10 Best Dandruff Comb, Hair Brush and Flakes Removal Tool

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Dandruff can be itchy and irritating, but you can remedy that using a good dandruff comb combined with many other anti-dandruff products. The hair is prone to dandruff for several reasons: an oily scalp, dry skin, contact dermatitis, lacking or aggravating shampoo, side effects of hair regrowth like Minoxidil products, and other skin conditions.

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If not treated, dandruff can affect the quality of life for both genders. Hence, the need for dandruff removal products is rising, especially among the male audience susceptible to dandruff. In this article, we’ll talk about what is a dandruff comb, the benefits of using it (with your preferred type of brush), a list of our most recommended dandruff combs, and frequently asked questions related to this topic.

What Is a Dandruff Comb

A dandruff comb is an anti-dandruff product that manually removes suspended large and oily white or yellow flakes in dandruff-prone areas such as the scalp, hair, eyebrows, beard, and mustache. This product can be a wide or fine-tooth traditional wooden comb or a modern, synthetic, and circular wide or fine-tooth comb that has hit the market to cater to people looking for anti-dandruff products within the hair industry. What’s cool is that you can also comb your hair using this product.

The traditional wide or fine-tooth wooden comb designed to remove dandruff is an eco-friendly option that is sturdy, reliable, and easy-t0-carry. On the contrary, modern dandruff combs like the plastic wide or fine-tooth circular comb are also a good choice for better longevity and convenient use. The most important feature of the comb is the tooth which you can select according to your hair type. You should get a wide-tooth comb if you have thick, curly, or tangled hair. A fine-tooth comb is better for thin, straight hair.

However, getting a dandruff comb will only partially solve the root of the problem, and that is why dandruff treatment products are manufactured. These two types of comb work functionally with other dandruff removal products like this Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for head hair and anti-dandruff shampoos for the beard.

Dandruff Comb & Hair Massager Comb Benefits

This anti-dandruff tool is more than what it says it does. Here are the following benefits:

Acts as a hair comb – a dandruff comb is only a comb if it can neaten and arrange your hair. What’s cool is that you can also comb your hair regularly using this product.

Exfoliating your hair – depending on the type of brush that you avail of, the modern, plastic, or silicone hair combs with a wide-tooth structure can exfoliate your hair, giving you the following perks: cleaner scalp, relieving stress, promoting healthy hair, and remove dirt/oil build-up.

Massages the scalp – this is only applicable to modern silicone or plastic combs that stimulate a massaging sensation while cleaning your scalp. You can apply shampoo to this brush and massage your scalp with little effort but great satisfaction.

Best Hair Brush, Flakes Removal Tool, and Comb for Dandruff

We have gathered all the best combs and brush products to make you dandruff-free. Here they are below:

Kent F3T Scalp Comb for Dandruff

Kent F3T Fine Tooth Comb for Hair Care/Parting Comb and Combs for Men and Combs for Women - Dandruff Hair Comb/Kent Mens Combs for Hair Fine Teeth Comb Hair Comb Fine/Men Comb Comb for Women

Type: Plastic Fine Tooth Comb, Dandruff Comb

Best for: Thin, straight hair

Product dimension: 1 x 2 x 4 inches; 0.71 Ounces

Description: This Kent Fine Tooth Comb is a unique product displaying the Royal Warrant of The Queen. Instead of being molded, it is made handmade from large sheets of cellulose acetate, a natural plastic that is a derivative of purified natural cellulose.  The comb is tactile, flexible, strong, and has a non-petroleum base derived from plants. Because the teeth are fine and soft rounded-tooth, it will stimulate the production of natural oils in your scalp or skin and remove dandruff. The material is durable and pocket-sized.

Pros: We love this product’s durable and waterproof features, so it can be used on dry or wet hair even after using it repeatedly for many years.

Cons: None, but we’d like a brush for all hair types!

Bottomline: Kent is a big name in producing hair and brushes, creating virtually indestructible items that Her Royal Majesty the Queen recommends.

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Kent 9T Wide Tooth Dandruff Removing Comb

Kent 9T Tortoiseshell Fine Tooth and Wide Tooth Comb Detangler Hair Combs - Large Handmade and Saw-Cut Dressing Comb - Wet Hair Comb for Women and Durable Grooming Comb for Men Made in England

Type: Wide and fine-tooth hair comb, dandruff comb

Best for: Thick, thin, straight, curly hair

Product dimension: 7.1 x 7 x 1.6 inches; 0.04 Ounces

Description: Kent has another dual-tooth comb in store. This comb has 7.5″ Fine/Wide Teeth, which are handmade from Cellulose Acetate, and is saw cut instead of molded. The comb is a tactile yet flexible and strong material with rounded teeth. They glide effortlessly through hair without scratching or damaging the hair or scalp, stimulating natural oils to produce and remove dirt, dust, and dandruff.

Pros: The dual-tooth comb can neaten the hair and eliminate deep-seated dandruff.

Cons: None!

Bottomline: Kent knows that a comb can be dual, so they innovated to include Fine/Wide Teeth in their craft, so it’s a recommendation.

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Amirce Electric Anti Dandruff Hair Comb

Best Dandruff Comb - Electric Scalp Massager Comb 2 in 1 Magical Comb

Type: Electric Scalp Massage Brush

Best for: Curly, Fine, Thick, Straight

Product dimension: 7.48 x 2.36 x 1.57 inches; 5.61 Ounces

Description:  If you have an itchy, flaky scalp, this scalp massager can help alleviate it. It has a maximum of 7500 vibrations per minute that doesn’t only target an itchy scalp but can promote hair growth as well. It comes with 2 brushes that you can remove if you want to massage your legs, back or arms. 

Pros: Comparably light, unlike other electric scalp brushes. 

Cons: Batteries not included

Bottomline: This scalp massager is worth buying as you can also convert it to a back, arms, and legs massager. 

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Upretty Scalp Massager Dandruff Brush

No products found.

Type: Silicone Hair Brush, Dandruff/Exfoliating

Best for: Straight, Curly, Fine, or Thick Hair

Product dimension:  9.25 x 5.28 x 3.46 inches; 15.94 Ounces

Description: A round brush that comes with a silicone shampoo massager will not only clean your hair but give it a relaxing sensation when you apply shampoo. The brush has an ergonomic design that perfectly fits your palm and is easy to hold and carry. It is high-quality and provides an enjoyable personal care experience with its high-end plastic bristles and other eco-friendly materials. Freebies are a shampoo brush, bath brush, hair ring, and foot grinding brush.

Pros: It comes comb set with other freebies to ensure the best hair care in improving scalp health and removing dust, dirt, and dandruff in wet or dry conditions.

Cons: None!

Bottomline: Upretty knows that a woman would love all the stuff this product offers while considering the health needs of the scalp and dandruff removal.

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BTYMS Store Dandruff Brush

4 Pcs Silicone Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush Scalp Scrubber Hair Cleansing Brush Head Scrubber Dandruff Brush Hair Washing Tool for Women Men or Pets

Type: Silicone Hair Massager, Dandruff Remover

Best for: All types of hair

Product dimensions: 8.03 x 7.6 x 3.03 inches; 9.1 Ounces

Description: This is different from the regular comb that you usually see. A 4 Pack Silicone Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush from BTYMS Store gives us colorful options to clean and massage the hair scalp from dead skin, dust, dirt, and dandruff. The shampoo brush with massaging features stimulate blood circulation and works well on all types of hair, from thick to thin and dry to wet. You can use this to activate natural hair growth aside from hair growth essential oils to combat shedding.

Pros: Reduces scalp itching and removes dead skin, dust, dirt, and dandruff with its massaging quality, and it can also be for pets!

Cons: None because this product is amazing!

Bottomline: The 4-pack brushes from BTYMS Store is worth it, especially when you want more brushes for different uses, not just for the hair but also for the neck and other parts of the body.

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UHOME Scalp Exfoliator Brush for Dandruff

EUHOME Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, Scalp Brush Hair Scrubber, Hair Washing Brush Scalp Exfoliator Brush for Dandruff, 2 Pack Head Scrubber for All Hair Types of Women, Men

Type: Hair scrubber, massager, dandruff comb

Best for: All hair types

Product dimension: 6 x 4 x 4 inches; 2.72 Ounces

Description: A two-pack scalp massage shampoo brush in different colors (Pink & Purple) sports an ergonomic design, medium-hard silicone bristles, and an anti-skid matte handle, capable of bringing a convenient and cooling scalp massage. The product can give the following perks: easily clean the oil and scalp of the hair root, relieve itching/dandruff and strengthen the hair root.

Pros: High-quality scalp massager and brush because of the detailed features fit for advanced hair care.

Cons: None!

Bottomline: Though we wish more brushes were included in the set, the two top-notch scalp massager brushes are already a steal in promoting hair care and dead skin cell, dust, dirt, and dandruff removal.

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HEETA Soft Silicone Scalp Massager

HEETA Hair Scalp Massager, Scrubber with Soft Silicone Bristles for Hair Growth & Dandruff Removal, Hair Shampoo Brush for Scalp Exfoliator, Black

Type: Scalp Massager, Hair Brush, Dandruff remover

Best for: All types of hair

Product dimensions: 3.2 x 3.2 x 2.8 inches; 2.4 Ounces

Description: This waterproof hair massager brush from HEETA sports an ergonomic design and soft and high-quality silicone hair bristles to provide an enjoyable washing experience. Massaging your scalp in the shower will ease itchiness, promote blood circulation, and remove dandruff and all the dirt pollution from the hair. The product perfectly fits your palm.

Pros: High-quality silicone bristles with a convenient handle that gives a superb hair massage.

Cons: None at all!

Bottomline: This product from HEETA does the job well, considering it caters to all hair types and makes the user experience comfier with its convenient handle.

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Segbeauty Store Scalp Brush Dandruff 

Segbeauty Dandruff Brushes, 2pcs 0.8 inches Long Hard Bristle Scalp Massage Brushes for Thick or Thin 2c to 3b Curly Hair, Shower Comb for Deep Cleaning Beard Pet Grooming Hair Care for Women Men

Type: Hair Massager, Dandruff Brush

Best for: All hair types

Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 4 x 3.3 inches; 3.21 Ounces

Description: This black, long, bristled dandruff brush and hair massager can work well on the scalp and avoid pulling the hair apart. It is strong enough to detangle hair, remove dandruff and other suspended substances, and massage the scalp comfortably.  Because it is made from PP plastic (Polypropylene), it is flexible and durable. The product is also non-toxic and convenient, with an easy grip.

Pros: Multifunctional to use: a dandruff remover, detangler, and hair styler tool to get improved locks.

Cons: The bristle may not be too gentle on the scalp.

Bottomline: Segbeauty Store’s Dandruff Brush is promising with its long bristles and superb performance that will suit young children to adults who want to eliminate dandruff and have a hair massage.

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Best Electric Dandruff Brush

Yeamon Scrubber for Dandruff

Best Dandruff Comb - Yeamon Scrubber For Dandruff

Type: Electric Head and scalp massager, exfoliator, and dandruff remover

Best for: All hair types

Product dimension: 4.53 x 2.56 x 3.15 inches; 9.14 Ounces

Description:  This electric high-quality, soft silicone brush head is very suitable for thoroughly deep cleaning your hair and scalp. Massaging your hair with this tool will remove all dirt, dust, dandruff, and other residues from daily pollution. It can also massage your scalp to reduce itching and promote blood circulation. This will fit nicely into your palm.

Pros: USB rechargeable

Cons: Heavier than the other dandruff brushes.

Bottomline: We love the Yeamo scalp massager, mainly because it’s electric. It has three vibration settings that can help massage and stimulate blood flow on your scalp.

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Kerotin Scalp Massager

Hair Growth Products Parent (Scalp Massager)

Type: Scalp Massager

Best for: All hair types

Product dimension: 4.1 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches; 2.4 Ounces

Description: Kerotin offers a top-notch scalp massager with soft silicone bristles that can plant a firm massage to the scalp; it can promote hair growth, controls dandruff, and eliminates dust, dirt, and other substances. It is a non-electronic tool that is waterproof and safe for wet or dry use. The product also has an easy-grip handle for convenient DIY hair massage.

Pros: The quality of the product gives you a premium feel and total satisfaction.

Cons: It can be a bit pricey.

Bottomline: We love this product from Kerotin for several reasons (quality, design, and features), and we recommend it if you are willing to purchase high-range products.

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Zyllion Scalp Exfoliation Brush Dandruff

Zyllion Hair Shampoo Brush and Scalp Massager Care for Dandruff Removal, Scrubber, Hair Growth and Exfoliator with Flat and Pointed Soft Silicone Bristles for Women and Men - Green (ZMA-12-GR)

Type: Scalp Massager, Dandruff Remover Brush

Best for: All hair types

Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 3 x 2.7 inches; 2.08 Ounces

Description: This scalp massager and dandruff brush from Zyllion has kid-friendly square bristles that will give the same satisfaction a pointed silicone bristle can provide. The scalp massager features two kinds of bristles designed to help exfoliate dead skin cells, remove particle build-up such as dandruff, and stimulate natural oils and hair growth. It has an easy-grip handle, so it won’t slip out while used.

Pros: The two types of bristles suspended to the brush are kid-friendly.

Cons: None!

Bottomline: Most of the products above have only one type of bristle, but Zyllion has two, which is a big thumbs up for us!

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How to Remove Dandruff with Comb

Dandruff combs are easy to use. Use the brush to comb through your hair and remove dandruff. Dandruff combs are more suitable for eliminating dandruff on hair and not on the scalp. That’s why it’s best used for dry hair as well.

How to Use a Dandruff Brush

On the other hand, Dandruff brushes work better after a bath. They work best in removing thick dandruff on the scalp. And if you’re hair is wet, these dandruff flakes are easier to remove using the dandruff brush. You can also use it to rub on problematic and itchy areas gently.

If you tire easily, you should buy the electric dandruff brushes mentioned above. They can help you massage an itchy scalp, or you can ask a friend or family member to help you massage these areas using the electric dandruff combs.

How to Clean a Comb with Dandruff

You can use an old toothbrush to remove dandruff build-up or dirt on your dandruff comb or brush. You can also soak it in vinegar for an hour to make the dirt softer and easier to brush away.

FAQs about Anti-Dandruff Comb 

We have compiled questions for you and answered them, so check them out:

Do dandruff combs or scalp massagers help in hair regrowth?

Yes, there is a study that 69% of people with hair loss experience hair regrowth upon using this tool.

Does it vibrate?

The products mentioned above are manually operated, but there are other scalp massagers or dandruff combs that vibrate to minimize the effort of hair deep-cleaning.

Does it get caught in hair, causing pulling and hair breakage?

Most scalp massagers and dandruff brushes do not entangle with the hair, given that they are wide-toothed. In many cases, they do not cause pulling out or breakage. However, with the fine-tooth combs mentioned above, they may entangle with an incompatible hair type.

Can I use it on pets?

Yes! They’re safe for your fur animals.

Is brushing out dandruff good?

Yes, because it will remove the seated dandruff once it gets in contact with the teeth of the dandruff comb.

Are scalp massagers good for dandruff?

Scalp massagers and dandruff brushes can help reduce the itching, but these will not fight the root cause of your dandruff. Use the best antifungal shampoos or anti-dandruff products to remove possible scalp infections causing your dandruff.

Is combing out dandruff good?

Combing dandruff is much better than picking and scratching your scalp. Unlike your nails, dandruff combs, and brushes are softer and will not damage your skin.

Does combing hair help dandruff?

Combing dandruff can only remove existing dandruff and not prevent further infection. Use a ketoconazole shampoo or consult your doctor to find the best medication for your dandruff or fungal infections.

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