Braids with Bangs Styling Guide + 10 Best Hairstyles

The only thing cuter than braids is braids with bangs. Bangs or fringes are strands of hair that fall over the forehead, usually grazing the eyebrows. These fringes, braided or not, can create subtle changes in your face shape.

Getting bangs may be a big decision for most of us, but trust me—they take your hairstyles and overall look to the next level. It’s a bonus that they make you look a whole lot younger too.

Braids with Bangs Style Guide

Are you thinking of getting braids with bangs? Here are a few styles you might get inspiration from:

fishtail photo 1 braids with bangs

Fishtail Braid with Bangs

First off is the traditional braids with bangs. There are a lot of braid styles to choose from, from French braids to Fishtail braids for black hair. Then you can finish the look with the length and style of the bang you choose.

pig tail photo 1 braids with bangs

Pigtail Braids with Bangs

If you need a neater look, you can tuck your bangs with low ponytailed braids or pigtails. Then, finish with two face-framing curly strands by using a curling iron for black hair.

braided bangs 1 braids with bangs

Braided Bangs

You can’t go wrong with the classic braids with bangs style. Bangs are naturally more prone to damage than the rest of your hair. So, it’s a nice touch to put them in braids too. And yes, they do look a lot better in braids as well.

Cornrow Braids with Curly Bangs braids with bangs

Giant Cornrows with Twist Out Bangs

Cornrows can also be flaunted with bangs. One way to do this is by matching them with face-framing twist-out bangs.

Twist out is achieved by using two-strand twists. To do a twist out, twist two sections of hair to form a rope-like strand. Leave the twists on overnight and unravel them in the morning. These will create these perfect spring curls.

half up photo 1 braids with bangs

Half Cornrows Up, Half Down with Bangs

Another way of pairing cornrows with bangs is by simply leaving your hair as is. And with this half-up half-down style, you have limitless options of tribal half-up, half down braid styles to choose from. There are Fulani braidslemonade braidsheart braids, and more.

crown bangs braids with bangs

Crown Braids with Bangs

Level up your crown braid with side-swept bangs. These bangs are a go-to for oval and round faces. They can also soften your eyes (to hide those wrinkles) and accentuate your cheekbones.

beads bangs braids with bangs

Braided Bangs with beads

Here’s another classic. If you want to level up your classic braids with bangs, don’t hesitate to put a few beads here and there. Add a variety of bead sizes and designs if you want to take your look a notch higher.

buns photo 1 1 braids with bangs

Bun with Side Fringes

If you want something that would create an illusion of a smaller face, definitely go for side fringes. Chin-length side fringes are usually okay, but if you want a hairstyle like the one in the picture, I’m not stopping you.

Braided Updo with Bangs

Updos look great on anybody, but people with round and oval faces often resent them. If you’re one of them, try adding bangs to make your face look smaller. The key here is side fringes

loop bangs braids with bangs

Braided Loop Bangs

Trying to style traditional braids can really get your creativity running. If you don’t want to cut your hair but want to hide your forehead, you can loop your braids to create the illusion of bangs. Secure the ends by braiding them into cornrows or by using a headwrap. Play up these looped bangs by adding rings or beads.

Bangs and Face Shapes

Getting bangs or fringes can change your face shape, so if you plan on getting braids with bangs, it’s essential to consider your face shape when deciding on what type of bangs you’re going to commit to.


People with oblong face shapes have narrow chins and foreheads. Blunt bangs or straight-across heavy bangs can flatter your face shape, creating an illusion of wider cheeks and a smaller forehead.


Side-swept bangs are best for round faces as they can frame your face, making it look smaller. Long, wispy bangs are suitable for round faces as well. Braided bangs with beads can imitate having wispy bangs and would look great on your face shape.


If you’ve got a square-shaped face, your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are about the same width. A-shaped bangs would look great on your face as they create an illusion of wider cheekbones.

Heart/Inverted Triangle

People with heart-shaped or inverted triangle faces usually have thinner chins and wider foreheads. Layered side fringes are a go-go for this face shape, as it creates an illusion of a smaller forehead and draws attention to other facial features. Wispy fringes or curtain bangs would also look really good on you.


If you have a diamond face shape, you probably have sharp angles. Try getting side-swept bangs to soften your features. Side-swept fringes are also good for your face shape as they can accentuate your cheekbones.


Women with oval face shapes are quite lucky—almost all hairstyles work on them. They’re pretty much also the only people who can rock the blunt bangs effortlessly. So, if you have this face shape, just pick a bangs style and flaunt it.

bangs photo 2 braids with bangs

Things to consider when getting braids with bangs

1. High maintenance

Before getting bangs, do consider that they are a bit high maintenance. They tend to clump together, are more likely to give you a bad case of bedhead, and are even more prone to damage. Hey, they look cute on most of us, though.

Bangs are high maintenance in a way that you would have to wash them more regularly as they produce more oil and tend to dry faster than the rest of your hair. They also require combing (and sometimes styling with a hair straightener), lest you’d have to suffer with bed head all day. And, of course, you would need to trim your bangs every few weeks so that they won’t graze over your eyes.

The good thing about braiding your bangs is you don’t have to use a hair straightener to style them, and you can grow those fringes out over time. Your only problem now would be a possible breakout, but there’s nothing proper skin care cannot do.

2. Hair texture

If you plan on getting bangs, you also have to consider your hair texture. Gals with fine hair need not worry much about getting bangs, but those with wavy, curly, and coiled hair may have doubts about getting this hairstyle. Curly or coiled hair may get uneven bangs, so only certain bangs styles can work for your hair texture.

If you have wavy or curly hair, ask for a dry cut when getting bangs. This prevents unevenly cut bangs or cutting your bangs a bit too short for your liking.

3. Limited Hair Styles

Getting bangs can limit the hairstyles you can do, but you can definitely learn how to work with those fringes. It might even make your usual hairstyles cuter.

If you want bangs and versatility when styling your hair, go for long-side fringes or wispy bangs. This way, they can still frame your face, and you can always blend it in the rest of your hair if you don’t feel like flaunting your bangs for the day.


Are braids with bangs damaging? 

No. Traditional bangs may be more susceptible to damage, as they’re usually styled with heat-styling devices, which may cause breakage. However, if your bangs are braided, you’re actually putting your hair in a protective style.

How long should I wait before trimming my bangs? 

If you have blunt bangs, you might want to trim your hair every two to three weeks to maintain its length. If you’re wearing braids with bangs, however, you might want to unbraid your bangs every month or so to keep those braided bangs tight and clean-looking.

How long do bangs grow out? 

It would take about two to four months to grow out your bangs, depending on the length you started with and how fast your hair grows. Don’t expect your bangs to be longer than chin length after those four months, so before you ask for bangs, ask yourself first if this is something you’re willing to commit to.

What styles can I do with braids with bangs? 

Contrary to popular belief, you can still do many hairstyles with braids and bangs. Of course, your hair would look a bit different after, but you won’t have to make a lot of adjustments when doing your hair.

How often should I wash my bangs?

Bangs tend to get greasier and dirtier than the rest of your hair. If you don’t wash your hair often, you should make it a habit of washing your bangs more frequently. A tip of the trade is to wash your bangs when cleansing your face since your bangs will get wet anyway.

What type of bangs is the easiest to maintain? 

Curtain bangs or side fringes are definitely the easiest styles to maintain. They’re not thick like blunt or straight-across bangs, so they easily blend into the rest of your hair. I usually use a curler comb through them, and they’re set for the entire day.

If you’re still not ready to get braids with bangs, getting curtain bangs or wispy fringes is a great way to add flair to your hair without committing to anything.

Braids with bangs are also pretty low maintenance since the strands are already in a protective hairstyle. Braids (and braided bangs) can be maintained by moisturizing those plaits, washing them every week or so, and sleeping with a satin hair wrap on.


Level up your hairstyle with braids with bangs. It’s fun, cute, and easy to maintain—most of the time, that is. Whatever face shape you might have, there is always a hairstyle that would look great on you. Call your stylist and ask for bangs. You won’t regret it.

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