10 Best Hair Styling Powder for Men to Add Texture & Volume

Hair Styling Powder for Men

Hair styling powder for men has been gaining traction as an excellent hair care product today. It’s also known as hair powder, volumizing powder, volume powder, texture powder, or mattifying powder. A small pinch of the right hair styling powder can work wonders for your hair. You may like to …

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Dreads with Fade Styling Guide + 12 Locs Styles Inspiration

Dreads with Fade Styling Guide

Dreads by themselves look incredibly impressive and command a lot of attention. But if you want to take your dreads to the next level, you might want to combine dreads with fade. Cutting the rest of your hair short will highlight your dreadlocks and make it easier to maintain. You …

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Mohawk Dreads Styling Guide + Hairstyle Inspirations

Mohawk Dreads Styling Guide Mohawk Dreads

For centuries, people have been expressing themselves through their hairstyles. And in recent years, the mohawk dreads have become one of the most popular hairstyles. Mohawks and dreads have their unique meaning and symbolism.  Mohawks are often associated with non-conformity and individuality. That is because the style is unique and striking. …

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Congo Dreads Styling Guide

Congo Dreads Guide

Congo dreads is a daring and eye-catching locs style with an unmistakable appeal. It has been seen by many famous artists, including Bob Marley and Jay Z, giving it a special cachet and uniqueness.  Wearing these locs will garner attention because of their exotic appearance, perfect for making a statement …

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5 Best Clippers for Black Men & African American Hair

5 Best Hair Clippers for Black Men

When shopping for the best detachable clippers for black men, it may be tempting to go for whatever has the most features or user reviews. However, the hair of black men has a specific structure that any hair care product must address before any treatment can begin. Before we get …

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Detachable Clippers Review + Buyer’s Guide

Detachable clippers - featured

You might be a busy barber contemplating getting a detachable clipper because you work in a shop that serves many customers daily. If so, congratulations to you and your community! You need something that goes through thick hair easily and swiftly. Enter the detachable clipper. Detachable clippers are hair clippers …

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8 Best Back Shaver For Men Review + Buyer’s Guide

Best Back Shaver for Men Back Trimmer Back Groomer Review

Part of body grooming is controlling your back hair, and back shavers for men are an indispensible tool for this task. Back shavers are exactly what they sound like – they’re specialized shavers meant for removing hair from the back. Whether it’s for hygiene or style, back shavers  come in …

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The 5 Best Pubic Hair Trimmer for Guys Reviewed

Best Pubic Hair Trimmer for Men

Men rarely pay attention to pubic hair grooming. Most of the guys will just do a shady job down there using the closest trimmer or razor around them and get on with their business like nothing is wrong. Whereas your pubic hair is private, keeping the area properly shaved and …

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10 Best Barber Case, Organizer, Storage & Clipper Case

Best Barber Case

In order to be a successful barber, you need the right tools. And while you can find all of the necessary tools in a standard barber kit, it can be difficult to lug everything around with you from job to job. That’s where a barber case comes in handy. Best …

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Best Electric Shaver for Military Review + Shaving Guide

Best Electric Shaver for Military and Army

Speed is a must when shaving in the army. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the guidelines for military shaving, give you a short buyer’s guide and then review some of the best electric shaver for military. Let’s begin. Military Shaving Guide All military personnel is expected to be …

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Best Pomade for Thick Hair

Best Pomade For Thick Hair Review + Buyer’s Guide

Nowadays, it’s not just about looking good—it’s about looking your best. And for many men, that means having thick, well-groomed hair. But with so many hair products on the market, it can be tough to know which pomade suits you. I’ve compiled this review of the best men’s pomade for …

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