Lipogaine for Men Review

Lipogaine for Men Review: Does Lipogaine really work?

A significant percentage of the hair loss supplements sold today don’t do anything. That’s the harsh truth, and the worst part is that manufacturers employ rigorous marketing, which dupes a lot of desperate buyers. We also have a section of other products that do the work halfway. For instance, you can find a product that does a decent job in stopping hair loss, but then it’s formula is not powerful enough to stimulate hair regrowth. Such products are indeed useful, but users will still be disappointed every time they look or touch their heads.

The good news is that in the midst of all this, we have several remarkable products that walk the talk. Products that not only put an end to your hair loss woes but also stimulate hair regrowth, leaving you with a full crown.

Lipogaine claims to be one such product but, is it really?

What is Lipogaine?

Lipogaine is a company that focuses on producing advanced solutions to hair loss. The company has several product lines that tackle hair loss issues in both men and women. Some of their products actually have a decent reputation online because they’ve proven to be both effective and safe.

Lipogaine for Men ReviewLipogaine for men is their popular product that’s specially formulated for men. The manufacturer claims that its 3-in-1 formula is potent enough to tackle the underlying cause of hair loss and to stimulate hair regrowth.

The company also understands that some people are allergic to some of the chemicals that are common in today’s hair loss products. That’s why they came up with the Lipogaine for Men (Sensitive). An alternative product with an almost similar formula as the regular Lipogaine except it doesn’t contain propylene glycol, and it is much gentler to the scalp. This is definitely the product to try if you’ve had a hard time finding the right supplement due to a sensitive scalp.

How Does Lipogaine for Men Work?

Lipogaine for Men features a 3-in-1 formula. It approaches the problem by:

  1. Reducing DHT levels
  2. Stimulating hair regrowth
  3. Nourishing hair follicles with nutrients

As you can see, the formula tries to stop hair loss, improve hair regrowth, and support healthy hair.

If you’re looking for a more potent solution for hair thinning and shedding, you might want to try the revolutionary product Folexin. Folexin is a professional formula that nourishes your hair and supports its natural growth process.

What’s the relationship between DHT and Hair Loss?

DHT is a male sex hormone produced when an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase acts on testosterone. This hormone is the key player that instigates hair loss in both men and women.

When the levels of DHT continue to rise in your system, the hormone continues to rain havoc to your hair follicle. Research shows that DHT interacts with the androgen receptors in the hair follicles, causing inflammation. This results in Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) or male pattern baldness since it prevents the hair follicles from producing hair.

This is why reducing or blocking DHT is crucial for the success of any hair loss supplement, be it for men or women.

Lipogaine Ingredients

Lipogaine contains several key ingredients that work together to deliver the desired results.

The ingredients present in Lipogaine for Men are 5% Minoxidil, fatty acids, Saw palmetto, propylene glycol, water, oleic acid, beta-sitosterol, gamma, and linoleic acid, niacin, vitamin B6, polyphenol, and biotiny-tripeptide.

The special Lipogaine for Men (Sensitive) contains 5% Minoxidil, fatty acids, Saw palmetto, glycerin, water, biotin, niacin, vitamin B6, polyphenol, oleic acid, beta-sitosterol, gamma, and linolenic acid and biotiny-tripeptide.

Lipogaine for MenLipogaine Side Effects

Sadly, Lipogaine for men contains a few harsh ingredients known to cause side effects such as itchiness, flaking, and redness. Propylene glycol is one of the culprits behind these reactions. The good news is you can avoid all this by using the Lipogaine for Men Sensitive, which doesn’t contain the said ingredient.

However, some people may also react to ethanol and Minoxidil; both are present in the Lipogaine for Men Sensitive. If that’s you, then you’ll probably have to look for a different product altogether.

The natural ingredients like Saw palmetto and castor oil can also cause adverse reactions. This rarely occurs, but it’s still crucial that you watch out for such reactions. They can cause nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, hives, and swelling of the tongue, lips, mouth, and throat. Stop using this product immediately and seek medical attention if you witness any of these side effects.

Anyone with a preexisting medical condition should consult a medical practitioner before using this product.

How to Use Lipogaine?

For lipogaine to work properly, it needs to get into contact with your scalp. For that reason, you need to part your hair into several sections to expose the scalp. Once that’s done, use the included dropper to place 1ml of Lipogaine on the affected area of the scalp. Use the tip of this dropper to spread the solution around the affected area. You can also use the tip of your finger instead of the dropper.

For the best results, Lipogaine should be applied twice per day, 8-hours apart. You will not see faster or better results by using more than the recommended dosage. Doing so only serves to increase the risk of adverse reactions. Stick to the provided guideline.

The solution can cause severe irritation when it gets in your eyes, so make sure you are keen when applying it and wash your hands properly once you are done.

How Fast Does Lipogaine Work?

Lipogaine, just like other hair loss products, requires some time to produce the desired results. Hair thinning and shedding should slow down and stop after around 3-4 months of use. However, you will need to wait for as long as 6 months to see the full results. If there are no results after six months of regular use, stop using it, and speak to your doctor about possible alternatives.

Where to Buy

Lipogaine for men is currently available from the official Lipogaine website only. This is both a good and bad thing. It is good in that it eliminates counterfeits. On the flip side, you are denied the luxury of shopping around for the best deal.

Speaking of, the price of Lipogaine for Men currently stands at $30.00 per bottle. A single bottle should be enough to get you through the whole month if you use it as directed.

The Lipogaine for Men (Sensitive) costs more; $34.95 per bottle.

Does It Work on Receding Hairline?

Research has shown that Minoxidil is effective for both vertex and frontal hair loss issues, so yes, Lipogaine should work just fine to restore your receding hairline.

However, you need to be keen when applying the solution in this area. That’s because the skin gets thinner as you approach the temples. Therefore, using the solution in this area increases the risk of skin irritation and other side effects.

Therefore, you need to be keen when using Lipogaine in this region. Apply only a small amount and spread it out evenly.

Final Verdict: our Lipogaine for Men Review

Minoxidil is an FDA-approved hair loss treatment. It was actually produced as an oral drug to lower blood pressure, but users noticed improved hair growth, which prompted its use as a hair loss treatment. By combining this compound with other effective ingredients such as Saw palmetto, Lipogaine stands above other hair loss products that struggle to produce results.

Lipogaine for Men is a hair loss product that’s worth a try. Make sure to use it as recommended and remain patient because it takes quite some time to start producing visible results.

It’s only fair that I end this piece by pointing out that Lipogaine might not work for some men for various reasons. For instance, if DHT is not the primary cause of hair loss, then the Lipogaine formula may not produce the best results. This is why it is vital to know the cause of hair loss and use that information to search for the best product for their unique situation.

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