Rita Hazan Root Concealer Reviews – Hair Color Touch Up Spray


Ah, the ever-popular topic of pesky roots and the seemingly never-ending battle many individuals face trying to cover them up. Trips to the salon don’t always fit in our schedules (or our colorists) and can definitely add up when you’re trying to keep up with hair that just won’t cooperate. …

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Shampoo for Blue Black Hair – Everything You Need To Know

Shampoo for Blue Black Hair - Complete Guide

Black hair is gorgeous, and nobody can deny that. And while it’s beautiful by itself, you can take that up a notch via styling or even coloring your hair––and that’s where shampoo for blue black hair comes in. Shampoo for Blue Black Hair Overview While black hair is plenty luscious …

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What is a Neutralizing Shampoo? Best “Nutralizing” Shampoos

Neutralizing Shampoo When Do You Really Need It

These days, there are so many things you can do with your hair. What’s more, there are so many products to choose from to help you maintain your crowning glory. We’ve got alcohol-free shampoos, detoxifying shampoos, and shampoos specifically made for different hair types. But this time, we’ve also got …

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10 Best Purple Hair Dye for Black Hair without Bleach

10 Best Purple Hair Dye for Black Hair without Bleach Purple Hair Dye for Black Hair without Bleach

There are a lot of purple hair dyes out there. Among those hair dyes, just a few are both good for black hair and don’t contain any bleach. Finding those dyes can be tricky. That’s why I’m here to show you how to navigate the world of purple hair dye …

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Best Kaleidoscope Hair Products

Best Kaleidoscope Hair Products

Kaleidoscope hair products encompass many hair care items, from their famous Miracle Drops to their regular shampoo and conditioner. Let’s dissect the more popular Kaleidoscope hair products to help you decide if they’re for you. Kaleidoscope Hair Products Overview Who is Kaleidoscope? The Kaleidoscope brand has a history as rich …

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Anti Gray 7050: The Best Supplement To Prevent Gray Hair?

Anti Gray 7050

Our hair color depends on the melanin found in our hair shaft. As we grow older, our hair follicles produce less melanin. And this causes our hair to turn gray. That is why for many, gray hair comes naturally as we age. However, if hair turns gray as early as …

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Biolage Purple Shampoo Review for Grey & Blonde Hair


Various shampoos are formulated for almost every hair type and different hair needs. The most popular are hair-specific regular or daily shampoos like Kerastase Shampoo and Theorie Shampoo. The Valotin Hair Rejuvenation and Shapiro MD are hair cleansers and conditioners that help reverse hair loss. You can choose from Zincon, DHS …

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Redken Color Extend Review: 5 Best Hair Care Systems

redken color extend

Enhancing and preserving hair color was not an easy feat until there was Redken Color Extend. Whether your hair is natural or treated with blonde, gray, silver, brown, or other bold and bright colors, this product line has the precise formula to keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant. In …

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Color WOW Shampoo & Conditioner Reviews

Color WOW Shampoo

Less is more. This is the principle of Color WOW when it comes to formulating hair cleansing and hair conditioning products. And we are here to tell you why. In this article, I will discuss the Color WOW Shampoo and Conditioner. I will let you know why this hair care …

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How to Blend Gray Hair with Highlights, Lowlights and More

How to Blend Gray Hair

One of the latest trends emerging is blending gray hair. Not surprising that we’re ditching the dye and going natural. Low chemical, low maintenance, and easy on the bank balance. It’s hard to find why you wouldn’t want to blend in your gray strands. It’s also a beautiful color, gray …

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