Febron Hair Fibers Review: Hair Building Fibers for Thinning Hair

Are you tired of trying out hair growth vitamins and waiting forever to grow your hair? Have you been hiding your bald spots with a wig or scarf only to end in embarrassing moments? The wait is over! Febron Hair Fibers is paving a new way to help you build your confidence in just 30 seconds!

What is Febron Hair Fibers?

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Febron Hair Fibers are minute hair-like strands that adhere to your hair to add volume and mask hair thinning. A 100% plant-based hair product, this volumizing hair powder gives your hair a thicker and fuller look in just 30 seconds! In addition, it can be used by both men and women of all hair types.

Febron hair-building fibers are primarily designed for the entertainment industry; that’s why consumers may expect that the hair fibers are undetectable under ultra-bright light. People won’t notice that you’re using hair fibers unless you tell them. Febron hair-building fibers are seamless even under broad daylight; they do not turn red or green under different lighting conditions.

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Another thing that I like about this product is that it is Alcohol, Gluten, and Paraben-free. It also does not contain silica, which can cause clumping when it’s humid. Furthermore, it is also durable and reliable. After applying it, it sticks tightly to your natural hair and does not come off until your next shampoo.

Febron Hair Fibers Ingredients

Hair fibers are usually made of either keratin or cotton. Keratin is a protein derived from animal sources like feathers, wool, skin, and hair. Keratin hair fibers are the most popular type in the beauty and hair care industry because it gives the closest resemblance to your natural hair color.

One of the main disadvantages of keratin hair fibers is the contaminants that they may come with because of their source. In addition, to preserve the product, most manufacturers use formaldehyde which can sometimes irritate the skin and cause more hair loss.

Cotton, particularly Levant cotton, on the other hand, is a plant-based hair fiber. It is also called Gossypium Herbaceum, the main ingredient of the Febron Hair Fibers, sodium chloride (salt), and mineral-based colorant.

FEBRON Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair MEDIUM BROWN 10g For Women & Men Hair Loss Concealer Hair Powder Volumizing Based 100% Undetectable & Natural - Bald Spots Filler

Cotton hair fibers have been proven to be much better than keratin fibers for many reasons. First, cotton hair fibers have a negative charge. Since your hair has a slightly positive charge, cotton hair fibers adhere to your hair much better compared to other types of hair fibers. Secondly, cotton fibers are free of contaminants as it is plant-based and don’t need to be treated with chemicals and harmful preservatives.

Last but not least, cotton hair fibers are more colorfast than keratin. They retain their color and don’t dye your skin. Because of this great feature, Febron Hair Fibers are available in 11 shades and colors, so you will have no problem finding your color. These colors are Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Light Cool Brown, Medium Blond, Light Blond, Grey Natural Color, Dark Grey, Auburn, and Silver White.

Febron Hair Building Fibers Safety

Febron hair fibers are safe to use. Being purely made out of natural ingredients, I am confident that it won’t cause side effects to your hair when you use it.

Because Febron Hair Fibers are made from natural cotton, they don’t irritate the scalp, unlike other fibers that are bleached and preserved. Some people are allergic to animal products as well, but allergies to cotton are uncommon.

How to Use Febron Hair Fibers

This hair product is very easy to use. After ensuring that your hair and hands are completely dry, sprinkle it closely and gently to the thinning area of your scalp.

To some who haven’t tried using it, make sure not to apply it on a bald spot. There must be thin hairs on the surface that the fibers could stick tight onto. You should apply it gently as well to prevent the fibers from clumping.

The “Pat and Wipe” Procedure.

FEBRON Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair BLACK Giant 30G For Women & Men Hair Loss Concealer Hair Powder Volumizing Based 100% Undetectable & Natural - Bald Spots Filler

You must pat the Febron hair building fibers with your palm to put them in place. Then, gently wipe the excess fibers that are sticking out. Brush them gently with your fingers or with the Febron hairbrush that comes with the bottle.

Febron Hair Fibers Before and After

Febron Hair Building Fibers isn’t only a best-selling product on Amazon. It’s also highly rated by 2,700+ verified users, with a score of 4.5 out of 5. Below is a sample of what your hair will look like if you’ve used this product. There are a lot of reviews with photos on Amazon as well that shows how their hair look likes after using it.

FEBRON Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair DARK BROWN For Women & Men Hair Loss Concealer Hair Powder Volumizing Based 100% Undetectable & Natural - Bald Spots Filler (30 Gram, Dark Brown)

FEBRON Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair BLACK Giant 30G For Women & Men Hair Loss Concealer Hair Powder Volumizing Based 100% Undetectable & Natural - Bald Spots Filler

Pros and Cons of Febron Hair Fibers


  • Made from 100% natural fibers (cotton)
  • It does not contain ammonium chloride
  • It does not clog pores
  • Wind, rain, and sweat resistant
  • Hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear
  • The fibers don’t stain your shirt or sink
  • Water-resistant and doesn’t react to perspiration


  • Available online on their website or Amazon only
  • It tends to be more costly than your usual hair care products

Febron Hair Fibers Reviews

No hair product is perfect for everyone. Febron Hair fibers also gained positive and negative reviews from short- and long-term customers. However, some factors affect the effectiveness of a hair product to its users. Indeed, it is on a case-to-case basis.

One customer stated that Febron Hair Fibers are light, and they naturally blend well with her hair. After using Febron, she felt no feeling of itchiness or irritation. She added that Febron stands atop its competition with other famous hair fiber brands. She said that Febron Hair Fibers are a quality product at a good price. Febron offered exceptional service, and she was quite satisfied with the purchase.

Another customer mentioned that Febron Hair Fibers are simple to use. They look natural and undetectable, too. She said that even while taking biotin and applying serums, her hair has not grown back as thick as in other areas. Febron hair fibers gave her hope, indeed.

A satisfied user gave short and sweet feedback about Febron hair fibers. She said that Febron has the best color match. She bought a medium brown one, and it worked great with her highlighted hair. She exclaimed that Febron Hair Fibers gave her confidence just to be herself.

On the other hand, one customer had a not-so-good experience with Febron hair fibers. He said that every time he used the product, he had to cover his bathroom sink so the fibers wouldn’t fly everywhere. He also had to blow his nose as he was putting the hair fibers on his hair so it wouldn’t go into his nasal cavity. He added that the bottle lids were loose, and the entire product would fall everywhere.

Another customer also complained about the tiny clumps. She said that after using Febron hair building fibers for months, the product stopped working. Even though she followed directions completely, she claimed that the fibers would clump up, so she stopped using it instead.

Where Can You Find Febron Hair Fibers?

Febron hair fibers usually come in a giant 30-gram bottle, and you can buy them on Amazon. Click on the link below to find its latest price.

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If you loved Febron Hair Fibers, here are several more products that you may like:

Febron Fiber Hold Spray 150 ml 5.07 Oz.

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This Fiber Hold Spray strengthens the bond between Febron Hair Fibers and your actual hair. It is a great product to have if you’re very active and want to keep the hair fibers in place for a long time.


Febron Spray Applicator

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This spray applicator is good if you find it hard to apply Febron hair fibers. This targets and sprays hair fibers into specific areas as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Febron Hair Fibers

Are Febron Hair Fibers Permanent?

Febron, like other hair fiber products, is not permanent. They can stick to your hair for a day and will only come off after washing your hair again. It can last longer if you apply Febron Hair Spray on it for more coverage.

Are Febron Hair Building Fibers Bad for the Scalp?

Febron hair fibers adhere to your hair and are generally safe for the scalp. They are super lightweight and do not clog your pores.

Are Febron Hair Fibers Waterproof?

All hair fibers are not 100% waterproof. Experts recommend that you avoid humid places when applying them. Do not apply Febron hair fibers inside your bathroom or by the sink. Moisture can cause clumping of the hair fibers.

Can Febron Hair Fibers cause lung problems?

Febron does not cause lung problems. However, experts say that you avoid inhaling thin hair fibers.

Are Febron Hair Fibers keratin or cotton fiber products?

The ingredients of Febron Hair Fibers include Gossyrium Herbaceum fiber, which is 100% plant-based (cotton).

Final Verdict

Febron Hair Fibers can instantly change how you look at yourself. It has helped regain the self-confidence of many customers who suffer from alopecia and thinning of hair. And it is a great option for people who want instant results. As hair growth may take a while, these hair fibers will help you mask your thinning hair instantly. It is also a great option if you fear taking medication that may cause further hair loss.

I recommend getting the Febron Hair Building Fibers if you’re the type who’s always on the go and in front of the camera. But you might also want to address the main cause of your hair loss by consulting your derma, checking your nutrient levels, and getting tested for deficiencies.

Folexin and the PRP Hair Treatment are some other supplements and treatments that we’ve reviewed that can help you.

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