shave before or after a shower

‘Should I Shave Before Or After A Shower?’—The Answer To The Age-Old Question

Shaving at the same time as showering makes perfect sense, as most of us want a warm, damp setting to have a close, pleasant shave. However, what is less clear is whether we should shave before or after bathing. This results in many guys opting to change up their morning routine by foregoing the usual after-shower shave.

This is an important topic to consider since whether you shave before or after you shower can have just as big of an influence on the quality of your shave as your razor and shaving cream.

So What Do I Have To Do To Get An Amazing Shaving Experience?

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that you’re already properly equipped to get that amazing shaving experience! Whether you choose to shave before or after a shower, there are a few pointers to keep in mind to ensure that the process is not only efficient but also enjoyable and pain-free.

Pre-Shave Oils Are Your Best Man. 

A decent pre-shave oil may drastically improve the quality of your shave. It not only lubricates your razor better, but it also creates a layer of protection between your face and the razor, decreasing irritation and the danger of cuts.

Effective Shaving Creams Are A Classic!

Pressurized foams are considerably inferior to traditional and authentic shaving creams. They not only give your blade a greater cushion, but they also lubricate it better.

Use a Gentle Yet Cleansing Shaving Brush.

Shaving brushes may appear a little out of date, but they will considerably improve your shaving experience. The shaving brush is essential for eliminating debris and dead skin cells that might clog your razor and reduce the blade’s efficiency. Sloshing the brush also promotes the shaving cream’s essential components, resulting in a larger lather.

Safety Razors Are Safe For A Reason

We strongly advise purchasing a high-quality safety razor. This is why. Because of the number of runs the blades make across your face, safety razors decrease the amount of discomfort produced by shaving. In principle, a cartridge razor with four blades seems efficient, but the fact is that only the first one or two blades actually cut hair.

shave before or after a shower

What Are The Questions I Have To Answer In Choosing To Shave Before Or After A Shower?

These are some pre-requisite questions you need to answer to know which method is more beneficial for your routine:

How Much Time Do You Have At Your Disposal To Finish Shaving?

Depending on how long or how quickly you shower, shaving can come before or after. Not to mention, you also have other body parts that need to be cleaned thoroughly, so this is something to keep in mind.

Which Kind Of Razor Are You Going To Use: Bladed Or Electric?

Depending on your setup, you should also be conscious of what gadget or shaver you’re going to use. Another consideration would be the wetness or dryness of your surroundings, especially when it comes to electric shaving!

Is Your Skin Really Sensitive?

How sensitive your skin is can dictate how often and how thoroughly you shave, so keep that in mind when choosing your routine. Another factor here is the types of soaps and beard shampoos that come into contact with your face You may be unknowingly triggering your skin and hair to be more sensitive, therefore making shaving both before or after showering painful.

How Soft Is Your Facial Hair On Average?

Is your facial hair rough? Coarse? Soft? Fluffy? Tangled? The texture of your facial hair plays a role in dictating whether you’re going to shave before or after a shower! With this factor, products like trustworthy beard oil alternatives and beard balms can do you some good!

Do You Dry Shave or Do You Use Products-Such As Shaving Creams Or Oils?

Do you shave directly, or do you take your sweet time with all those shaving creams in your hygiene kit? This sparks the important question of whether you should shave before or after a shower, so take note of this!

So Should I Shave Before Or After A Shower?

So here are the details on shaving before or after your shower, remember all the key details mentioned in this article earlier!

Shaving Before Showering

Pros & Cons

Shaving before your shower has a number of advantages, the most important of which is that it is quick! This is the choice for you if you’re short on time. There are no thrills or frills here; just go in and get the job done.

This is also the option for you if you use an electric razor. When shaving dry hair, which is a bit firmer and readily stands up to the strength of a revolving blade, electric razors function considerably better.

The last advantage of shaving before showering is that it makes cleanup a breeze. During your shower, the stray hair clippings that would usually be all over your neck and chest are simply washed away, a procedure that would normally require you to rewash your face and neck if you had previously bathed.

How Do I Properly Shave Before Showering?

Shaving before showering may seem like a good way to save time and effort, but if you don’t properly prepare your skin before you start, it can feel like blunt-force trauma. To get the greatest results, shave before showering:

Wash your face. Natural oils are beneficial to skin health, but you don’t want dirt to seep into your cuts, so give your face a brief wash to eliminate any excess grime.

Soak your face. Remember that you need soft hair and open pores? Soak a washcloth in warm water and place it immediately on your face for three minutes; this will assist to lift the hair away from the skin whilst soothing the follicles and making them easier to trim.

Shave your face. Your hair is now just hot enough to be weakened, yet dry enough to get caught in the razors, whether you’re using an old-school straight razor or the newest electric gadget on the market.

Shaving After Showering

Pros & Cons

The most appealing aspect of shaving after a shower is the shave’s efficiency. When we bathe, the steam opens the pores on our faces, permitting us to cut much closer to the hair follicles. If you want to use a conventional safety razor, this is the way to go.

For those of us with sensitive skin, shaving after a shower is also much better. It helps your razor to glide smoothly and efficiently, resulting in considerably less irritation, by relaxing the hairs and applying pre-shave oil to the face before to shaving.

Shaving after a shower, on the other hand, takes a little longer and requires a little more clean-up than shaving before. If you’re short on time but want to get the advantages of a post-shower shave, buy a fogless mirror and shave in the shower! That’s a win-win situation.

This is also not a choice if you shave with an electric shaver. As previously said, electric razors provide a harsher shave, and moisturized facial hair does not generally hold up to the force of the electric razor when straight out of the shower. You also run the danger of harming your electric shaver unless it is waterproof.

How Do I Properly Shave After Showering?

Shaving after a shower isn’t something that most men think about; it’s just something we do. In many respects, it makes sense: if you’re going to shower anyhow, what better way to soothe and moisten your skin and hair than to just let hot water fall on them?

That careless attitude might end up costing you: do your after-shower shave wrong, and you’ll be calculating the cost in the mirror. Here’s how to shave without cuts and bumps after a shower:

Act quickly. Your skin will be prepared and ready for a clean, close, and pleasant shave while you’re in the water, but every minute you squander after you’ve stepped into the cold closes more pores.

But not too quickly! Before you start shaving, turn off the faucet — apart from wasting water, the sound of running water is a pressurizing reminder that you need to hurry, and rushing through the process of shaving never ends well.

Clean up after yourself. Although washing your face after an after-shower shave may seem excessive, small quantities of shaving cream on your face can seep into tiny wounds and wreak havoc on your skin’s health.

shave before or after a shower

FAQ’s About Whether To Shave Before Or After A Shower

We’ve given you all the information you need to decide, but you still might have some questions. Here are the answers to those FAQs!

Should I Shave Before Or After Washing My Face?

A: Washing before shaving softens wiry hairs, making them simpler to cut through, and cleansing afterward ensures that any remaining shaving foam or gel is removed from your face.

How Long Does It Take For Pores To Close After Shaving?

A: Depending on the degree of damage and skin laxness, the pore will normally seal back up within 24-48 hours. This happens as a result of the stress of shaving, which causes hair tugging and friction. The hair attachment point, where hair was taken from the follicular pocket, is temporarily stretched as a result of this.

Is It Better To Shave With Cold Water Or Hot Water?

A: The need of using warm water first and then cold water is crucial. Water is, as you may know, the most important element in shaving. Shave using warm or hot water at all times. Splash your face with cold water at the end of your shave to remove the cream, oil, and stray hairs from your face.

Can Shaving Cause Pimples?

A: Excess sebum production is the most common cause of acne. A blackhead or whitehead forms when pores get blocked with oil or dead skin. Shaving isn’t supposed to cause acne, although it can aggravate it or create razor burn. Also, check out if the shave before or after a shower is optimum for your skin type!

Is Aftershave Really Necessary When Shaving?

A: Aftershave is best used at a certain moment in your shaving routine. Follow your usual routine, may it be that you shave before or after a shower. Rinse off the area with cold water until you’ve gotten off any remaining shaving cream, gel, or lotion. Use a clean towel to pat dry.


We hope that the content of this article has helped you choose whether you choose to shave before or after a shower. For more information check out our other works! We’ve got info on traditional and electric shaving, beard hygiene, waterproof shavers, and shaving soaps for more advice on how to achieve a smooth, pain-free shave!


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