Split Hair Dye Ideas: Half and Half Hair Color and Styles

Split hair dye is the half-and-half hair trend that has been all over our Instagram feed this last year. The split-dye hair color is still around for 2023, and we love it. The hair color is split in two, usually down the middle, for high contrast split of different colors.

Split hair dye, like all hair trends, has moved from just being a straight-down-the-middle split of color for 2023. The half-and-half trend does not have to be classically what we have already seen, and it’s nice to put a twist on trends so you have your own individual look—saying that we love the classics. Check out the below pictures of split hair trend ideas, so you can decide the half and half hair for you.

Split Hair Dye Ideas: Half and Half Hair

Classic Split Hair Dye Color

image split hair dye

The ultimate classic split hair dye look, half and half, black and white, clean definition split down the middle. I love the opposite ends of the spectrum used for this Cruella De Vil look – clearly making a black hair statement for this year.

half bw product img1 split hair dye
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Split Hair Dye Underneath

image 1 split hair dye

The ultimate classic split hair dye look, half and half, black and white, clean definition split down the middle. I love the opposite ends of the spectrum used for this Cruella De Vil look – clearly making a black hair statement for this year.

Split Dyed Hair Blonde

Split Dyed Hair Blonde

Maybe you’re a blondie who doesn’t want to lose the blonding work that goes into your hair. Blondes can go for a low-maintenance split hair dye by using a color that fades out. Think of two shades of toners or a pastel color approach. Great for an occasion like a festival, giving a gentle contrast to the split hair color trend.

Split Dye on Men’s Hair

image 2 split hair dye

I don’t like to do a category specifically for men because I feel whatever your gender, go for it. However, a lot of people Google split dye for men’s hair, and this half-dyed hair color trend for me is genderless; whoever you are, roll with what you want to do with your look. The guys rock color just as well as girls.

Split Hair Dye on Curly Hair

Split Hair Dye on Curly Hair

Split hair dye can look cool on curly hair too. The look is a high contrast in half of your hair, but curls add a new dimension. The definite line between the split of color can be blurred by hair texture but can still rock. Curls add energy to a unique look, and we’re feelin’ it.

Bright Split Hair Dye Color

image 3 split hair dye

If you’ve ever had skunk stripe hair, why not enhance the split look by going super bright? This half-and-half-hair look is made for those people who want to make a statement with their hair color. So, go to your hairdresser with split hair color ideas, and ask what is achievable or best.

High Contrast Split Hair Dye Ideas

image 4 split hair dye

Half-and-half hair can be super playful. Colors on the color wheel have tones that cancel each other out because they are opposites. Think primary colors Red, Yellow, and Blue. The opposite of red is green, the opposite of yellow is purple, and the opposite of blue is orange. These colors make each other ”pop,” and it’s a perfect way to play with color theory and contrast. There’s an array more on the color wheel, so ask your stylist.

Split Hair Color on Short Hair

image 5 split hair dye

Short hair bares all when it comes to color, and the split block color technique will be an obvious look. So long as you’re happy to rock a half-and-half hair look, split color looks super cool on short hair. My personal favorite is a split-color mullet hairstyle – very edgy.

Balayage Split Hair Dye

image 6 split hair dye

Thinking of low-maintenance split dye? Balayage split dye hair may be the option for you. Keep your natural color on the root and don’t worry about blending dark roots. Adding split dye to the ends can look epic on a balayage. Or, if it isn’t the maintenance you’re worried over, go for a balayage with a contrast; maybe you just want dark hair or your natural hair color with split-dyed ends.

split hair dye
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Split Dye Hair with a Side Part

image 7 split hair dye

This look can be colored in a few ways. A split dye could be split at the hair part, or a split dye could be rocked colored in a middle split but styled by parting the hair on the side. I like both and the rules were made for bending, then breaking, so go for the side part split dye look if it’s a bit of you.

Split Ombre Dip Dye Color

image 8 split hair dye

Ok, this is not one I’ve seen as much, but I like the idea, and it’s pretty playful. Ombre split dye job, in my mind, is all reference to Harley Quinn. Her hair is blonde, but the ends have had a split dye on either half, going pink and blue. This is a good low-maintenance option too, so if you like low commitment, maybe this split dye hair idea is a good option.

Split Dye Bangs

image 9 split hair dye

Don’t want the full split dye hair trend but want to embrace the new hairstyle? Why not try split dyeing your bangs? It adds the element of split dye and looks really cool on either a full blocky fringe or a jagged pixie look.


Either way, split dye is a trend of endless possibilities, whether bold, hidden, genderless, or short. Adding contrasting colors is a better way to stand out in the split-dyed hair color trend. To keep your split dye last longer, use Redken Color Extend products.

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