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The Best Sephora Shampoo – Our View

It may seem like a simple feat, but those who want the best for their hair, choosing the correct shampoo can sometimes be a headache.

First and foremost, not a lot of people know what makes up good shampoo. When you go shampoo shopping, people tend to buy brands that they are used to consuming, without knowing if it is the right one for their hair and scalp type. Sometimes, most of us are even guilty of making decisions based solely on price, scent, or popularity. Of course, these too are important factors. But when deciding what shampoo to buy, there are more things to consider besides those.

Sephora is a trusted name in personal care and beauty. Conveniently, the Sephora Collection has its own Sephora Shampoo products too. Could one of these be the perfect shampoo for you? What is the best Sephora shampoo for you?

But before we go in-depth with the two kinds of Sephora Shampoo that are available, let us first educate ourselves on what we need to consider when choosing the hair products

Identifying your Scalp Type

When we think of shampoos, we usually take it as a hair cleanser. But shampoo cleans more than just the hair, it also cleans and nourishes our scalp. So, in choosing the right shampoo, knowing what kind of scalp you have plays a determining factor. This may be new information to you, but there are 2 kinds of scalp type. The dry and the oily type.

Those with dry scalps, usually experience irritation, itching, and a lot of flaking. For this kind of scalp, you would want a shampoo that is hydrating and moisturizing. It would also be best to check the label and stay away from those shampoos that have sulfate since it causes too much scalp drying.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from dandruff, you probably have an oily scalp. The symptoms of dandruff are the same with a dry scalp. It is important to note, however, that dandruff is a result of excessive oil production. There are a lot of causes on why one develops an oily scalp, it could be because of genetics, existing skin conditions, too much hair washing, or using shampoos with damaging chemicals.

It is important to know which scalp type you have for us to identify the best Sephora Shampoo for you.

Identifying your Hair Type

Scalps are harder to categorize since it is mostly hidden by hair. Hair types, on the other hand, are quite easier to identify because it is visible. However, other hair classifications can only be identified after being tested.

There are multiple categories to determine what kind of hair you have. The categories are as follows:

  • Hair Style – This is the kind of hairstyle you have. It could be straight, wavy, curly, coiled, or tightly coiled.
  • Hair Density – This measures how much hair grows on your head. Density can be classified as thin, medium, or thick.
  • Hair Diameter – Diameter refers to how thick the strand of the hair is. It could either be fine, medium, or thick.
  • Hair Elasticity – Elasticity is one of the hair properties you must test first before you can classify. This is the strength of each strand which can be identified after stretching it out. If you pull it, and it immediately breaks, then your hair has low elasticity. If it does not immediately break, then you have medium elasticity. If it does not break unless you put force, then it has high elasticity.
  • Hair Porosity – This refers to how much nourishment the hair absorbs. This can be tested by pulling out a strand of hair and then placing it on water. If it floats, you have low porosity. If it sinks, your hair has high porosity. If it stays in the middle, then you have normal porosity.

In-depth with the Two kinds of Sephora Shampoo

Once you have a good idea of what your scalp and hair type is, we can now choose the right Sephora Shampoo for you. There are currently two kinds of Sephora Shampoo available, the Sulfate-free Shampoo and Green Tea Dry Shampoo. Let us dissect each one.

Best Sephora Shampoo: Sulfate-free Shampoo

best sephora shampooFirst, we have Sephora’s Sulfate-free shampoo. This shampoo can be used for straight, wavy, curly, and coiled hairstyles and by all kinds of hair densities. It is a 325 ml shampoo priced at 12$. This shampoo is used through traditional washing, by massaging on to a wet scalp and hair, then rinsing afterward.

This Sephora shampoo reduces oil formulation and has a hydrating property that is perfect for those suffering from dry scalp. It promises a softer, thicker, and more nourished hair after every use. It is also the Sephora Shampoo choice for those who have their hair constantly colored because of its color safe properties. It is a vegan product, so you are assured it is made in a cruelty-free environment.


  • It is cheaper at a per ml/USD ratio
  • It is best for dry scalp with its hydrating properties.
  • It is a sulfate-free
  • Improves hair diameter by thickening the hair strand
  • Improves hair density by promoting hair growth
  • Improves hair porosity by nourishing hair strands
  • It is safe to use for colored hair
  • It is easy to store
  • Vegan product


  • It takes longer to use
  • It is not recommended for tightly coiled hairstyle

Best Sephora Shampoo: Green Tea Dry Shampoo

Green Tea Dry Shampoo SephoraSephora’s Green Tea Dry Shampoo is sold at 8$ for 75 ml. It is a dry type of shampoo that is applied by spraying on dry hair and scalp. You spray it about 20 cm from your scalp and hair roots, then let it sit for one or 2 minutes. It can be used by all kinds of hairstyles, hair densities, and hair diameters.

This Sephora shampoo contains green tea extract that naturally refreshes, purifies, and cleanses the hair. Green Tea Dry Shampoo is best for those with an oily scalp that is caused by excessive washing. Like the sulfate-free shampoo, it is also a certified vegan product.


  • It is easier and faster to use.
  • It can be used by all kinds of hairstyles.
  • It cleanses instantly.
  • It is best for those with oily scalp because it contains green tea extract and promotes less washing.
  • Vegan Product


  • It is more expensive at a per ml/USD ratio compared to Sulfate-free Shampoo
  • It can be dangerous if not stored and used properly.

The Conclusion

It may be repetitive at this point, but choosing the right Sephora shampoo will depend on what factors you consider to be important. This will also rely on specific requirements that your hair needs.

If price plays a big factor, or if you are constantly changing your hair color, then Sephora’s Sulfate-free shampoo is the no-brainer choice. This would also be your Sephora shampoo choice if you are looking for a product that will help you improve hair density, hair diameter, and hair porosity. If you are basing it on scalp needs, the Sulfate-free shampoo would be best for people who have dry scalp. It will keep the hair hydrated and will not dry your scalp further with its sulfate-free formulation.

If you have a tightly coiled hairstyle or do not have the luxury of time to wash your hair constantly, then the better Sephora shampoo choice for you will be the Green Tea Dry Shampoo. You can use it anywhere and it will quickly cleanse your scalp and hair. This shampoo will also remove any unwanted odor. It is also perfect for those who have an oily scalp, as it reduces the number of times you must wash your hair.

You could also go for a combination of the 2 products if you do not have specific needs that will restrict you to one or the other. If you are a Sulfate-free shampoo user, but you need a quick alternative from time to time, then you could combine it with the use of the Green Tea Dry Shampoo. Alternately, if you are a Green Tea Dry Shampoo user, but would also like to have fuller, thicker, and more nourished hair, then you can switch up to the sulfate-free hair shampoo.

In this case, the best thing to do would be to identify what kind of hair and scalp you have. From there, you can decide on what you value to be important and what results you want to get. It will then be easier for you, not only in choosing what Sephora shampoo would work best for you but in choosing hair products in general. This could also be applied when choosing a hair conditioner, a hair spray, a hair gel, a hair serum, etc.

The search for the perfect product begins with data gathering, then trial, and finally, a conclusion. It is a big step that you found time to research and read about this. You are now one step closer to finding the perfect Sephora shampoo. Give them a try, and let us know what you think and which product you tried.

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