Textured Haircut Guide & Best Hairstyles for Men

Feeling bored with your usual look and wanting to change things up? Maybe you’re a hair chameleon and love to try new things, or maybe you’re a lover of men’s textured haircut and want to find the right do for you? Well, we have it covered.

What is a Textured Hair Cut?

What is a Textured Hair Cut

Textured haircuts for men… what are they? Well, a textured hair cut is a style that has movement and variation in the look. It could be spiky, wavy, messy, or even all-out crazy. The idea is to see texture through the hair. Usually styled with a little hair product to enhance the different lengths/movement. Check out the style inspiration images below for textured haircuts for men.

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Best Men’s Textured Haircut Styles

Messy textured haircut

Messy textured haircut for Men

This look is all out movement. Think super messy, no boundaries needed here. It’s definitely a look for a wild guy wanting a textured haircut that is super easy. Just shake some wax or paste through and go. It’s a look that has an impact with little effort.

Men’s long textured haircut

Men's long textured haircut

Think surfer vibes. Longer hair with layers to bring out the movement in the hair. Wearing this look textured is pretty easy, especially if you have a natural wave/curl in your hair. If you want to enhance a straighter texture, try a sea salt spray in the hair to add grip, allowing the texture to form.

Textured hair cut for thin hair – men’s

Textured hair cut for thin hair – mens

Thin hair can be an issue for some of you guys but it doesn’t mean you can’t play. If you light or fine haired, keep the sides and back longer than the classic short shaved. Shaving hair can look ace on darker thicker types, but on fine hair types, it can look too short and almost bald.

I do however recommend going for a shorter look with a textured hair cut for men. Stronger shape can be created by cutting the hair shorter, long hair can look lank and thin. Leave a little extra length on the top – it adds volume too and also you can hide receding areas with longer hair towards the face.

Textured fade haircut

Textured fade haircut

Wanting to see contrast? Maybe you like the back and sides neat or maybe your super cool and love to add more edge to your look? Texturizing the top of your cut while working with a fade can add lots of options to which way you style your hair.

Wavy mid-length textured haircut for men

Wavy mid-length textured haircut for men

A classic. Men with wavy hair can pull off this timeless look. I think it’s very classy and has a vintage feel to it. Paired nicely with a white shirt. This look can be styled with a curl crème for control on unruly hair types, or, a putty for some definition.

Men’s textured haircut with a mullet

Men's textured haircut with a mullet
Photo from IG/juliuscaesar

This look can be extreme or softer depending on your style. Mullets can look a little punky and alternative if you like something with a cool vibe. Or a textured mullet haircut can be a little more classic 80s… think Patric Swayze with his hunky mullet do.

Long curly hair textured haircut for men

Long curly hair textured haircut for men

Curls are a great tool to work with texture in the hair. If your look feels a little limp, ask your hairstylist to add more texture in the curls. This can be done with a razor, or some fun cutting techniques, and can free the curls to do their thing. So don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for a little advice too.

Anime textured haircut for men

Anime textured haircut for men 1

Theses looks sort of remind me of manga style art. Maybe you’re into anime and love those spiky men’s looks? The styles can vary, but you can work with spiky ends and longer fringes, giving it variation in length. If you love emo looks, think about dying it black and adding panels of color for something striking.

Textured mohawk haircut for men

Textured mohawk haircut for men

This look can work with straight and curly. It adds profile and balance to a look. And it can work in a punky 70s style or in a nostalgic 90s look. Playing with color on these men’s haircuts can look fun too and I particularly like seeing frosted tips on these looks.

90s curtains textured haircut for men

90s curtains textured haircut for men

These looks are super nostalgic, so if you like vintage, this may be the look for you. Reminding us of the era of boy band heartthrobs and Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s no wonder this look returns time and time again. Use a shaping paste for extra texture of something shiny if you like grungy wet look.

Under cut with textured haircut for men

Under cut with textured haircut for men

Under cuts are a great way of adding a new element to your hair and also taking away some bulk. These looks can work very well together. The contrast in lengths looks cool paired with a messy textured look for men.

Widthy curls textured haircut for men

Widthy curls textured haircut for men

Got curls but unsure what to do with them? Curls can look cool with volume at the sides. Cut well curls look great with angular and rounded shapes. The width on the side can add fullness to the face, so it can work well if you have a thinner face shape. Ask for stylist for advice when you visit for something to suit.

Textured Cesar haircut for men

Textured Cesar haircut for men 1

The Ceasar hair cut has been super popular recently and you can see why. It’s versatile. This look was originally one length all round but we like it texturized too. Adding different lengths and a bit of fun to a classic haircut, plus staying right on trend. Try using a grippy shaping paste to give this look a little more definition.

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