How to Wear Skunk Stripe Hair Color

Skunk stripe is a hair color trend for those of you looking for something striking. Maybe you’re bored of your hair color and want a new look that will turn heads. This hair trend is definitely suited to those of you that like a little edge and drama in your hairstyle.

How to Wear Skunk Stripe Hair?

Throughout, there is one them ––contrast. We thought we saw chunky blocky color left in the noughties – but they’re back, bold as ever, and we love it. Classically, skunk stripe hair color is a high contrast of platinum blonde and black. Like a skunk, the colors are the opposite end of the spectrum. The placement of the color also defines the skunk hair trend. Giving a clear definition of a ‘streak’ or ‘block color’ effect.

Read on for a few ideas for your skunk stripe hair!

Classic Skunk Stripe Hair

Classic Skunk Stripe Hair 1

The classic skunk stripe hair trend has a bold pop of platinum blonde, usually around the front of the hairline, giving a strong streak effect. This can be an off-center slice of color, with the overall base color a dark black.

This look sparked the rest of the skunk stripe trends, bringing on a whole array of stripe hair fun! Below are pictures that have a twist on the classic.

Peek a Boo Skunk Stripe Trend

Peek a Boo Skunk Stripe Trend

Skunk stripe is known for being out there and in-your-face. The peek-a-boo skunk stripe trend has played with the concept in an interesting way. Stong blocks of color, placed in areas of the hair that is hidden until you try a hairstyle that shows the punches of color popping out.

Great for a day-to-night look. Because the color is hidden, you don’t see the roots coming through – brilliant. Don’t worry; we’re good at keeping secrets!

Skunk Stripe Hair Streak

Skunk Stripe Hair Streak

I love to see people with a creative streak so why not add it to your hair color too? The skunk stripe streak is a singular chunk of color in the hair. It can be off-center, hidden, on show, around the hairline or on underneath.

The power in this look is from the contrast and the singular pop of color. It’s a bit of a thought-provoking hair trend, leaving people thinking ”is that supposed to be there?” Turn your hair into something memorable with a skunk stripe look.

Cruella Skunk Hair Color

Cruella Skunk Hair Color

Cruella De Vil, queen of skunk stripe, and all things black and white. Cruella’s hair is also classed as a split color, giving us no grey area; we all know this Disney character wears it with execution. The trend is split in two, down the middle part, giving us a bold definition using split hair dye colors.

Skunk Stripe Money Piece

Skunk Stripe Money Piece 1

Show me some money! I love a money piece, and the skunk stripe trend fits so nicely with this color-placement technique. Defining the front strands of a hairline by giving a high contrast in color. This look works nicely with the blonde money piece and the dark hair. Highlighting those face-framing bangs or layers with a skunk stripe band.

Scattered Chunks

Scattered Chunks

Feeling a bit all over the place? Maybe your hair trend needs to express your scatterbrain. The scattered chunks are pretty cool with layered hair. Strong skunk stripe pops of black remind me of Christina Aguilera.

Scattered skunk stripe gives a fluid-yet-blocky effect to hair, and I love how it brings energy to long flowy hair. Also, it’s a cool way of not having to blend dark roots.

Colored Vivid Skunk Stripe

Colored Vivid Skunk Stripe

Skunk stripe does not have to be so black and white. We know classically this is the pallet selected for a stripe effect. But, what about being playful with color? Placement also exhibits this trend.

So if you’re not feeling like going striking with humbug streaks, maybe a strong panel of red, blue, pink, green, ––whatever the heck you fancy.

High Contrast

High Contrast Skunk Stripes

Go high contrast with your skunk stripe trend. If you want your color to stand out, select colors from the opposite end of the spectrum. In hairdressing, we learn about the color wheel and what clashed with what.

Skunk stripe is a contrasting trend, so what about blue against orange? Yellow against violet? Or red against green? Clashing color is for the real drama seekers – so get ready for some clashing opinions, and head turns with this look. Use the Color Wow shampoo to prevent your bright hair color from fading. 

Half and Half Skunk Stripe

Half and Half Skunk Stripe 1

Feeling a bit split? Separate your color down the middle.

This could be like the classic split color trend down the middle, or you could go really creative and block your color on a diagonal line. This will add an interesting variation to your hair. Or, maybe a horizontal split so the underneath of your hair is a completely separate look when you flip your hair!

Short Hair Skunk Stripe

Short Hair Skunk Stripe

Skunk hair isn’t just for the long-haired-lovelies; it can look epic on a shorter style too. Short cuts scream edge so get creative. Maybe you have areas of the head that are shaved? And you could color them; maybe you have a sweeping fringe and just want to pop some color poking through?

My only advice is to tailor it to your haircut. Skunk stripe is a blocky look, and short layers will show off your color, so think about what works for you!

Subtle Skunk Stripe

Subtle Skunk Stripe

Skunk stripe is a trend that has a high contrast definition. This doesn’t necessarily mean the color has to be strong. The color can also be subtle, with strong blocky color placement. So, you could add a strong panel of pastel or a shade lighter or darker. The placement will show definition, and the subtle color adds elegance to the skunk stripe look.

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