Rita Hazan Root Concealer Reviews – Hair Color Touch Up Spray

Ah, the ever-popular topic of pesky roots and the seemingly never-ending battle many individuals face trying to cover them up. Trips to the salon don’t always fit in our schedules (or our colorists) and can definitely add up when you’re trying to keep up with hair that just won’t cooperate.

One of the most pressing issues that both men and women find is that hair loss can make areas near the roots look thin and uneven. As a result, people hit the market, combing through a multitude of different products in the hopes of finding one that successfully covers up their parted spaces.

Is there a solution to visible and thin roots that don’t damage your hair or require weekly trips to the salon? The Rita Hazan Root Concealer product certainly seems to claim so.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Spray, Dark Brown Cover up Gray, 2 oz

The Rita Hazan Root Concealer comes from a cult-favorite brand promising a tomorrow filled with healthy, even, and thoroughly filled in roots. The product is a 2-ounce touch-up spray that addresses unwanted color deviation and noticeable hair loss.

It is popularly known for treating gray hairs that pop up between coloring treatments. Because of this, it is popular among an older crowd with more prevalent gray hairs. But, the spray can also be used for treating brown or black-colored roots that accompany an otherwise blonde-colored head of hair.

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Rita Hazan Root Concealer Available Colors:

The root concealer is available in 5 different colors

1. Rita Hazan Root Concealer Dark Brown & Black
2. Rita Hazan Root Concealer Light Brown
3. Rita Hazan Root Concealer Red
4. Rita Hazan Root Concealer Blonde & Highlights
5. Rita Hazan Root Concealer Dark Blonde

The spray can treat a variety of hair types ranging from straight, wavy, and curly as well as a plethora of hair textures such as fine, medium, and thin. The lightweight formula helps both men and women disguise hair thinning and gray roots with a simple and quick-drying spray. The product is designed with a pinpoint actuator so that areas can be covered with precision.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Ingredients

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Spray, Light Brown Cover Up Gray, 2 oz

The touch-up spray prides itself on being free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban.

These toxins are frequently found in other beauty products. The spray also contains less than one percent of synthetic fragrances and is both gluten-free and cruelty-free. The main ingredients in the product are Butane, Hydrofluorocarbon 152A, Ethyl Trisiloxane, Phenyl Trimethicone, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, and Iron Oxides.

How to Use Rita Hazan Hair Color Spray

1. Once you have bought your newest root concealer, ensure you apply it correctly. Make sure you are in an open area so that excess spray does not get on nearby objects.

2. Before spraying, hold the can at least 6 inches away from your roots; 12 inches away is better for playing it safe.

3. Using the spray too close to your hair can cause more product and color than desired to be applied. It is recommended to try out the nozzle before using it on your hair, so grab a tissue or paper towel that you can test it on. This will also help you feel more comfortable in the appliance process once you have begun.

4. Now that you are ready to apply, spray just a light amount and only on the areas experiencing hair loss or unwanted root color. Ensure you do so in a steady manner.

5. Begin the spraying process at your part lines and follow up with the area surrounding the face. The phrase “a little goes a long way” has been used to describe this product, so ensure you don’t over-apply.

Rita Hazan Touch Up Spray PROS

Rita Hazan has created a name for herself and a long line of crowd-pleasing hair products. Her root concealer or root cover-up product has seemingly mixed reviews, but the list of pros is definitely worth reading.

Long-Lasting Effect

First off, many customers report the spray is true to its claim that it is long-lasting. There is an extensive number of reviews noting how this product really does stay in place throughout the entirety of the day. It conceals your roots over long periods of time, is proven water-resistant, and can get you through even the sweatiest activities. The product will not wear off until you have shampooed thoroughly.

5 Color Options

One of the best things about this product is it has a lot of color options black women’s hair as well. It’s available in 5 different colors: dark brown/black, light brown, red, dark blonde, and blonde.

Another huge plus that consumers report is that this product does a great job covering up thinning hair, parted spaces, and hair breakage. The spray adds a look of healthy fullness and noticeable thickness to thin, aging, and spotty hair. Many customers stated that areas affected by hair loss were completely disguised by the spray.

Effective Gray Hair Coverage

If you’re looking for Rita Hazan Root Concealer For Gray Coverage Reviews, users attest that it does the job of covering up unwanted gray hairs. Avid users of the product claim this is “the real deal” and the only thing that gives them healthy coverage.

If you want to know a quicker way how to blend gray hairs, this concealer is a great technique. In fact, it really allows for extended time between salon visits or at-home salon treatment sessions. For people with busier schedules, having a go-to product that blends dark roots and helps them space out hair treatments without feeling that observable gray spots are being ignored.

Ease of Use

Fans of this product also state that the spray is better than other products they have tried in the past such as powders and brush-on root coverups. The applicator also makes it easier than using a full-head color when you have just a few thin spots you want to be covered. As well as this, people have drawn emphasis on how this product has a variety of color options, which they do not always find.

Best Ingredients

Finally, healthier ingredients result in better hair care and less worry of hair damage. For people worried about what they put in their hair, a product free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, sulfates, and petrochemicals might seem like a good option.

Rita Hazan Touch Up Spray CONS

Thick Feeling

Unfortunately, this product leaves a weighty and very thick coating. People compare it to a heavy dry shampoo and state it feels sticky, waxy, and coarse. Consumers add that it is so thick that it can take many shampoos and showers to get it out of your hair.


Another common complaint is how messy the spray is. Even hours after it has dried, you still run the risk of getting dark-colored stains on your hands or belongings if you are not careful. If you run your hands through your hair or scratch your head, you will often find brown powder under your nails. As well as this, the spray gets on towels, pillows, and clothes if your hair or the spray touches it.

It can be very hard to get the dark stains out of your belongings so you really have to be aware of residue on your hands and where your hair touches. The spray can also get onto your face and leave spray that is hard to scrub off. As a result, you have to make sure your face is always covered before spraying. Clean-up is challenging with this product.

Dispenser is Difficult to Control

The spray can itself has also been viewed as a con as the nozzle is very small and the dispenser can be difficult to control. The product comes out fast and if too much comes out onto your hair, your hair can look very dark and ashy. It is very hard to get rid of excess color once too much has come out.

People also frequently express discontent about the spray being expensive while very little product is in the can. For a can that is not loaded with a lot of formula in the first place, it can be very frustrating and feel like a waste when it comes out too fast and you lose a lot of the product.

Lacking color or intensity

Finally, consumers report that the color does not come out the way they expected. For many people, the blonde spray comes out as brown and even, in some cases, resembles an orange shade. Individuals do not recommend using the product to treat brown or black roots as they state it only seems to work with gray hairs.

Now you know all the things you need to know about the Rita Hazan Root Concealer. We’ve given you the best things about this product and the things you should look out for. If you want to try out this product, we’ve listed below where you can buy and which store sells Rita Hazan Root Concealer.

Where to Buy Rita Hazan Root Concealer

The Rita Hazan Root Concealer can be bought online directly from their website or on Amazon and Sephora. Go directly to Amazon to see its latest price.

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If you’re from the U.K, Rita Hazan products are not available on Amazon. You can purchase it instead on the Selfridges online shop.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Reviews

I have red hair that’s slightly on the darker side and this product works PERFECT. Make sure you press all the way – if you don’t, sometimes some of the product will drip on your forehead (which is easy to clean off). By Lena

It worked so much better than the cake with a brush types I had tried in the past. I thought it would spray all over the place or stick to my scalp too much, but it is such a fine spray that wasn’t a problem. By Cindy Kops

Best roots coverup I’ve used so far. A bit cakey, but nothing like other products I’ve tried, and I’ve tried lots. By Lesley A MacDonald

Where to Buy Rita Hazan Root Concealer in UK?

Rita Hazan products are not available on Amazon.co.uk. It is very difficult to find shops that sell them online. The only online shop I found that sells Rita Hazan products is ShopStyle.co.uk.

Other Rita Hazan Hair Products

Hydrating and Restorative Weekly Remedy Cream

Rita Hazan- Two Step Deeply Hydrating and Restorative Weekly Remedy Cream Kit

Aside from the root concealer, Rita Hazan also offers several products like the Weekly Remedy cream. This cream helps moisturize color-treated & color-damaged hair. I recommend that you get this one if you regularly use their root concealer.

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FAQs about Rita Hazan Root Concealer

Can you use Rita Hazan Root Concealer for Gray Coverage?

Aside from hiding thinning roots, Rita Hazan Root Concealer can be also used to hide gray roots.

Does Root Cover Up Spray Cause Hair Loss?

Some hair dyes and hair sprays can damage your hair when used regularly. Make sure to find products like Rita Hazan Root Concealer that don’t contain SLEs, sulfates, ammonia, or peroxide that can further irritate the scalp and cause hair loss.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Review: Verdict

It really can be irksome watching your roots pop back up time and time again, just days or weeks after getting your hair colored. And, it can certainly be ultra-frustrating trying to find the right product to cover the spots on your head experiencing hair loss.

So, if you’re the kind of person who has been feeling down about unwanted roots or patches of hair loss, you might want to try a spray-on root concealer or root cover-up. There truly are pros and cons to every product on the market, and everyone has different experiences. Some products work perfectly for one person but are not suited for others. You just have to find the one that works for you.

If you feel you have spent far too long sorting through the wildly diverse assortment of products claiming to fix your roots, you are not alone. Testing out different products to find the right one for you can unquestionably wear you out but don’t let it get you down. You will find the right product that meets all your needs. And maybe it will even be the Rita Hazan Root Concealer.

We hope that you’ve found this Rita Hazan Root Concealer Review helpful. But if you think using root concealers takes a lot of time and you’re more interested in healing the root cause of your hair loss, check out our review of the hair supplement Folexin.

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