Micro locs vs Sisterlocks: Installation, Costs, Pros and Cons

Micro locs vs sisterlocks Feature Image

Microlocs vs sisterlocks, which should you choose?  I am often asked by my clients, which is better between micro locs vs sisterlocks. My answer is never the same. For it all depends on the clients’ needs and preferences. Both may look almost identical but they are different in many ways.  In this article, I will …

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10 Best Travel Hair Straighteners


Have a straight, sleek, and satin hair finish wherever you go with the best travel hair straighteners! If you are always on a business or leisure trip like me, then you know how travel hair straighteners come handy. This hair styling tool transforms our appearance in an instant, allowing us to look our best on …

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10 Best Hair Straighteners For Short Hair


Whether your hair is pixie, bob, or crop, you can achieve that sleek and satin hair finish with the best hair straighteners for short hair.  I know that for most women, short hair means freedom and it takes confidence to wear them. No wonder they draw more attention. As the saying goes, the shorter the …

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7 Best Roller Set For Natural Hair


Roller set for natural hair allows you to create fun, spontaneous, versatile, and playful curls. From tight perms to loose pageant waves, there are many options to choose from! Curls are never out of style. You can wear them anytime and anywhere. They are great for casual street style, corporate look, party night outs, formal …

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10 Salon Quality OGX Shampoo For Diverse Hair Needs


OGX Shampoos are for everyone.  Gone are the days when hair care products only cater to limited hair types, textures and qualities. When people from different parts of the world find it difficult to find the right shampoo that suits their unique set of needs. Thanks to OGX, today we have hair cleansers curated for …

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