10 Best Hair Steamer & Hair Steaming Products Reviewed

Shopping for the best hair steamer can be pretty confusing, with all the models available and the buzzwords thrown around. I remember the first time I bought a hair steamer. I had to sit down and dig through all the features that each one of them offers.

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Those with frizzy, tangled, or damaged hair and those who want to get the most out of their other hair products should definitely look into getting their hair steamer. Unlike blow dryers for fine hair and cordless hair dryers that dry your hair, hair steamers use regulated steam to apply precise heat to your hair and scalp, moisturizing it and opening pores. Because of their powerful, deep cleaning properties, these devices see wide use by parlors and hairdressers either as preparation for other treatments or to improve the effects of another procedure.

I’ve listed the top hair steamers sorted by function in this guide. I’ve also added their special features and what you can expect from each of them.

Best Hair Steamer Reviewed In This Guide

The two best steamers in this guide are the Kingsteam 2-in-1 Ozone Facial Steamer and the Artist Hand Professional Hair Steamer. The Kingsteam and Artist Hand Professional Hair Steamer are powerful, adaptable tools for any hair steaming session. Here’s a comparison of their features.

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Best Hair Steamer List

Best Overall Hair Steamer:
Kingsteam 2-in-1 Ozone Facial Steamer

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The Kingsteam 2-in-1 Ozone Facial Steamer rises to the top of this list as it’s simply the best hair steamer I’ve ever tried. While there are many 2-in-1 facial and hair steamers, the Kingsteam outshines them all in terms of performance and consistency.

The PTC ceramic heating element that Kingsteam touts is no joke – this hair and face steamer is fast. Despite its speed, its steam remains gentle on the scalp, leaving a “just right” feeling. The automatic shut-off when the water dips below the threshold is excellent, too. While it can be annoying to have the device turn off on you, this add-on vastly improves the Kingsteam 2-in-1 Ozone Facial Steamer’s longevity and durability and protects you from injury.

As if that wasn’t enough, this also comes with a facial steamer, which extends the deep cleanse to your face by unclogging your pores.

Special Features:

  • PTC ceramic heating element heats up quickly, producing strong steam off the bat
  • Automatically turns off when water is below ideal level while sounding an alarm.
  • Generated ion water particles allow for deep cleansing and moisturizing
  • Built-in aromatherapy diffuser function

Pros: Convenient and portable, auto-off function is excellent for safety, works great even on kinky hair

Cons: Have a plastic-like smell

Bottomline: Kingsteam’s 2-in-1 Ozone Facial Steamer is everything you’d want from a steamer – and more. Not only is this an effective and superb hair steamer, but it’s also pretty affordable.

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Best Beginner’s Hair Steamer:
Vicarko Hair Steamer Cap

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This hair steamer cap is excellent for people new to the hair-steaming scene. The Vicarko is a simple but effective product that streamlines the steaming process while providing the same powerful steam treatment as any other steamer.

The Vicarko has an intuitive design – on the surface, it’s just a cap with 2 adjustable heat settings, high or low. The Vicarko Steamer Cap heats up to a low temperature of 45°C and a high of 65°C. Customers have noted that the low temperature is more than enough to get the best results they want.

This hair steamer cap also contains built-in attemperators. These heat sensors will automatically shut off the Vicarko’s heat generation if they detect that things are getting too hot. At the same time, they’ll restart the machine automatically once they’ve determined that it is back at a safe temperature. This minimizes the risk of damaging your hair due to extreme heat.

Finally, the Vicarko is incredibly affordable, at just $36.99 – without discounts. And despite this low price tag, this steamer cap provides treatment comparable to that of its bigger brothers.

Special Features:

  • Super easy to use
  • Simple switch for controlling heat
  • 45°C – 65°C temperature range
  • Uniform heat distribution for deep penetration and maximum efficiency
  • Large-cap size ensures easy coverage of all parts of hair
  • Built-in attemperators automatically shut off and restart the hair steamer in case of extreme temperatures

Pros: Affordable, hand washable

Cons: It takes a while to heat up

Bottomline: The Vicarko is my number-one choice for budget steamers. If you want a steamer that does its job well, save money and get a Vicarko.

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Best Luxury Hair Steamer:
Elitzia Professional Ozone Micro Mist Hair Steamer

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The Elitzia Professional Ozone Micro Mist Hair Steamer is a high-quality, professional standing hair steamer that packs a lot of features but remains surprisingly easy to use.

This hair steamer’s large-capacity water tower ensures that the Elitzia Professional Ozone Micro Mist Hair Steamer can be used for 4-6 hours without refills. When filled with purified water, the tank provides constant yet controlled water flow for optimal performance and will automatically shut off in case it is empty.

A jumbo elevation hood with an openable back cover helps regulate temperature and makes the hair steamer cap easy to retrieve and clean. The height of this hair steamer can also easily be adjusted via a knob, making it well-suited for most areas.

What the Elitzia has that other hair steamers don’t is its hot and cold micro mist technology. Powered by ultrasonic atomizers, customers can steam their hair to open pores or use cold mist to lock in conditioners and moisture in their scalp.

Special Features:

  • Powerful large-capacity water tower that can function for 4-6 hours without refilling
  • High temperature and cold mist design preserves internal components
  • Maximum temperature of 149°F.
  • Height-adjustable body via the knob
  • Jumbo elevation hood with openable back cover
  • Automatic shutoff when out of water

Pros: Easy to use despite all its features, atomization tablets ensure longevity, multiple non-polar temperature settings for specific needs

Cons: Pricey, occasionally ships without an instruction manual, the tank requires purified water.

Bottomline: The Elitzia Professional Ozone Micro Mist Hair Steamer commands a high price – but its added features make it worth considering. If you must settle on a single, long-term hair steamer, this is a good candidate for that spot.

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Best Budget Hair Steamer:
Tifara Cordless Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

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The Tifara Cordless Deep Conditioning Heat Cap, at just $18.99, is the hair steamer cap for those on a budget. It’s a simple hair steamer that uses thermal retention properties to “steam” your hair without producing actual steam.

This design makes the Tifara not as potent as hair steamers that vaporize water for steam. However, it does make this hair steamer safer and a better fit for people whose hair is susceptible to heat.

Customers have indicated that one of the main problems with the Tifara Cordless Deep Conditioning Heat Cap is its small size. This hair steamer is pretty tight even with an elastic rim that molds itself to the user’s contours. This is uncomfortable and means that you’ll have to adjust the cap to heat your entire head carefully.

Special Features:

  • Non-electric design
  • Reusable and eco-friendly design

Pros: Super affordable, easy to use

Cons: Doesn’t fit every size of the head, requires a microwave

Bottomline: In terms of bang for the buck, the Tifara Cordless Deep Conditioning Heat Cap does deliver. However, you need a microwave to heat it, and I’ve experienced the cap being too small. Since the Tifara heat cap doesn’t technically use steam, you might also see fewer results than a hair steamer that generates steam.

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Best Standing Hair Steamer:
Artist Hand Professional Hair Steamer

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The Artist Hand Professional Hair Steamer looks and feels exactly like your standard parlor or salon steamers. It’s a stylish tool that will no doubt serve you well.

This hair steamer is straightforward to set up. Once assembled, a swiveling, rolling base allows easy transportation and set up anywhere in your home. Its spring-loaded pedestal base can be locked, twisted, and unlocked to adjust the hair steamer to the perfect height.

The hood contains swivel joints for maximum comfort and precision, and it also possesses vents to ensure that steam doesn’t get trapped, damaging your hair. The Artist Hand Professional Hair Steamer also has time and temperature controls for safety and optimal treatment.

Special Features:

  • Swiveling, rolling base
  • The hood contains swivels and vents for steam adjustment
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • The spring-loaded pedestal base can be used to adjust the height
  • Time and temperature controls

Pros: Very quiet, easy to assemble

Cons: Only has high and low-temperature settings

Bottomline: The Artist Hand Professional Hair Steamer is a no-frills professional hair steamer that’s exactly like the ones you find at your hairdresser’s. However, many customers have complained about receiving used or badly damaged products. Ensure you get your Artist Hand Professional Hair Steamer from a reliable source.

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Best Hair Steamer for Curls:
Super Deal Pro 3-in-1 Ozone Hair and Facial Steamer

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The Super Deal Pro 3-in-1 Multifunction Ozone Hair and Facial Steamer is a portable hair steamer that advertises ultra-fine mist and delivers spectacularly. The steam it generates is excellent and will penetrate your pores more efficiently, increasing the benefit you get from each session. This hair steamer also triples as a humidifier, so there is no need to buy one!

An ultrasonic atomizer helps regulate temperature, creating the Super Deal Pro 3-in-1 Multifunction Ozone Hair and Facial Steamer’s good steam. UV ozone technology increases the steam’s density without making it too thick. A timed ozone release valve can also be toggled, releasing ozone at intervals to help cure itchiness and dandruff removal.

This hair steamer also comes with some safety features, such as an alarm if water levels dip too low and an automatic shutdown system that kicks in if there’s no water left in the tank.

Special Features:

  • It can also function as a humidifier
  • Ultrasonic atomizer for ultra-fine steam
  • UV ozone tech to increase the steam quantity
  • Controlled and timed ozone release to help with itchiness and dandruff removal
  • An alarm that goes off if water is below a certain threshold
  • Adjustable spraying pole for either hair steamer or facial steamer mode

Pros: Multiple safety features, adjustable ozone/steam switch, very high temperature

Cons: The hood is notably huge

Bottomline: The Super Deal Pro 3-in-1 Multifunction Ozone Hair and Facial Steamer is high-tech. However, that doesn’t mean its features are bloated; every add-on improves this hair steamer’s quality and performance.

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Best Portable Hair Steamer:
EZBASICS 2-in-1 Ion Facial Steamer

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The EZBASICS 2-in-1 Ion Facial Steamer is one of the best hair and facial steamers in terms of portability. Once assembled, it’s pretty light and portable, allowing you to start a hair-steaming session in virtually any part of your home.

This hair steamer’s advanced PTC ceramic heating system ensures quick vaporization for powerful steam. A UV ozone system helps released steam penetrate your pores deeper, maximizing the effect of other conditioners and cleansing your hair and skin. On top of this, the EZBASICS 2-in-1 Ion Facial Steamer also has a built-in aromatherapy function.

An automatic safety system shuts this hair steamer off in case of low water, helping avoid accidents and maximizing the device’s longevity.

Special Features:

  • 2-in-1 hair and facial steamer
  • Advanced PTC ceramic heating system for fast and powerful steam
  • UV ozone system with negatively-charged oxygen for deep hair penetration
  • Aromatherapy function
  • Automatic shut off in case of low water

Pros: Automatic shut off for safety, light and very portable

Cons: Can be a little hard to assemble, not very adjustable, measuring cup for water can be difficult to remove

Bottomline: The EZBASICS 2-in-1 Ion Facial Steamer is an incredibly light and portable hair steamer, and while it’s also a 2-in-1, it doesn’t match the Kingsteam for the title of the best. It is, however, much lighter, allowing for more accessible transportation and setup anywhere in your home.

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Best Hair Steamer for Curly Hair:
CO-Z STORE Professional Hair Steamer

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The CO-Z STORE Professional Hair Steamer is a standing hair steamer that has very streamlined features. Housed in a sturdy metal and plastic casing, this hair steamer will be a fine addition to your hair styling tools.

This hair steamer has powerful vaporization technology that quickly evaporates water, leading to an impressive and fast steam output. Its heating system comes with alarms and an automatic shutoff system to prevent injury if the tank is empty.

The CO-Z STORE Hair Steamer’s swivel hood and adjustable height make it great for hair steaming sessions anywhere in your home. A timer of up to 1 hour helps smoothen this process and lets you steam your hair in peace and comfort.

Special Features:

  • Powerful and fast vaporization, which leads to powerful steam
  • Alarms and automatic shutoff in case of water depletion
  • Timer setting of up to 1 hour
  • Height adjustment knob
  • Swivel hood and casters for ease of use

Pros: Sturdy, easy to assemble and use, works great on both black and curly hair

Cons: Tends to leak, no fine temperature settings

Bottomline: The CO-Z STORE Professional Hair Steamer is a standing hair steamer that’s fantastic for curly and black hair. Its accessibility features make it easy to use and less desirable for those looking to fine-tune their hair steaming experience.

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Best Hair Steamer for Black Hair:
DenniesCare 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer

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The DenniesCare 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer is a hair steamer that works great for people with black hair. In particular, its ionic vaporization technology makes it particularly potent for moisturizing and nourishing afro-textured hair.

Afro-textured hair is naturally stronger than other hair types but harder to maintain. Using ionic vaporization technology, the DenniesCare 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer creates fine steam that penetrates deep into your skin, opening your pores and hair cuticle and giving your scalp room to breathe. This tabletop steamer also allows other conditioning, nourishing, healing, or moisturizing products to penetrate your scalp deeper.

The DenniesCare 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer’s compact tabletop design allows easy transport and setup, allowing you to use your hair steamer anywhere in your home.

Special Features:

  • 2-in-1 hair and facial steamer
  • Ionic vaporization technology creates fine steam
  • Compact design

Pros: Easy to assemble, more affordable than other steamers with the same features

Cons: Construction is a little flimsy and can only be used with distilled or purified water

Bottomline: The DenniesCare 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer is an excellent product for people with afro-textured or black hair and anyone wanting to maximize the hair steamer’s cleansing power.

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Best Salon Hair Steamer:
TASALON Standing Hair Steamer

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Special Features:

  • Ultra-fine micro mist for maximum absorbance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Time and temperature controls
  • Adjustable height
  • Auto shutoff in case of water depletion

Pros: Convenient and simple design, easy to assemble, replacement parts are readily available from the manufacturer

Cons: No temperature control, can drip hot water if overfilled

The TASALON Standing Hair Steamer is one of the best salon hair steamers you can get for home use. Its combination of practicality and luxury makes this hair steamer great for professional and personal use.

This hair steamer generates ultra-fine micro mist perfect for penetrating your scalp and getting your cuticles and pores to open up. Its large bonnet hood fits comfortably on the scalp and can be adjusted to fit any height.

A sturdy metal and plastic design with wheels allows you to set up this standing hair steamer anywhere in your salon, studio, or home.

Bottomline:  For that simple yet luxurious professional salon hair steamer experience, the TASALON Standing Hair Steamer delivers. Its reasonable price and good performance make it a great standing hair steamer, and you’ll want to look into this one if you’re in the market.

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Best Hair Steamer Buying Guide

Best Hair Steaming Products Buyer's Guide

Just like all purchases, the very first question on your mind should be, “What exactly do I want out of my hair steamer?”. I’m laying this out now since what kind of hair steamer you will determine which one you should get and which features you should look for.

Among the most significant things on my list is safety.

Ideally, hair steamers should come with temperature controls, timers, and alarms for low water – the more, the better. Nothing ruins a hair-steaming session faster than having boiling water dripping onto your skin, and built-in safety features help avert that. This also makes these hair steamers good choices for teens needing extra cleansing power.

Buyers should also look out for mechanical features.

Among these is the type of heating element a hair steamer has (ceramic heating systems tend to be the best as they’re fast and safe) and its vaporization method. Watch out for ultrasonic or ionized hair steamers, as those typically generate the fastest, finest, and most powerful steam.

Last but not least is the price.

For just under $20, you can get a Vicarko thermal cap that does everything any of the more expensive hair steamers can. If you’d like a combination hair and facial steamer, you can get those too. If you’d like to invest in a professional hair steamer like you find in salons, go ahead by all means. The most important thing is to define your needs and expectations so that you don’t end up with a bloated hair steamer that you will only use on your natural hair.

What Is a Hair Steamer?

A hair steamer is a device that uses steam or heat to nourish your hair and help with maintenance. Hair steamers come with a way to convert water into steam, usually through an electric motor. This steam is then dispersed onto your scalp, where it can work magic.

How Does a Hair Steamer Work?

The gentle heat released by a hair steamer causes your pores to open up, allowing for deeper conditioning and helping you get more mileage from your other hair care products. The steam also opens up your hair’s cuticles, ejecting contaminants and letting cleansers do their thing.

Because of how hair steamers work, they’re incredibly effective on people with low-porosity hair. This hair type doesn’t absorb moisture well, but the heat opens the pores and cuticles with steam, allowing the water to penetrate even the most stubborn hair cuticles.

Types of Hair Steamer

Hair Steamers with Stands

When shopping for the best hair steamers, your mind will inevitably see these machines – tall, free-standing devices with domes on their arms. These hair steamers with stands are fantastic in a professional environment as they’re easy to move around and cover the entire head. But just because stylists favor them doesn’t mean you can’t use one in the comfort of your home!

Portable/Tabletop Steamer

Portable or tabletop steamers are among the best hair steamers today. Think of them as a miniature version of hair steamers with stands – they have the arm and dome, but they’re much shorter. These steamers work just as well as their taller cousins but will require you to set up a table and a chair for your hair-steaming sessions.

Handheld Hair Steamer

This particular hair steamer model is one of the newest models on the market and perhaps the best for people with sensitive scalps. This model uses steam nozzles to deliver warm steam to your hair, moisturizing and softening it. These hair steamers are fantastic for those who’d prefer the mobility and versatility of a handheld steamer over a fixed installation.

Hair Steamer Caps

With their portability and efficiency, these portable devices make for some of the best hair steamers. Their name describes them perfectly; they’re simply caps with steaming power that you wear on your head. While they offer fewer features than traditional stand or tabletop steamers, hair steamer caps are affordable.

Features to Look for In a Hair Steamer

Temperature Control

Hair steaming is a delicate process that requires precise temperatures. To that end, you should look for a hair steamer with easy, accessible temperature control.


Some hair steamers have timers you can configure for automatic power shutoff if you fall asleep or lose track of time.

Configurable Hoods

Some hair steamers also have adjustable hoods that you can use to match your height or sitting position.

Common Questions About Hair Steamer

How often can I use a hair steamer?

Overexposure to steam can cause hair damage. With that in mind, it’s best to steam your hair only once every 7-10 days.

How long should I steam my hair?

Experts suggest steaming your hair for 20-30 minutes per session. Anything less and you won’t get as many benefits, and anything more and you risk damaging your hair.

Should I always use the highest temperature available on my hair steamer?

As a rule, hair steamers should provide a warm, spa-like experience. You don’t have to crank the temperature, especially if the highest setting makes you uncomfortable.

Are there any medical conditions that can hinder hair steaming?

People with psoriasis, eczema, folliculitis, dermatitis, scars, and scabs on their scalp should refrain from using hair steamers until their condition abates.

I’ve heard that hair steamers can leak boiling water on your skin. Is this true?

Yes, this is possible – if your unit is damaged or if you’ve overfilled the water container. Be sure to consult your hair steamer’s user manual.

Enjoy Your New Hair Steamer

Whether you’re getting a hair steamer to help you keep your hair healthy and happy or want to get that salon experience from your home, any hair steamer will do a fine job. I was on the fence when I first heard about hair steamers, but there’s no more going back ever since I bought my first hair steamer. Remember though––everything is good in moderation, and hair steaming is no exception!

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