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The 5 Best Nose Hair Trimmers To Buy in 2020

It’s hard, if not impossible, to find a man who loves nose or ear hair. Other than the fact that they symbolize aging, nose hair can also totally mess up your look. They could even go as far as affecting your self-esteem and confidence.

The good news is that nose hair usually starts small, so it gives you enough time to react appropriately. You will only see an occasional long strand of hair extending outside your nostrils, and your first instinct will be to use a scissor and get rid of it. While this may work, it is far from safe, and it’s definitely not sustainable. To manage your nose hair properly and safely, you need a device that is specifically designed for the purpose, which does an excellent job without exposing you to any unnecessary risks. This is where nose hair trimmers come in.

The advancement of technology has given us devices that perform incredibly well and are super easy to use. Nose trimmers are some of the gadgets that have benefited hugely from this new technology. With the best nose trimmer, you get a versatile device that can not only deal with nose hair but can also help with ear and even brows. They are also well designed to access hard-to-reach areas.

With that in mind, here are the best nose trimmers on the market at the moment:

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Ear Hair Trimmers

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Ear Hair Trimmer$18.00
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The Panasonic ER-GN30-K gives you the best value for your money. This versatile trimmer is very affordable, and it still delivers excellent results wherever it is used. The trimmer is powered by AA batteries, which is both a bad and good thing. It’s bad in that it is not environmentally friendly, but on the other hand, it allows you to stay groomed on the go.

The trimmer features a dual-edge blade that works incredibly well with the nose, ear, eyebrows, mustache, and even beards. It actually supports detailed trimming, which makes managing your facial hair an effortless experience.

The nose clippers are designed with hypoallergenic curved blades—these get the job done without irritating your skin. You also won’t experience painful hair pulling. It trims the hair from both the top and sides smoothly. I must also point out that the blades are aligned perfectly to leave just the right number of nose hair required for filtration.

The Panasonic ER-GN30-K offers wet and dry convenience. This means you can use it to trim dry as well as wet hair. It’s also waterproof so you shouldn’t have any problems using it in the shower.

Keeping the trimmer clean is an easy task. The smart vortex cleaning system facilitates the flow of faucet water from different sides. It also spins the water through the clippers for thorough cleaning.


  • Versatile (can be used for nose hair, ear hair, eyebrows, mustache, beard, and facial hair)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Wet/dry convenience
  • Affordable
  • Excellent user reviews
  • One battery provides 90 minutes of runtime


  • Battery not included
  • Replacing the blade is expensive.

Philips NT3160/10 Nose Hair, Ear Hair, and Eyebrow Trimmer Series 3000

Philips NT3160/10 Nose Hair, Ear Hair and Eyebrow Trimmer Series 3000Price not available
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The Philips NT3160/10 is yet another remarkable trimmer perfectly designed for dealing with nose hair, ear hair, and eyebrows. The trimmer leverages ProtecTube Technology to protect the cutter with an ultra-thin foil. This helps in preventing skin irritation when the trimmer is in use. It’s also designed to prevent hair strands from getting trapped between separate cutting blades. In essence, it saves the user from the excruciating pain of hair-pulling.

This Philips trimmer can be used in both dry and wet surroundings. It’s actually fitted with a soft touch rubber that provides a firm grip even when you are using the trimmer in the shower.

The Philips NT3160/10 is powered by an AA battery that is also included in the package.

Cleaning the trimmer is a breeze. First, it comes with a protective cap that keeps the blade clean. You will also find it very easy to clean under the faucet.


  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Does not cause skin irritation
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Wet/dry convenience


  • It’s not the most durable trimmer.

Wahl Model 5622 Groomsman Rechargeable Beard Mustache, Hair & Nose Hair Trimmer

WAHL 5622 Groomsman Rechargeable Beard, Mustache, Hair & Nose Hair Trimmer for Detailing & Grooming, Black$22.99
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This can be considered as the ultimate gentleman’s grooming package. The kit comes with beard, mustache, nose and ear hair trimmers perfectly designed for the best performance. For instance, the stainless steel high-carbon precision blades stay sharp for a prolonged duration and can be used with a six-position beard regulator to trim facial hair to different lengths. Also included in the package are nose and ear trimmers that cut the hair into the right length without irritating your skin.

The dual voltage trimmer can be used with 100V and 220v. It also supports up to 14 cutting lengths ranging from 1/16 to ½ inches.

Unlike the other two trimmers discussed above, the Wahl Model 5622 Groomsman Trimmer is rechargeable.

The trimmer comes with 3 stubble combs, 4 hair guide combs, an adjustable guide comb, styling guide, self-sharpening precision blades, and a compact storage travel zipper pouch.


  • Versatile package
  • Easy to clean. The head is removable
  • Works with different voltage
  • Portable
  • Comes with lots of accessories


  • Some buyers complained of poor build quality.

Panasonic Nose Trimmer and Ear Hair Trimmer ER430K

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer and Ear Hair Trimmer ER430K, Vacuum Cleaning System , Men's, Wet/Dry, Battery-Operated$16.99
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The Panasonic ER430K takes advantage of the state-of-the-art Japanese Blade Technology to deliver extraordinary precision that makes up for an easy and neat performance without pulling hair or irritating the skin. The dual-edge blades are durable and strong, making them useful not just for nose and ear hair but also for detailing eyebrows and some facial hair.

The trimmer offers wet/dry convenience. You can use it on dry nose, ear, eyebrows, and facial hair without any irritation. You could also walk with it into the shower and trim your hairs without affecting the performance or build quality of the trimmer.

The Panasonic ER430K is powered by one AA battery. This makes for easy cordless application. It also allows you to use it on the go. Sadly, the battery is not included in the package. You only get a traveling pouch and a cleaning brush.

Speaking of cleaning the trimmer is an effortless task. The smart vacuum cleaning system makes a collection of trimmed hair strands very easy. It pulls all the trimmed hair from your nose and ears, so there won’t be some debris left behind, and keeps the hair in a chamber for easy disposal. You can clean it under the faucet with the included brush.


  • Compact design
  • Fully immersible
  • Wet/dry convenience
  •  Versatile
  • Smart vacuum cleaning system ensures there is no debris in your nose after use


  • Some users complained of durability issues.

Philips Norelco NT5175/49 Nose Hair Trimmer 5100

Philips Norelco NT5175/49, Nose Hair Trimmer 5100,Washable Mens Precision Groomer for Nose, Ears, Eyebrows, Neck, and SideburnsPrice not available
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The Philips Norelco NT5175/49 Can be used to trim the nose, ear, neck, eyebrows, stubble, sideburns, and beard hair. The trimmer uses Advanced ProtecTube tech to get rid of nose hair, ear hair, and eyebrows. The trimmer is also covered with an ultra-thin foil guard to prevent skin irritation. You also do not have to worry about hair pulling because the cutters are uniquely designed to prevent hair from getting trapped between two separate cutting blades.

If you intend to use the trimmer for your facial hair, the Advanced Philips DualCut technology is powerful enough to trim neck, stubble, sideburns, and beard without any friction or discomfort.

The Philips Norelco is powered by an AA battery, which is actually included in the box. Along the battery are 1/8 and 3/16-inch eyebrow combs, a 1/8-inch beard comb, a detail trimmer, a cleaning brush, a soft pouch, and a brush.

The trimmer is water-resistant so you can simply clean it under the faucet.


Easy to clean

  • Cons
  • Not 100% waterproof

Best Trimmers Buying Guide

The above devices are the top of the cream when it comes to nose hair trimmers. However, if you are thinking of taking a separate path and shopping for a different device, I’d encourage you to follow this buyer’s guide keenly.

Here are the key factors you’ll need to consider before making your purchase:

  • Blade System – You want to go for the best blade system that can trim your nose hair efficiently. They also have to be designed in such a manner that they can access the hair in the hard-to-reach areas.
  • Safety – Safety should never be compromised. Look for a trimmer that does not cause hair pulling and skin irritation. Trimmers like Panasonic ER-GN30-K are also fitted with LEDs to warn you when you are using too much pressure.
  • Vacuum System – It’s good to go for a trimmer such as Panasonic ER430K with an efficient vacuum system for neat trimming. This helps in getting rid of debris in your nose, and it also keeps your bathroom clean.
  • Versatility – It’s best to go for a versatile trimmer such as Wahl Model 5622 and Philips Norelco that can also help with ear and facial hair. All the trimmers highlighted above are super versatile, with some of them being powerful enough to even trim sideburns, stubbles, and beards.
  • Waterproof – A waterproof trimmer like the Philips NT3160/10 gives you flexibility on how and where you can use it. It also makes cleaning an easy task.

Final Thoughts

The trimmers discussed above are slightly different in terms of versatility and power source, but all of them tick all the right boxes. Therefore, you can go ahead and try any one of them that you think fits you best. And with the buyer’s guide, we are confident that you will make the right choice should you decide to go shopping for a different trimmer.

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