Braiding Techniques and Hacks for Achieving Different Hairstyles

Braiding Techniques

Braids are one of the most popular hairstyles, especially among black women. Everyone loves braids because of their versatility and how you can explore different styles. Simple braid styles are also most people’s favorites because they last a reasonable amount of time and take out the stress of daily hair …

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7 Braid Hairstyles for Men

Braid Hairstyles for Men

In recent years, men’s grooming has evolved and transformed. Men can now express themselves through their style and look good while at it. Today, more men are exploring and embracing more styles, putting more effort into their looks, and engaging in more self-care practices, and one of them, which we …

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Boho Braids on Black Hair Guide + Best Hairstyles

Boho Braids on Black Hair Guide + Best Hairstyles

Looking for something new this summer? Then you’ve got to try out these boho braids on black hairstyles! They’re this stylish new way to rock those classic box braids while leaving a casual yet goddess-like look! Read through this article, and we’ll tell you exactly how to get those braids! …

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6 Best Braids For Swimming [Black Hair Guide]

6 Best Braids For Swimming With Black Hair + Braids Guide

There’s no doubt that braids are one of the most popular hairstyles for swimming with black hair. If you’re planning to relax at the pool or beach or play water volleyball, you’ll want to have well-organized hair. In this guide, I will show you 6 of the best braids for …

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Burgundy Knotless Braids on Black Hair Guide + 5 Best Styles

Best Burgundy Knotless Braids On Black Hair

Are you feeling a little bit daring lately? Why not try out these jaw-dropping burgundy knotless braids on black hair? Take your usual knotless braids to the next level and completely transform your look with this hot, bold, and luxurious hairstyle. If you are one of the many who can’t …

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Blonde Braids on Black Hair Guide + 5 Best Hairstyles


No wonder blonde braids on black hair are popping up on Instagram and trending on YouTube. This is one of the protective hairstyles that are simply timeless! It dates back to more than three thousand years ago in Africa. And today, we have not only perfected but also innovated this …

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Bubble Braids Black Hair Guide + 7 Best Hairstyles

Woman wearing bubble braids black hair

Bubble braids black hair is undeniably one of the most trending hairstyles today! Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Olivia Rodrigo, Priyanka Chopra, and Doja Cat wear this hairstyle in stunning ways. It is flooding the streets, red carpets, fashion week runways, and concerts. You can also find thousands of bubble braids …

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Braids with Bangs Styling Guide + 10 Best Hairstyles


The only thing cuter than braids is braids with bangs. Bangs or fringes are strands of hair that fall over the forehead, usually grazing the eyebrows. These fringes, braided or not, can create subtle changes in your face shape. Getting bangs may be a big decision for most of us, …

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Red Lemonade Braids on Black Hair – 12 Best Styles for Women

Red Lemonade Braids on Black Hair

Picking a new braids style can be overwhelming. If you have black hair, you might want to try this trending red lemonade braids hairstyle! What are Lemonade Braids? Long cornrows cascading on one side of the shoulder are known as lemonade braids. They’re side-swept cornrows that can go down to …

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How To Style Mermaid Braids For Black Hair

How to Style Mermaid Braids for Black Hair

Mermaid braids for black hair are one of the most adorable and Instagram-friendly hairstyles available. These beautiful braids fit perfectly for black natural hair and are suitable for formal and informal occasions. The blend of mermaid braids is both powerful and feminine, elegant and edgy, and stylish and chic at …

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