Why Do My Hair Get Split-Ends? 5 Tips To Stop This

If you have noticed split-ends at the bottom length of your hair, fret not. You are not alone. In fact, there are probably billions of people having split-ends and they might not know or care about it! But for the hair conscious like you, there are a lot of factors on why you have split-ends. We will cover that as you go along this post. So chin up and keep reading because there’s more to split-ends than just being a hair breaker.

Split-Ends: The Hair Breaker

Split-ends is the layman term for “trichoptilosis” or “schizotrichia”, the scientific name of this hair condition. The symptoms include dividing or splitting the hair shaft in half and it can most commonly be seen at the end of the hair strand. In some cases, split-ends can happen away from the ends of the hair, making your hair look uneven or tangled.


So how frequently does this happen?

Fraying or splitting of the hair occurs when you overuse commercial hair products daily, causing the ends of your hair to become dry and brittle. This means that if you put on a lot of shampoo and other hair products every day, you might get higher chances of split-ends. But that’s not all! Split-ends can happen because of the weather, the electric hair tools you use, or even the lifestyle you have.

Is there a hair type more prone to split-ends?

Unfortunately, every type of hair whether straight, curly, or wavy can fall victim to split-ends. It doesn’t even matter if you have great genes for beautiful straight blonde hair or ethnicity for strong black hair. Split-ends affect every hair at some point in people’s life.  The split-ends culprits mentioned above are also common in everyday life

The next section will talk about combatting the silent culprits that cause split-ends.

3 Ways to Undo Split-Ends

If there’s a hair problem, there’s always a solution. We come up with the most effective ways to deal with this hair breaker. The following are three tips to eliminating split-ends:

1. Have it Cut Off

Professional hair stylists’ common enemy is split-ends and they’re most likely to cut it off. If you want the fastest way to get rid of split-ends, trimming the whole damage away and starting over is an option. It may be a hard choice to make especially if you’re loving the length of your hair, but it’s worth it. You can use a hair growth product like Folexin to regrow your split-free hair!

 2. Take a good look at your hair care routine

As we have mentioned, your hair products play a vital role in the overall health of your hair. Split-ends happen because of dryness or brittleness so think, are there any products that make your hair too dry or brittle? Maybe it’s time to switch to a new and healthier hair product that your hair will love like this one from Puracy, the Puracy Shampoo. It is also recommended that you wash your hair with shampoo every other day, put on conditioner daily, and occasionally apply hair oils.

3. Evaluate Hair Tools Usage

Products like hair iron, curlers, and dryers can affect your hair. If you put on too much temperature, you might be damaging your hair and causing it to become dry. Thus, it’s more prone to split-ends. You should limit the usage of these hair tools to special occasions. For instance, air-drying your hair instead of using the hairdryer is a great move.

4. Using Folexin

Folexin is a wonderful brand aiming to target people looking for natural hair growth solutions. This product is one of the best FDA-approved formulations incorporated with natural ingredients to counter hair loss and also treating split-ends. Precisely, it contains vitamins, minerals, and other herbal extracts like bamboo extracts.

Since Folexin is an oral supplement, it can’t be applied directly to the scalp. What you can do is trim the split-ends away and take at least two capsules of Folexin every day, This will give your split-free hair a fresh new start with the whole nutrients that Folexin offers. The product also treats hair damage while giving your hair a better-growing cycle.

5. Applying Hair Essential Oils

Boosting your hair health is also possible with essential oils that are not just for hair, but also for different parts of the body! Trimming your split-ends then treating your damaged hair with nutrient-rich essential oil serums is a great and eco-friendly idea. Other than coconut oil, the best essential oil for repairing damaged hair and promoting healthy hair growth and maintenance are tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, and sandalwood oil. You can apply these products topically to the scalp.

Grow Healthier Hair Without Split-Ends

Yes, it is possible. When you follow the ways above, we are confident that you can pull off healthier hair without split-ends! Furthermore, we recommend that you take good care of your hair with natural products that enhance your beauty without compromising your hair health.

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