.
  5. Rinse thoroughly. 
  6. Repeat the process, if necessary. 


  1. For best results, use the Kenra Conditioner after.
  2. Use this Kenra Clarifying Shampoo only once a week or once every two weeks to avoid hair drying.
  3. Avoid contact with the eyes. Wash eyes with clean water immediately if contact occurs.
  4. Keep this product away from children’s reach.
  5. Do not swallow. 
  6. Strictly for external use only. 

Where to buy the Kenra Clarifying Shampoo

You can buy the Kenra Clarifying Shampoo on Amazon. The 330 ml or 10 fl oz bottle costs only $16. But you can save more if you purchase the 1 liter or 33 fl oz bottle. Get it for as low as $31. 

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo | Deep Cleansing |...
  • Restores hair's natural radiance
  • Removes dulling deposits & build-up
  • Ideal for hard water and well water
  • Cleanses deeply without drying hair
  • Color safe

What do we like about Kenra Clarifying Shampoo?

This clarifying shampoo provides the following hair benefits:

  1. Deeply cleanses hair without drying it.
  2. Removes oils, dirt, build-up, residue and mineral deposits that dulls hair.
  3. Protects hair color as it cleanses.
  4. Brightens gray, highlighted and bleached hair. 
  5. Restores hair’s natural glow
  6. Leaves hair softer and smoother

This clarifying shampoo possesses the following great qualities:

  1. Made by a professional hair brand 
  2. Has a clean and pleasant scent
  3. Certified effective by many of its users
  4. Perfect for all hair types

What we do not like about Kenra Clarifying Shampoo?

While many love this product, there are also few who do not like it. The most common negative feedback has to do with the change in the formula. Long time users of this product noticed a decline in quality, color and smell.

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo Side effects

Just like other clarifying shampoos, this product contains powerful surfactants or sulfates that may cause skin and scalp irritation to those with sensitive skin. Also, for those with dry hair, expect that this product may dry your hair more after use.

FAQs about Kenra Clarifying Shampoo

Can you use Kenra clarifying shampoo everyday?

No. this clarifying shampoo is a deep scalp and hair cleanser that removes oils, dirt, build-up, residues and mineral deposits. It is meant to be used not more than once a week, for it can strip off natural oils and dry your hair. 

How often should you use Kenra Clarifying Shampoo?

Ideally, you use this product when you feel that your hair needs a thorough cleansing because of build-up, residues and mineral deposits. Or before you have hair color treatment. 

But you can use the Kenra Clarifying Shampoo as a part of your weekly or monthly hair care regimen. You may choose to use this product one a week, once every two weeks or once a month. 

Does Kenra Clarifying Shampoo remove hair color?

The Kenra Clarifying Shampoo is formulated to protect natural hair color and color-treated hair. This product is great if you want to deeply cleanse your hair and at the same time keep your hair color. 

But if you want to lift your hair color using a clarifying shampoo, this product may not be able to guarantee that you get your exact desired outcome.

Is clarifying shampoo good for curly hair?

A good clarifying shampoo suits all types of hair. The Kenra Clarifying Shampoo is formulated for short, long, curly, wavy, straight, natural, processed and colored hair. It deeply lenses without damaging the hair. 

Should I use a conditioner after using a clarifying shampoo?

Yes. It is best to use a conditioner after using a clarifying shampoo to restore the lost moisture. For best results, use kenra Hair Conditioner after using the Kenra Clarifying Shampoo.

Final Verdict

If you are noticing that your hair is flat, dull, oily, flaky and you feel like it is full of dirt and build-up, then it is time to use the Kenra Clarifying Shampoo. This product will help you deeply clean your scalp and hair. Leaving it cleaner, softer, silkier, smoother and shinier. For those with color-treated hair, it can help restore your hair’s natural glow without removing or altering its color. This product is best used not more than once a week.

Just remember that this clarifying shampoo contains surfactants that may irritate those with extremely sensitive scalp and skin. As well as further dry hair. For best results, use this product with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. 

Also, if you have other hair concerns, you can complement this product with a shampoo that addresses your particular hair problem. We listed some suggestions below.



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