Finpecia Review: The Pros, Cons, Risks and Best Alternative


If you are here reading this article about Finpecia, my guess is that you are a man who is wondering if this prescription medicine can truly grow your hair back. Should this be the case, very well then! You came exactly at the right place. I am here to tell you everything that you must …

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VO5 Hairdressing Conditioning Cream Review

There are a lot of hair conditioning or hairdressing products on the market. Unfortunately, quite a lot of them make too many promises – promises they fail to fulfill. One brand that does stand out among the rest in terms of both quality and ability to deliver is VO5 Hairdressing. Who is VO5? Alberto VO5 …

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What is Capixyl: Is It The Best Hair Growth Ingredient?

What is Capixyl

To answer right away, Capixyl™ is an anti-hair loss ingredient that takes the form of a topical oil or lotion. It is like a potion that magically grows hair! And in this article, I am going to reveal to you its secrets: what it is made of and how it works. Moreso, I will tell …

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The Coolest 90s Hairstyles For Men

This era was full of strong musical references from the alternative rock/grunge to the flashing lasers in warehouses. Men’s 90s hair seemed to have an overall theme – grunge, carefree, the looks were low-maintenance and effortless. The male celebrities wearing the 90s hairstyles were pretty iconic. Some hairstyles are born by boybands, so revived by …

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Top 10 Best Senscience Hair Products For Great-Looking Hair


Let your hair unleash its inner beauty and strength with Senscience Hair Products! This product line combines sensuality and science to bring out the best in your hair.  In this article, I will introduce you to the Senscience brand. Briefly, I will talk about the Senscience hair products’ active ingredient. Then, I will feature the …

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Febron Hair Fibers Review: Hair Building Fibers for Thinning Hair

Febron Hair Fibers Review

Are you tired of trying out hair growth vitamins and waiting forever to grow your hair? Have you been hiding your bald spots with a wig or scarf only to end in embarrassing moments? The wait is over! Febron Hair Fibers is paving a new way to help you build your confidence in just 30 seconds! …

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Top 7 Best Garlic Shampoo For Hair Loss That You Must Try

No wonder that many people are enthusiastic about garlic shampoo for hair loss. Afterall, sometimes, the best hair growth solutions are found in the kitchen! In this article, I will talk to you about garlic and why it is such a sumptuous treat for your scalp and hair. Then I will feature my top 7 …

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Honeydew Shampoo Review: The No. 1 Best Vegan Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo?


Honeydew Shampoo is one of my most-recommended hair regrowth cleansers. It has a clean and kind formula both for the body and the environment. And it addresses one of the most troubling hair conditions, that is none other than, hair loss.  Related: Maui Vanilla Bean Shampoo: 100% Lush Vegan Formula For Curly Hair 10 Eco-Friendly …

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10 Eco-Friendly Davines Shampoo Products Your Hair Will Love

Eco-Friendly Davines Shampoo Products

For soft, soothing, and gentle cleanses, it’s hard to beat Davines shampoos. These products are tailor made for specific kinds of hair, so it’s easy to find what you need. In this article, I’ll walk you through the different kinds of Davines shampoos. Who is Davines? Founded in 1983, Davines is an Italian company dedicated …

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