Red Lemonade Braids on Black Hair – 12 Best Styles for Women

Picking a new braids style can be overwhelming. If you have black hair, you might want to try this trending red lemonade braids hairstyle!

What are Lemonade Braids?

Long cornrows cascading on one side of the shoulder are known as lemonade braids. They’re side-swept cornrows that can go down to your waist, but most people prefer to wear them up to their chest. They can be made thin, medium, or huge and done with natural hair or braid extensions.

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Red Lemonade Braid on black hair is a fashionable protective style that you may wear all year and for every event. They’re adaptable, and you may wear them long, in gigantic sizes, in strong, different colors like golden, burgundy, ombre, or various patterns.

You can also add beads, colorful yarns and strings, cuffs, and rings to them. The best aspect is that they are simple to keep clean.

Even with minimal hair volume, you won’t have trouble getting the look. The braids start black and soon turn a dark red color. Look no further if you’re seeking a new hairstyle this season. Lemonade braids are a type of side braid that is popular among African women.

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Why Are They Called Lemonade Braids?

Lemonade braids have been around for decades, which most people are unaware of. They were traditionally known as side braids until Beyonce’s blockbuster 2016 Lemonade album made them a craze.

In the smash single, Beyonce donned golden lemonade braids, and the moniker lemonade braids were born. Beyonce braids are another name for them.

How Long Do Lemonade Braids Last?

Lemonade braids can last four to six weeks if properly cared for. Washing and conditioning, moisturizing to prevent frizzing, applying a braid spray or mousse to keep flyaways at bay, and covering the braids at night are all steps to care for them.

How Many Packs of Braids Do I Need For Lemonade Braids?

Three to six braid packets should suffice, depending on the size and length of your braids. Before purchasing any pack, you should consult your stylist; they can better advise you on the type and number of packs to purchase.

How Do You Sleep With Lemonade Braids?

Sleeping with a satin hat or scarf on your braids is recommended to keep them moist and prevent frizzing. You can lie on a silk cushion if you don’t want to cover your braids for fear of sweating or if you’re the kind to wake up without your scarf or bonnet on.

Stunning Red Lemonade Braids Styles

Red lemonade braids on black hair are a popular hairstyle that you should try for a unique look. It’s a unique braid in which a person mixes Fulani braids style, cornrow, and braid into one. Finally, tint your hair crimson. The end product is fantastic, and the person appears to be iconic.

There are numerous variations of the red lemonade braided hairdo now available. Here is a handful that I think you should try:

Red and Black Lemonade Braids

This unique style features two-toned cornrow braids, with one side dyed red and the other black. If dyeing your hair red is impossible, you can also use red braiding hair.

Red and Black Lemonade Braids

Red and black lemonade braids offer a bold and beautiful look that can be customized to suit any taste. Whether you prefer a subtle accent or a dramatic statement, these braids are sure to stand out.

Strawberry Red Lemonade Braids

Strawberry red lemonade cornrow braid is one of today’s most requested colors. The juicy Strawberry red hue is perfect for turning heads at the beach or pool!

Strawberry Lemonade Braids

Aside from strawberry red, there are many different shades of red that you can use. For example, a light red braid can look elegant and sophisticated, while a dark red braid can look mysterious and alluring. But if you’re looking for something more understated, consider a muted red braid. No matter what shade you choose, red lemonade braids are sure to turn heads.

Red Lemonade Braids with Edges

This style is often worn by women who want to show fiery personalities. Red Lemonade braids with edges are a great way to add spice to your look!

Red Lemonade Braids

You can rock any season with light red hair color and black hair on the scalp. The contrast between black and red hair is striking.

Red Lemonade Microbraids

You may have noticed that Beyoncé has worn little braids on multiple occasions. You can apply the same technique to your hair. Women with longish faces look best in this style. Start braiding from the mid-scalp and keep them on one side of the face.

Red Lemonade Microbraids

You should avoid thick braids at a young age because it will reduce the number of chunky braids. Instead, opt for smaller braids. Gather as many braids as possible and complete the outfit with various accessories.

Bright Red Lemonade

Dark red lemonade is undeniably fashionable, and anyone can sport the look. But how about a more traditional appearance with red braids? Yes, as long as you maintain your hair dye vivid. Make little braids and position them from one side on the dyed hair.

Bright Red Lemonade Braid Hairstyle

If it’s a scorching summer and you’re a college student, go for this hairdo without hesitation. Make little braids and pull them behind your neck from one side of your scalp to the other. The style might make you look younger.

Red Lemonade Braids with Heart or Star

Lemonade braids are best for kids and teenagers as well. They can be created in all sorts of designs and different patterns. To make it cuter, you can use vibrant colored braiding hair like bright red or pink or add beads or other hair accessories.

Lemonade Braids with a star
Red Lemonade Braids with a heart

Red Lemonade Braids can be styled differently, from neat and tidy rows to more intricate designs. But when you add a heart or star design, you take the heart braid look to the next level!

Red and Blonde Lemonade Braids

It’s nothing unusual to mix two different hair hues. However, mixing blonde with red lemonade braid is unique. On the road, you won’t see this style very often. So, this is how you can achieve your desired celebrity-like appearance.

Red and Blonde Lemonade Braids

This hairstyle is ideal for thick hair with plenty of volume. Make little braids with your hair and pull them straight to the back. It’s the same as brushing your hair. Experiment with the placement of the braids as well.

Red Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Do you have long hair with a lot of volume? The red big lemonade braids are the perfect hairstyle for you. The style’s unique feature is that the jumbo braids can be tied from the top of the head. Hair must be kept at a great length.

Red Jumbo Lemonade Braids

You can still have the thick lemonade braids if you don’t want to tie them on top. Make many little braids in your hair and pull them from one side to the other to achieve the perfect look. This red braid is appropriate for any occasion.

Red, Pink, Lavender, Ombre Lemonade Braids

These brightly colored Ombre Lemonade braids are perfect for summertime, and they add a touch of whimsy to any look.

Ombre Lemonade Braids

This particular lemonade braids style features colorful and bright red, pink, and lavender ombre cornrow braids that are swept to the side, creating a fun and stylish look. Ombre-colored braids are a fun and festive way to add some pizzazz to your lemonade braids.

All Red Lemonade Braids

All RED Lemonade Braids
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For red lemonade braids, most ladies like black and red hair together. However, there is no hard and fast guideline to follow. If you’re feeling daring, style your hair entirely in red lemonade. This is the greatest option, especially for short hair.

Red Lemonade Goddess Braids

Red is the color of power, passion, and energy. What could be more powerful than a Red Lemonade with Goddess braids?

Red Lemonade Goddess Braids

Traditionally styled with a center part and swept to the side, add a modern twist by adding gorgeous goddess braids. This style is perfect for any teenager who wants to make a statement. So if you’re looking for a new look that’s both fun and fierce, this is the style for you!

Bob Red Lemonade Braids

Are you considering red lemonade braids because you have short hair? You can still rock short lemonade braids with this short bob braid hairstyle!

Bob Lemonade Braids

This look is very versatile, low-maintenance, and easy to care for. Bob style short hair braid is also flattering and can help accentuate features like the cheekbones and eyes.


Use this list to find the best red lemonade braids for you. There are different styles that cater to various hair types. Choose the one that makes you stand out!

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