How To Style Mermaid Braids For Black Hair

Mermaid braids for black hair are one of the most adorable and Instagram-friendly hairstyles available. These beautiful braids fit perfectly for black hair and are both suitable for formal and informal occasions. The blend of mermaid braids is both powerful and feminine, elegant and edgy, and stylish and chic at the same time.

The beauty of mermaid braids is that they can be styled in a variety of ways. So, for a stunning new look and very adorable hairstyle, dare to experiment and develop your Mermaid style.

Mermaid hair has become the “in” hairstyle, as we’re sure you’re aware. Do you want to learn how to braid like a mermaid from the comfort of your own home? Simply follow our step-by-step mermaid braid hairstyle instructions below, and you’ll have enchanted-looking locks in no time.

Best Braiding Hair for Mermaid Braids

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How To Do a Mermaid Braid – A Few Steps

Make sure your hair is in order

To remove any knots or tangles, start by brushing your hair. Then, to help replace lipids, soften, and give shine to your mane, use a quality oil treatment product like Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment.

Curl Your Hair

Mermaid Braids For Black Hair - Curl Hair

While you can wear a mermaid braid with incredibly straight strands, we think curls look the finest! So take out your curling iron and curl 2-3 inch pieces of hair until you have a head full of gorgeous curls.

Braid in Sections

Mermaid Braids For Black Hair - How to

Let’s get started learning how to braid like a mermaid! Begin by separating three sections of hair from the back of your head.

Start braiding your hair in a classic 3-strand plait and weave it all the way to the ends. You don’t want the braid to be too tight, so if it is, use the pancaking procedure to loosen it up. Curl 2-3 inch pieces of hair with your curling iron till you have a head full of lovely curls.

Extra hair can be woven in.

Mermaid Braids For Black Hair - Weave In

Pick up little bits of hair from either side of the braid and thread them into the braid to achieve the mermaid effect.

Use a hairband to keep it in place.

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Secure your braid with a hairband once you’ve intertwined hair all the way down it.

Finally, have a look.

Mermaid Braid for Black Hair Final

That’s it: a stunning mermaid braid suitable for any occasion.

How to Braid a Mermaid with Short Hair

There comes a point when a girl with short hair wishes she could wear braids but believes she can’t since her hair isn’t long enough. Don’t worry if your hair is short; you can still have beautiful mermaid tail braids.

Keep in mind that mermaid braids are more relaxed and loose than “traditional” braids. If you have short hair, start braiding on the side where you can get the most hair, which is usually one side.

You have two options: finish your braid and let it hang straight with the rest of your hair, or twist it to the side to look like a hairpiece. It’s feasible to use extensions if you desire long braids.

Different Types of Braiding Techniques

Braids come in a wide range of styles. There are numerous braiding techniques from which to choose. Braids can be professional or casual in most cases. The visual impact of your hairdo is determined by the rest of your look. Your hair is merely a little element of your overall look.

The most important thing is to become familiar with various ways to style whatever braiding technique you intend to employ so that it fits with whatever event you are attending. For a casual day of errands, you can apply the same braiding technique as you would for a black-tie event. It all relies on how you put together your overall look and how well you understand the braiding technique you wish to apply.

When it comes to braiding techniques, there are a lot of factors to consider. Hair texture, length, volume, and strength all play a role in selecting which braiding technique will suit you best. Another thing to think about is if you can do the braiding yourself or if you’ll require expert assistance. The more complicated and intricate the braiding technique, the more likely you will need help from a braiding expert.

Different Cute Mermaid Braid Styles

The mermaid style is pure simplicity. It simply entails braiding using smaller, thinner strands of hair and allowing unplaited hair to peek through the gaps. After that, a range of mermaid braiding styles and variants are simple to master. Check out this list below of mermaid braids for black hair.

Mermaid Braids with Flowers

Mermaid Braids with Flower Ornament

Mermaid braiding allows you to play around with your hair in a gentle way, which is ideal for people who don’t like too edgy looks. A thin, delicate fishtail braid and two braiding designs in one are required for this twist on a popular hairdo. For a great spring hairdo, use floral hairpieces or even actual flowers to embellish your braid.

Mermaid Inception Braid

If you look closely at this mermaid braid for black hair, you’ll notice that two of the strands used to plait it are braids. This gives any braid a lovely degree of depth and texture. To achieve a true mermaid tail effect, fasten the braid’s ends with bobby pins.

Pull Through Braids

Pull Through Mermaid Braid
Instagram/ nikkisfashion411

It’s always convenient to build numerous braids to give extra volume to your braids and create stunning looks. Pull-through braids are not only adorable, but they’re also simple to make and keep hair out of your face. Use extensions to add length to your hair and make the mermaid braids stand out even more.

Mermaid Crown

This mermaid plait starts with a crown suited for a princess of the sea. The braided headband’s tail flows into the long, cascading 4-strand mermaid tail gracefully. This may necessitate some practice and the use of a second pair of hands.

Braided Loose Locks

Many of the mermaid braids we see include plaiting or braiding entire strands of hair to create a distinctive hairstyle. But, don’t you like to mix things up a little now and then?

Braided Loose Locks Mermaid Braids

Then you should give this gorgeous style a try. Make a braid, but only with a small amount of your hair. For a particularly sophisticated and beautiful look, let your braid flow freely with the rest of your gorgeous locks.


Over-the-Shoulders Mermaid Hair

Over-the-Shoulders Mermaid
Instagram/ jaykaybraids

The side-swept mermaid side braid exudes Disney princess sentiments like no other. A French plait along the hairline is the starting point for the braid. Long hair looks better with all of the hair gathered to the side, but females with shorter hair can always use bobby pins to fix stubborn, slipping strands.

Twisted Mermaid

This mermaid braid lives up to its name. You’ll need to see the way the braids are twisted so they look like rope. It’s a good idea to follow a step-by-step tutorial when recreating a style like this, simply because there are so many different elements. This mermaid braid is a perfect fit for black hairs.

Hair Pieces for Mermaids

For girls and women who wish to transform their mermaid braid hairdo into something extraordinary, adding hairpieces can help. Make the most of the volume and length of these braids by carefully placing some lovely hairpieces where you’d like.

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You’ll add a touch of glitz to your hairstyle, especially if you’re attending a special occasion like a wedding or an anniversary.

Intricate Fishtail Braid

Mermaid braids can be quite edgy and complex. Try to incorporate fishtail braids, ordinary French braids, and simple knits into a complicated design. You won’t be able to pull off this hairdo at home because you won’t have the necessary control. As a result, we recommend visiting a hair salon for this hairstyle.

Is It Okay to Build Your Braiding Skills?

Of course, you should! You can move on to the next braiding style that strikes your interest once you’ve mastered one. The more you practice, the better you will get. Then you may start combining all of the braids you’ve learned to create fresh, unique styles.

Once you’ve mastered a braiding technique, you can play with the directional flow of your braids, as well as styling and pinning them in various ways. The extent to which you can braid depends on your level of experience, and some experience necessitates additional training and knowledge.

Braiding is a terrific way to transform your look in a temporary fashion, whether you are a newbie at braiding, trying to master some more advanced techniques, or moving in the direction of a hair professional. When it comes to arranging hair of all varieties, braiding gives you a lot of creative freedom and innovative alternatives.

Braiding is an art form, and it is an expression, much like any other art form. It is entirely up to you how you wish to express yourself.


Mermaid braids hairstyles are all really feminine and also extremely adaptable. During springtime, mermaid braids are the most beautiful technique to adorn one’s hair. All of these hairstyles are simple and quick to put on for a day at the office, a casual day out, a night out with friends, or even a more formal occasion. All of the braiding techniques are not as tough or difficult to master as they appear.


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