Best Color 30 Braiding Hair: Reviews & Where to Buy?

The color 30 braiding hair is a light auburn brown synthetic hair. It is fed into the natural hair to add length and volume when creating box braids, knotless braids, heart braids, cornrows, and other African hair braiding styles

The color 30 braiding hair is one of the most popular colors for hair braiding today. And this is not surprising at all! Why? Because light auburn or reddish brown looks divine when paired with almost all skin colors, especially dark skin tones. 

Also, styling braids with color 30 braiding hair becomes effortless because they are already beautiful. This color can pull off a classic and elegant look and a chic casual style. Plus, it looks even hotter when accessorized with hair jewelry for braids.

In this article, I will briefly discuss the best type of color 30 braiding hair. Then, I will review the best color 30 braiding hair products and show you how to get them. 

Best Color 30 Braiding Hair

Best Type of Color 30 Braiding Hair

When choosing the best type of color 30 braiding hair, I highly suggest the pre-stretched kanekalon hair extensions. 

Best Type of Color 30 Braiding Hair

Why pre-stretched?

The pre-stretched option means you no longer have to spend time preparing and stretching the hair extensions to their maximum length. It is ready to use, easier to braid, and faster to install than non-pre-stretched braiding hair. 

Why Kanekalon?

Also, while there are many types of braiding hair, the Kanekalon hair extension has superior quality among all the other synthetic hair fibers. The texture is soft like human hair but not silky like Toyokalon hair, making it suitable for braiding. 

What color?

As for the color, you can get a plain color 30 braiding hair or an ombre of 1B, color 30, and color 27, depending on your preference. 

Now that we know the best type of color 30 braiding hair, let us review the products that made it on this list!

Color 30 Braiding Hair Reviews

SOKU Pre-Stretched Color 30 Braiding Hair

[MULTI PACKS DEAL] Spetra Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair 8 Bundles 24 Inch Auburn Brown- Synthetic Crochet Braids Natural and Soft Box Braids Hot Water Setting Professional Yaki Straight

Product inclusions: 

  • 8 bundles of pre-stretched color 30 hair extensions
  • 30 pieces of braid or loc accessories
  • crochet hooks

The SOKU pre-stretched braiding hair is my top pick when it comes to color and texture.

As you can see from the photo above, this braiding hair has the perfect light reddish-brown shade. The color of each hair strand is consistent, and the overall finish is vibrant and shiny, not dull and flat. Because of the color, SOKU braiding hair is excellent for box, knotless, heart, and halo braids for black hair

As for the texture, this braiding hair is soft and smooth, which makes it easy to hold and plait. The braids also look neat (not frizzy) afterward. However, because of its length, expect it to tangle during braiding.

 Hairstylists love SOKU braiding hair because It is pre-stretched and not rough on the hands, allowing them to braid efficiently.

This color 30 braiding hair is also sweat and itch resistant. It also feels light on the scalp. Altogether, it is comfortable to wear for a long time. 


  • Perfect color shade
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • Comfortable to wear

Cons: This braiding hair tangles. While It is itch-free on the scalp, there was a complaint that it feels prickling on the back, especially for people with extremely sensitive skin. 

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Difunee Pre-Stretched Color 30 Braiding Hair

Braiding Hair Pre Stretched Braiding Hair 24 Inch 8 Packs Braiding Hair Pre Stretched Hair For Braiding Hot Water Setting Soft Synthetic Braiding Hair Extension For Twist(#30)

Product inclusions:

  • 8 bundles of pre-stretched color 30 hair extensions (length options: 16, 20, 22, and 24 inches)
  • Crochet hooks

The Difunee pre-stretched braiding hair is the most comfortable product on this list. 

First, this braiding hair is lightweight, making it gentle on the hair roots and scalp even when worn for a long time. Second, the texture is soft and smooth. Not only is it easy to braid, but it also blends well with natural hair. 

The Difunee brand claims that this braiding hair is itch-free, and many customers affirmed this. It does not irritate the scalp and skin. And for those who make their braids, this braiding hair feels gentle and not rough on the hands, allowing you to braid trouble-free.

As for the color, it has a beautiful plain reddish brown shade, making it perfect for almost all types of African braids. 

The only concern with this braiding hair is that the package contains fewer hair strands compared with the other brands. But the price of this product is also cost less


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Beautiful reddish-brown shade
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent customer feedback

Cons: The package contains fewer hair strands compared with other brands.

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Bileaf Pre-Stretched Ombre Color 30 Braiding Hair

Bileaf Pre Stretched Braiding Hair 26 Inch Ombre Braiding Hair Hot Water Setting 8 Packs Kanekalon Long Braiding Hair Pre Stretched Soft Yaki Texture Synthetic Hair Extensions for Braids(1B-30-27)

Product inclusions:

  • 8 bundles of 26 inches of pre-stretched braiding hair (each bundle weighs 90 grams)
  • 2 pieces of clips
  • 4 pieces of beads
  • 1 piece crochet hook

I highly recommend the Bileaf pre-stretched hair extensions for those looking for a color 30 ombre option. 

This braiding hair is a blend of brown, light reddish brown, and reddish blonde colors. Because the color transition cascades, it looks excellent on a box, knotless, heart, and boho braids. Plus, the shades fit all skin complexions well. 

Another thing I like about the color 30-ombre hair extension is that you can fashion it on almost all occasions. You can wear it in formal and casual settings. 

When it comes to quality, the Bileaf braiding hair has a soft and smooth texture like the other plain color 30 hair extensions. It does not tangle, and it is easy to hold and braid. Hairstylists love this braiding hair because it feels gentle and not rough on the hands, allowing them to work fast.

If you choose this product, remember to soak it in soapy water before use to make it itch-free on the scalp and skin. 


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • Affordable price

Cons: You need to pre-soak this braiding hair in soapy water for it not to cause itchiness.

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RastAfri Pre-Stretched Color 30 Braiding Hair

RastAfri Pre-Stretched Silky Braiding Hair (5 Single Packs, #30)

Product inclusions:

  • 5 single packs of pre-stretched Kanekalon braiding hair

The RastAdri pre-stretched color 30 hair extensions is a professional-grade braiding hair. Many hairstylists highly recommend it because it is durable and lasts long. 

Color-wise, it has a beautiful light reddish-brown shade with a shiny finish. This braiding hair makes your box, knotless, ghana, heart, or boho braids look vibrant and attractive. You can wear this color in formal and casual settings. It also works well with hair accessories

This braiding hair has a soft and smooth texture. It is easy to braid and does not tangle as much as other products. You will also notice that this braiding hair seamlessly blends with natural hair. 

Perhaps the only downside with this product is it costs more than the other brands. The package also contains fewer bundles of braiding hair.


  • Professional-grade braiding hair 
  • Beautiful color shade
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • Excellent customer reviews

Cons: This braiding hair costs a little more than the other options on this list. 

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AQINBEL Pre-Stretched Ombre Color 30 Braiding Hair

AQINBEL Braiding Hair Pre stretched 26 Inches 8 Bundles Ombre Braiding Hair Itch Free Crochet Twist Hair for Braids Yaki Texture Pre stretched Braiding Hair Extensions for Women (1B/30/27#)

Product inclusions:

  • 8 packs of pre-stretched ombre braiding hair
  • Each hair bundle weighs 100 grams

The AQINBEL pre-stretched braiding hair is another excellent ombre product option. 

This braiding hair blends brown, auburn-brown, and auburn-blonde colors. Its distinct color transition sets this product apart from the other ombre braiding hair on this list. You will notice the change from dark to light tones. The finish is bright and shiny, making your braids look radiant and eye-catching. 

As for the quality, this braiding hair has a soft and smooth texture. This braiding hair is quick and easy to braid and incorporate with natural hair. It does not tangle, allowing you to braid trouble-free. 

Another excellent feature of this braiding hair is itch-free and does not irritate the skin. It does not have a chemical smell. Overall, it feels comfortable to wear for a long time. 

This braiding hair receives high praise from many satisfied customers. It looks pretty on almost all types of braids and suits formal and casual occasions. 


  • Beautiful ombre color shade
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Excellent feedback

Cons: This ombre color 30 braiding hair costs a little more. But for the quality, the price is worth it.

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Is color 30 braiding hair the best color for braids?

While color 30 braiding hair is undeniably one of the most popular colors today, the best color still depends on your preferences. 

Its versatility and chicness make color 30 or light reddish brown a top pick. This color compliments the light and dark skin tones and suits formal and casual occasions. 

How many packs of color 30 braiding hair do you need?

The number of packs that you will use depends on the braid style, braid thickness, and hair volume. But to give you an idea, if you plan to do, box braids on a full head, you will need around five to eight packs of color 30 braiding hair. 

How long do braid hairstyles with color 30 braiding hair last?

Professional hairstylists suggest that you take down braids every eight weeks. To keep your natural hair healthy and avoid hair damage and breakage, you have to let them breathe from protective hairstyles from time to time. 

Can I wash my braid hairstyle with color 30 braiding hair?

Yes. Washing the scalp and hair is essential to remove dirt, oil, and product build-up, making hair weak, dull, and prone to breakage. Shampoo and condition your scalp and hair every week or every two weeks using gentle and residue-free braid shampoo. 


The color 30 braiding hair is a definite must-try, if not a go-to choice for braid hair color. It is a light auburn brown shade that looks fantastic and chic, especially on dark skin tones. The color is attractive and versatile to wear on casual and formal occasions. You can fashion it on its own or accessorize it with hair jewelry to showcase your unique personality. 

When buying, remember to get the pre-stretched color 30 Kanekalon hair extensions I suggested above to ensure the quality and longevity of your braid hairstyle. 

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