10 Badass Viking Locs Hairstyle Inspirations

Viking locs are bold and fierce dreadlock hairstyles that embody the warrior spirit of Norsemen. Thanks to the Vikings series, Viking locs have become all the rage recently. 

But if you haven’t watched it, there is no need to worry. This article will feature ten badass Viking locs inspirations that everyone can try. But before that, let us first learn more about the Vikings and why they were famous for their dreadlocks hairstyles. 

Vikings and Viking Locs

Introducing Viking Locs

Vikings are aggressive explorers and expert seafarers often regarded as bloodthirsty pirates from ancient Scandinavia, present-day Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. 

According to Roman writers, whom the Vikings had encountered during their conquests, Vikings wore long ropelike hair. While many believe that the hairstyle described is dreadlocks, others argue otherwise. That is why this subject remains contested today. 

That said, many surmise that Vikings locs are more than just a hairdo for the Norsemen. This hairstyle serves various practical and social purposes that align with the Vikings’ way of life.  

Significance of Viking Locs

For instance, since Vikings travel a lot and engage in battle often, wearing their hair loose can be very impractical. Wearing dreadlocks allowed them to engage in seafaring and warfare more easily. 

Another explanation for why Vikings wore dreads came from historical documents and artifacts that reveal how Vikings were particular about hygiene, including hair grooming. These pieces of evidence dispute the widespread belief that Vikings were unsanitary. 

Lastly, like other ancient cultures, it is also believed that Viking locs indicate wealth, marital status, and power. Warriors and enslaved people, married and unmarried women, distinguished themselves from each other based on how they wore their dreadlocks.

Some suggest that this hairstyle enhances one’s masculinity or femininity. It also intimidates subjects and enemies, which became a crucial weapon for Vikings during their conquests. If you want to move on from your starter locs for men, read on to see Viking dreads’ inspirations.

Viking Locs Hairstyles

Half Up Half Down

Half Up Half Down Viking Locs For Men

One of the signature Viking dreads hairstyles is the half-up half-down ponytail. This look is simple and easy to recreate. Gather the dreads from the forehead to the top of the ears together and secure them with an elastic. This hairstyle is perfect for all hair lengths. It is best to pair this neck-length loc style for short hair with a beard to achieve a powerful and masculine vibe.

Viking Locs Ponytail For Men

Viking Locs Ponytail For Men

A Viking dread hairstyle does not have to be complicated to command respect. Sometimes a simple ponytail is enough. It is especially true if you have long blonde dreadlocks. But if you wish to add more character to this hairstyle, you can always shave the hair below the earline to the nape. It will provide a bold contrast to the length and texture of the dreadlocks.

Multiple Short Braid

Multiple Short Braid Viking Locs For Men

What is intriguing about Viking dreads hairstyle is it can transform the seemingly feminine braids into a masculine-looking hairdo. There are many ways to attack this look but the easiest way is to make parallel columns of braided dreadlocks from the forehead to the nape. Then tie everything together using a soft stretchable band. Again, the beard also helps sharpen the overall appearance.

Long Viking Locs For Women

Long Viking Locs For Women

Women too can fashion Viking locs. Sometimes, all it takes is letting your long dreadlocks naturally fall down. This look is perfect for those with blonde and brown hair color. To give this hairstyle extra texture, you can also incorporate beads and accessories. Here is a fun trivia: some historical accounts say that unmarried Viking women wore their dreads down like this hairstyle.

High Ponytail With High Fade

High Ponytail Viking Locs With High Fade

This look is probably the most common Viking locs style. As you can see, it combines three crucial elements: dreadlocks tied into a ponytail, shaved sides and lower half of the head, and long untamed beard. The overall appearance exudes fierceness. It embodies the bold character of a warrior who is unforgiving in battles. Wear this hairstyle if you want to stand out.

Viking Dreads With Bangs For Women

Viking Locs With Bangs For Women

Women who are looking for Viking dreads inspiration can give this hairstyle a try. It is a simple long dreadlock paired with bangs cut shorter than usual. The combination provides a good frame for the face, drawing attention to features. This look harmonizes the masculine and feminine vibe well, which makes it alluring. What is also great is that this hairstyle does not require much time and effort to pull off.

Large Braid Viking Locs For Men

Large Braid Viking Locs For Men

If you are a guy who has long and voluminous dreads, you can try this Viking locs braid. To do this, part your dreads into three equal sections vertically. Then cross one section over the other alternately until you reach the ends. You can also use loc extensions to achieve this look. The process should give you a single long braid. To add texture and character, you can put some dreads with beads and threads for accents. Think of this refined hairstyle as something a Viking would wear during sea travel or encampment.

High Bun With High Fade

High Bun Viking Locs With High Fade


A simple tweak like swapping the ponytail for a bun can make a huge difference in the overall Viking locs energy. This look still has the fierceness and boldness similar to the high ponytail, but the bun provides a more respectable vibe than war-ready. For guys who are looking for striking but controlled Viking locs hairstyle, give this one a try.

Side High Ponytail Viking Dreads For Women

Side High Ponytail Viking Locs For Women

According to historical writings, married Viking women wore their hair in a high bun. This information gives us the idea that women, too, can fashion dreadlocks. The high-side ponytail is a modern interpretation of the typical updo. What I love about this look is it exudes both elegance and playfulness. The long light brown dreads retain the original Viking locs character, and the side ponytail provides a glimpse into what other layers of personalities a Viking woman has to offer.

Mohawk Braid Viking Dreads

Mohawk Braid Viking Locs

Last but not least, the Viking locs hairstyle on this list is the braided mohawk dreadlocks. This hairstyle requires long dreads in the crown area and shaved sides and the lower half of the head. Like I said earlier, Vikings tuck their hair away from the face to allow them to move freely as they engage in seafaring and battles.

You can braid your dreads down if you want to go beyond the traditional ponytail and bun. This look possesses a more composed warrior vibe. Wear this hairstyle to create a strong impression that does not intimidate others.

How to Make Viking Locs?

There are two ways to fashion Viking locs. First, for those who are just about to begin their dreadlocks journey, start by growing your hair long enough for starter locs. If you want to be able to wear Viking hairstyles, choose the interlocking method because it instantly produces mature-looking dreads. Once you have dreadlocks, you can choose to do any of the above hairstyles. 

Second, for those with mature dreads, you can try any of the hairstyle inspirations I featured above. 

Viking Locs FAQs

Did the Vikings have locs?

Whether the Vikings have locs or not is a highly debatable subject. But according to Roman writers, Vikings wore long ropelike hair. 

Many believe Vikings wore dreads for health, practical, and social reasons. Historical findings reveal that Vikings are hygienic people with hair grooming practices. 

Wearing dreadlocks also enabled the Vikings to carry out their seafaring activities more easily than having their hair loose. Dreadlocks are also an effective tool to intimidate subjects and enemies during battles. It is also an internal social indicator of one’s marital status, wealth, and power. 

Did Vikings have dreadlocks or braids?

While Vikings’ hairstyle is highly contested, many believe that these seafaring warriors wore both dreadlocks and braids. It is also worth mentioning that Vikings did not limit their hairstyle to either dreads or braids. They combined both. Sometimes, Vikings braided their dreadlocks and had alternating dreadlocks and braid strands. 

What are Celtic dreadlocks called?

Celts are neighbors of the Vikings. Celtic dreadlocks are more popularly known as elf locks or fairy locks. The name came from the folklore that elves and fairies tangle and knot children and beasts’ hair while asleep.  

How often should you wash your Viking locs?

Assuming you have matured locs, you can wash your Viking dreads anytime necessary. Use a great shampoo for locs that are free of sulfates, parabens, and additives to avoid residue buildup. However, if you have starter locs, you may want to wait at least three months before washing.

Show-off Your Viking Locs Hairstyle

Viking locs are all about exuding inner strength, courage, sensuality, and tenacity. I hope the style guide I provided above opened you to the myriad ways of achieving Viking locs hairstyles. That said, remember that a true Viking never stops exploring. So go ahead and find other dreadlock hairstyle possibilities to unleash your inner warrior spirit.

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