2 Panasonic Hair Dryers: Best For Fine Hair and Travel

Panasonic Hair Dryer

Generally speaking, the Panasonic Hair Dryer is often regarded as an excellent blow dryer for fine hair. And although it is not a cordless hair dryer, many also find it travel-friendly.   This hair dryer comes from a reputable Japanese Company that creates first-rate electric appliances and devices. It has been …

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: Is This Luxury Hair Dryer Worth It?

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer launch in 2016 redefined the entire blow dryer industry. This avant-garde hair dryer has surprised professional hairstylists and home users with its iconic ring-shaped design and innovative high-tech features –an upgrade to traditional blow dryers with bulky heads and weak airflow.  It took four years to …

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10 Best Hair Steamer & Hair Steaming Products Reviewed

Best Hair Steamer Hair Streaming Products Review 1

Shopping for the best hair steamer can be pretty confusing, with all the models available and the buzzwords thrown around. I remember the first time I bought a hair steamer. I had to sit down and dig through all the features that each one of them offers. Those with frizzy, …

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10 Best Blow Dryer For Fine Hair

best hair dryer and blow dryer for fine hair

When it comes to blow dryers, the sky’s the limit regarding style and function. Whether you want to create big, bouncy curls or simply get your hair nice and smooth, plenty of hair dryers can help you achieve your desired look. But if you have fine hair, finding a hair …

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3 Best Hair Dryer African American Hair

Best Hair Dryer African American Hair

When choosing the ‘Best Hair Dryer African American Hair,’ you want to pick a blow dryer that stretches and smoothes your curls or coils as it dries without damaging your natural hair texture. It means that your hair should return to its original form after some time with minimal heat …

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3 Best Cordless Hair Dryer

Best Cordless Hair Dryer

If you need help finding the best cordless hair dryer, you have come to the right place! In this article, I will list and review my top three cordless hair dryers that can provide a hassle-free hair grooming experience even when you are away from home. But before that, let …

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5 Best Hair Steamer Cap + Buying Guide

Hair Steamer Cap

Everyone who has gone into a salon has probably seen women sitting with the best hair steamer placed above their heads while scanning magazine pages. I remember wondering what it was for in my early teens. Until I finally learned about the power of steam or heat in making hair …

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