The Coolest 90s Hairstyles For Men

This era was full of strong musical references from the alternative rock/grunge to the flashing lasers in warehouses. Men’s 90s hair seemed to have an overall theme––grunge, carefree, the looks were low-maintenance and effortless. The male celebrities wearing the 90s hairstyles were pretty iconic.

Some hairstyles are born by boybands, and revived by Hollywood hotshots. In the guide below we have some images to really get your coolest 90s hairstyles for men going. So if you’re looking for cool hairstyles for New Year. We’ll also have a mini hair product guide giving you the how-to knowledge to get your 90s hair looking… well 90s!

Coolest 90s Hairstyles For Men

Curtain 90s Haircut

Curtain 90s Hair Style

The curtain look is definitely a classic 90s men’s trend. We think it was the most popular and you can see why the guys are loving this look right now. Whenever we hear the 90s, we instantly think of Leonardo Dicaprio or Beckham’s curtain haircuts. This look is great for men who like a low-maintenance stylish 90s haircut. Simply brush back, and away you go.

90s Grunge Hairstyle for Guys

Grunge Hairstyle for Guys 90s

Bit of a weekend offender? Grunge is the lived-in-no-drama look. Left to its own natural devices the grunge hairstyle look is what it is. Think Kurt Cobain’s mid-length Nirvana looks… Messy, rock grunge, and true to itself. This 90s hairstyle for men is definitely for the guy who comes as he is. Layer it up to create a nice shaggy 70s layered hairstyle.

The Men’s Mullet 90s Hairstyle

Mullet Hair Style

There’s a little confusion on the decade the mullet was in, but it was definitely sported by celebrities in the 90s. This trend has emerged recently again and it’s a daring 90s look for men who like a bit of edge in their hairstyle. You can go extreme or mild with a mullet making the hairstyle a 90s versatile men’s look. Finish with a styling paste to grunge up the 90s mullet hair.

Men’s 90s Long Hairstyle

Long Hair Style for Men

Long looks so good on men and we have a few examples from the 90s proving why. Jonny Depp rocked long hair in the early 90s and the trend caught on with Brad Pitt too. These long hair looks scream 90s casual. Generally, conditioning hair can be a little more maintenance but also great for lazy days and tying it away.

Men’s Classy 90s Hair

Mens Classy 90s Hair

Think Superman with his hair styled back with hair hanging down around the forehead. This is a classic handsome look worn with 90s grunge texture. Another good reference is Hugh Grant, flippy hair, waves, and kinks give a classy edge to the 90s hair trend.

90s Haircut Male Curly Hair Looks

Mens 90s hairstyle Curly hair

Well, there’s only one iconic name needing referencing for this look and it’s Justin Timberlake. Remember the in-sync perm? Well, it’s a look fresh from the 90s and I have seen more men asking for perms in the salon recently. Style with the best hair mousse for men and leave it to air dry to get the most out of its natural form.

Blonde Highlights For the Guys 90s Hairstyle

90s Men Hair Style with Blonde highlights

We can’t just talk about cuts when it comes to men’s 90s hairstyles. We also have the colors that trended in the era. Highlights, or as I like to call them, guy lights were everywhere. The men’s 90s highlights were chunky but natural, giving panels of gold through the hair. Check out this picture below of typical 90s men’s highlights.

Men’s Ceasar Haircut

Bowl Hair Cut 90s

This look is inspired by the Roman general Julius Ceasar. His haircut re-emerged in the 90s and was spotted on George Clooney and David Schwimmer. This one is a bit more classic with an overall one-length haircut. It also falls forward with a strong fringe giving it the ability to hide pesky receding areas. This 90s look is sure to fit your men’s hairstyle, being super versatile and wearable.

Cornrows 90s Hairstyle

Cornrows Men's 90s Hairstyles

Cornrows were a big trend in the 90s. Men popularly wore rows in straight lines braided down the back of the head. Also, interesting patterns and different designs were super popular. These looks are still very wearable. Adding 90s edge to the era.

90s Mens Frosted Tips Hair color

Frosted Tips 90s Hair Style

Frosted-tipped hair was all the rage in the 90s and this hairstyle is back for men. The only difference I see now is that the frosted hair looks in the 90s were more on the warm spectrum. Fast-forward to now, and toning the blonde tips cooler is a men’s inspired trend. Completely loving the guys experimenting with color to execute the 90s hairstyles.

90s Bowl Mens Haircut

Bowl Hair Cut

The bowl hair haircut is a statement look from the 90s era, were all for this daring trend to comeback. Being a strong look it’s for the guys that dare to be different with their hairstyle. This look has emerged on the K-pop scene popular for the Genz cool kids. From the 90s, think Nick Carter -It’s more one length all around, usually worn without a part.

Eminem’s 90s Buzzed Haircut

90s buzz hair cut

Yup, you’ve guessed it Eminem had to have a hair feature in our men’s 90s hair guide. The look is short and sweet. Keeping his 90s hair low-key and little maintenance it’s an emerging trend. Buzz it off with those clippers and if you’re feeling real copy-cat go for the iconic bold blonde.

Men’s Hair Products for 90s Hairstyles

1. Gels

A classic strong hold hair gel is probably THE product of the 90s. [amazon link=”B005NWMFL2″ title=”Paul Mitchell MITCH Steady Grip” /] is a great option for wet-look grunge. Work it into your hair and place it where you want it to hang, then do not touch it! Men’s 90s hairstyling was pretty laid back, for extra grunge, add more once dry.

2. Mousse

For the classic curly Men’s hairstyling, a soft mousse is great for curl definition.

90s men’s curly hair was left to do its thing. I recommend [amazon link=”B008074JOI” title=”Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse” /]. Use a golf ball amount and scrunch it in, the classically 90s, and leave it to be free.

3. Paste

We saw a lot of texture with the 90s men’s hair from grungy mullets to textured Caeser cuts a paste is pretty versatile for the guys.

How about trying [amazon link=”B01783REQE” title=”Wella EIMI Texture Touch” /]? Work into hands and rub through the hair, reposition as desired, this past is flexible for a re-mold.

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