14 Hairstyles for New Year’s: Bringing The Party to NYE for 2024

14 Hairstyles for New Year's: Bringing the Party to NYE for 2024

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So, bye-bye 2023, hello 2024. Who’s ready to start the new year right? Beginning with our New Year’s hair. Maybe you’re a firm believer in setting intentions, and if it’s more self-love, feeling ready to take the year being ready and confident in your hairstyles for New Year is the way to go. Maybe you like to look glam and hair is a big part of your expression.

Whatever your reasons for stumbling across our blog, we have the hairstyles for the New Year for you. These 14 looks have been selected because there relatively easy to create. New Year’s hair can be simple yet chic.

Being a hairstylist/writer, I want to make looks accessible to you so you have the ability to create these hairstyles yourself. Read up on the tips and tricks so you can have salon-ready hair for NYE. 

Keep scrolling to discover New Year’s Eve hair inspiration that will keep you stylish long after the clock strikes midnight.

Slick Edges

Hairstyles for New Year

Love this high-end new year’s hair look. Polish off any frizzy edges, prepping the hair, drying it off around the face. I like to finish with a wet look hairspray so it sets in place. This NYE hair is edgy and classy, it can be worn on long, medium, and short hair, making it super versatile for you.

Low Chignon


Now low buns can scream hair luxury done right. You might want easy neat hairstyles for New Year. It can be done slick and tightly twisted with a wet-look product or can be equally as glam messy and tousled. If you go loose but want more hair sparkle, a great hair idea is an accessory like a glitter scrunchy or a silver slide.

Tucked hair with a headband


This look is amazing because it’s based around your hairband, NYE hair is fabulous with a bit of bling. So, get yourself something that fits your style. For the new year’s hairstyle, slick the hair around the face, tuck behind the ears, and place the headband to frame the look. You can go for sharp and straight hair for a cool sleek look or messy curls for innocent elegance. Try it out with a scarf as a headband to rock a shaggy 70s layered hairstyle.

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NYE Textured Low Pony


Low pony has to be one of the easiest yet chic New Year’s hairstyles. For textured volume curl the hair prior, lift and backcomb areas you want height, and use your fingers to pull the hair into a low pony. If you have a sweeping fringe this look can be balanced at the front with an airy root lift and a flick. New Year’s 2024 won’t know what’s hit it.

Skinny Hair Braid


Why not try this simplistic glam hairstyle for New Year’s Eve? Perfect face-framing We create two small sections at the front of the hair part. Then create a classic three-strand hair braid on both sides. A cool idea to avoid unsightly hair bands is to use a good amount of classic strong-hold hair gel on the ends. I like to mix it with glitter for an extra New Year’s hair sparkle.

Glitter Roots


Speaking of glitter, how could I not mention glitter roots? It’s the perfect hairstyle for New Year that comes back year after year. Super easy, mix the glitter with hair gel and paint onto the root, paint on extra glitter on top, and set it with hair spray. This top coat of loose glitter adds a dimensional sparkle setting your hair glow up on this NYE.

Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots

This new year’s hairstyle is the nostalgic quirky hair look of the blog. Maybe you love all things 90s and want to bring it into 2024. One thing for sure, section your hair neat at the root + twist + twist + twist. This creates little stacks of hair you wrap and, secure with a band. Sparkle up the hair with a fine glitter hair spray, giving the NYE hairstyle a gentle glitz.

Double Snap Hair Clips


Get a snappy New Year with double hair clips. Maybe you like hair off your face? Maybe You’re an accessory queen? Either way, this can be a hybrid-retro look, snap clips are 90s-esque while the style they’re worn with can scream the 60s. I love it paired with a beehive. This looks for vintage lovers who want simple hairstyles for New Year. Part the hair central, backcomb volume on the crown if you must, and simply clip out the way!

Bangs and a Messy Bun


So, some of us like a quick New Year’s hair fix. Maybe you have bangs and can’t create the double skinny braid or snap clip. I love to see a bun with bangs. Messy hair is perfectly paired in a bun for va-va-volume. Add height and glamour while framing your face NYE. If you want a little razzle-dazzle, glitter or a hair scarf tied in can get you accessorized for New Year’s Eve.


Here are 5 Facts about your hair

Quiffed Height


The higher the hair the closer to God, right? This brand new year is in reach with this high-hair look. And it’s such a simple New Year’s Eve hairstyle to try on short medium and long lengths. You’ve seen this style in 90s hairstyles for men and it’s easy to do.

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NYE High Pony


Check out this super sleek high pony look, introducing a fierce polished hairstyle. Think Ariana Grande. The key to getting your New Year’s Eve hair polished is prep. Blow-dry the hair smoothly and directionally up towards your pony goal, then the pony will sit flatter to the head. Also, you can purchase some epic faux ponytails to wrap around yours for extra length, ready to whip your hair on New Year’s Eve.

Rhinestones in Hair


I love rhinestones, I love hair, let’s make this a match made in heaven. New Year’s Eve hairstyles are all about glitz. We love this simple effective idea because you can simply style your hair as you wish, and add the glitz at the end. I’ve seen a few hair rhinestones on the market over the years, and they simply just stick in. Nice.

Straight 'n' Sleek Hair


Are you a polished princess? Do you like to shine? And are you keeping hair heat protection companies in business? If this, is you, why celebrate New Year any other way than being you? Hairstyles for New Year do not need to be crazy elaborate, and a simple sleek side part, with super-straight looks is very chic. Sometimes less is more. If you want to glam it up, I’ve seen hairstylists stick rhinestones in partings for a bit of interest. Which can set the tone for 2024.

Halfway Hair


I do this look a lot because I want every hairstyle in one. Half up can create height, can be worn with bangs but give you the length you like down. New Year’s Eve halfway hair can have a high pony, a messy chignon, or maybe a clip at the back. Either way, this hair idea for NYE will give you all you need for a happy new year.

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