10 Best Electric Shaver for Ingrown Hair that Prevent Razor Bumps

There’s a ton of electric shaver or ingrown hair out there, and shopping for them can be pretty overwhelming. So if your problem is ingrown hair, then you’ve come to the right place.

What is an Ingrown Hair


An ingrown hair is a hair that has grown back into the skin, instead of rising up from it. They commonly happen after you shave, wax, or pluck your hair. When the hair is cut or removed, the sharp edge can cause it to grow back into the skin. This can happen with any type of hair removal, but it’s more likely with shaving because the blades cut the hair at an angle.

Ingrown hairs can be uncomfortable. They can also lead to infection, especially if you try to remove them on your own. Many ingrown hairs will eventually work their way out on their own. But if you have a lot of ingrown hairs or they’re painful, infected, or causing scarring, see a dermatologist.

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While ingrown hairs are not typically serious, they can be uncomfortable and unsightly. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help prevent them.

First, be sure to use a sharp razor when shaving.

A dull blade will increase your risk of ingrown hairs by tugging at the hair instead of cleanly cutting it.

Second, use a clean shaving cream or gel to help reduce friction. This will help the razor glide over the skin more smoothly and reduce the risk of nicks and cuts.

Finally, avoid shaving too close to the skin or find the best ingrown hair shavers. This can increase the likelihood of ingrown hairs by leaving a sharp edge on the hair shaft.

10 Best Electric Shaver for Ingrown Hair Reviewed in This Guide

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10 Best Electric Shaver for Ingrown Hair List

You can use a shaver or an epilator to remove them, but between a shaver vs an epilator, which one is more effective? There are a lot of shavers on the market, and if you’re looking for one for your nasty ingrown hairs, look no further. Here’s my personal top 10 list of electric shavers for ingrown hairs.

#1 Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 790cc Electric Shaver with Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable, Foil Shaver, Clean & Charge Station and Travel Case

Best for: Overall shaving

Special Features

  • Intelligent Sonic technology automatically detects hair density and adjusts power
  • OptiFoil cutters can cut hair to as short as 0.05mm
  • ActiveLift trimmer that captures flat-lying hair

Pros: Great for dense beards, 8-D contour adaption for safe and close shaves, 50-minute cordless running time, battery life display

Cons: Pricey, expensive replacement blades, cleaning cartridges also cost quite a bit, blades are very sharp and require practice to prevent self-injury

The Braun Series 7 electric shaver is the best electric shaver for ingrown hairs. It’s a fantastic machine that comes with a lot of features that make grooming fast and easy.

This shaver comes with an Intelligent AutoSensing motor that measures hair density and adjusts itself to match any kind of hair. It also features five turbosensitive modes that allow users to easily adjust power settings with a simple button press. An ActiveLift trimmer captures flat-lying hairs with the help of micro-vibrations, shaving even the toughest beard easily, painlessly, and quickly.

Bottomline: If you have to settle for just one electric shaver for ingrown hairs, and you can afford it, the Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver is an excellent choice.

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#2 Remington F5 Foil Shaver

[amazon fields=”B00BB5YHEI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Best for: Budget shaving

Special Features

  • Intercept shaving technology pre-trims hair, allowing this shaver to cut even longer hair
  • Pivot and Flex Foil Technology ensures close shaves
  • Pop-up detail trimmer for finishing touches

Pros: Affordable, fully washable, universal voltage, great performance for its cost

Cons: Requires more passes for a thorough shave, doesn’t seem to work as well on thin beards, requires lots of replacement foils

The Remington F5 Foil Shaver is my pick for the best budget electric shaver for ingrown hairs. Don’t let its low price tag fool you – this electric shaver offers quality shaves far more than it would first seem.

The Remington F5 Foil Shaver uses Remington’s Intercept technology. By using a shield between the foils, this shaver pre-trims longer hairs before going for the shave. Advanced Pivot and Flex Foil Technology adhere extremely well to the skin while keeping it safe, allowing this electric shaver to give you very close shaves.

This electric shaver for ingrown hairs is also very portable. It features universal voltage as well as a cordless design, meaning you can take it with you as you travel.

Bottomline: While not quite as advanced as other electric shavers, the Remington F5 Foil Shaver wins in the budget department, offering great value for money.

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#3 The Panasonic Arc 5

Panasonic Electric Razor for Men, Electric Shaver, ARC5 with Premium Automatic Cleaning and Charging Station, Wet Dry Shaver Men, Cordless Razor, with Pop-Up Trimmer ES-LV97-K, Black

Best for: Safe shaving

Special Features:

  • Ultra-fast motor that delivers up to 70,000 cuts per minute
  • 5-blade system and flexible 16-D shaving head adhere to contours
  • Intelligent Shave Sensor adjusts itself to your beard density as you shave

Pros: Powerful motor, 5-blade system, and 16-D shaving head for clean and close shaves, Intelligent Shave Sensor calibrates itself to your shaving style

Cons: Pricey

With its high-performance motor, 5-blade system, and flexible 16-D shaving head, The Panasonic Arc 5 is one of the best electric shavers for ingrown hairs.

Thanks to its motor and 5-blade system, the Panasonic Arc 5 delivers up to 70,000 precise, clean crosscuts per minute. These measured cuts ensure that shaving is a smooth and easy process with no ingrown hairs.

The 16-D shaving head works in tandem with an advanced Intelligent Shave Sensor, which measures beard density 220 times per second and provides feedback to the motor 14 times per second as you shave. All of this results in an unmatchable close, clean shave.

On the other hand, the Arc 5 is quite pricey – but I can attest that you definitely get what you pay for.

Bottomline: Almost nothing can beat this electric shaver in terms of safety. If you’ve got sensitive skin or aren’t confident in giving yourself close shaves, the Panasonic Arc 5 is a perfect choice.

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#4 Beard Trimmer by Bevel

Beard Trimmer by Bevel - Clippers for Men, Cordless, Rechargeable, Tool-free Zero Gap Dial, High Power, 6+ Hour Battery Life, 6 Month Standby

Best for: Quick adjustment

Special Features:

  • Bevel Dial allows for quick adjustments
  • Tailor-made body and grip for perfect control and 360-degree handling
  • Dirt and oil-repelling blades

Pros: Very easy to use, ergonomic soft-touch grip makes handling a breeze, coated blades naturally repel dirt and other contaminants, long battery life after full charge

Cons: Blades are very sharp and require practice, may take a while to get used to the shaver’s shape, pricey

Bevel’s Beard Trimmer is as simple as it sounds – a beard trimmer that will leave no ingrown hairs. A Bevel Dial on the electric shaver allows you to adjust sharpness on the fly. This dial not only saves time by instantly switching between razor sharpness but is also an excellent tool for both styling and getting rid of those stubborn hairs.

The Beard Trimmer by Bevel’s body is customized for easy handling, and an ergonomic soft-touch grip gives you complete control over the shaver. Dirt and oil-repelling blades also make maintenance much easier than usual.

Despite its many features that make it great at preventing ingrown hairs, the Beard Trimmer by Bevel does have some downsides. Aside from its high price tag, customers have also reported that using this electric shaver requires some practice, with some even getting wounded by the sharp blades.

Bottomline: This electric shaver by Bevel features a strange design, but it’s unmatched in terms of comfort and control. Because of its unique shape, this electric shaver is best at making quick adjustments to your beard, as well as for thorough shaves.

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#5 Philips Norelco Shaver 7700

Philips Norelco Shaver 7700, Rechargeable Wet & Dry Electric Shaver with SenseIQ Technology, Quick Clean Pod, Charging Stand and Pop-up Trimmer, S7782/85

Best for: Fast and thorough shaves

Special Features:

  • ComfortGlide rings improve feel on skin and minimize irritation
  • SkinProtect blades cut cleanly and closely
  • Cleaning pod that also lubricates blade for maximum performance

Pros: Powerful yet gentle shaves, don’t need as many passes to shave hair, 360-degree contour heads follow your skin,

Cons: Will need careful handling as it’s a lot lighter than it looks

Philips’ Norelco series has always impressed, and the Norelco Shaver 7700 continues the tradition of high-quality, affordable electric shavers.

ComfortGlide rings allow the Norelco Shaver 7700 to glide perfectly over your skin, reducing irritation. When paired with finely-made SkinProtect blades, this shaver offers clean, close shaves that are sure to nip any ingrown hairs in the bud.

Maintaining the Norelco Shaver 7700 is an easy task, as its included cleaning pod not only washes the shaver but also lubricates its blades to ensure great shaves. However, customers have noted that this shaver can be tricky to handle as it’s a lot lighter than it looks. Some practice and presence of mind will be needed to get the most out of the Norelco Shaver 7700.

Bottomline: The Norelco Shaver 7700 is an excellent choice for beginners as its features allow it to give quick, close, yet thorough shaves – which also minimize the risk of ingrown hairs.

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#6 Panasonic ES-LV9Q Wet and Dry Shaver

Panasonic ES-LV9Q Wet and Dry Shaver with Charging Stand

Best for: Premium shaves

Special Features:

  • Multi-flex 5-D head perfectly matches facial contours
  • Comes with a cleaning and charging station for maintenance
  • Wet and dry shaves

Pros: Super fast yet gentle shaves, high-quality composition ensures durability while remaining visually pleasing,

Cons: Extremely pricey

The Panasonic ES-LV9Q Wet and Dry Shaver is the last word in terms of quality – at least on my list of the best electric shavers for ingrown hairs.

Anything that conceivably be improved on an electric shaver is brought to a whole new level with the Panasonic ES-LV9Q. A multi-flex 5-D head perfectly matches facial contours, meaning that no matter where you shave, you’ll always get a clean, close shave.

This electric shaver for ingrown hairs also comes with a convenient cleaning and charging station. The shaver is also fully waterproof, allowing you to use it for either wet or dry shaves.

Bottomline: The price of this electric shaver for ingrown hairs is definitely way higher than anything else on this list. However, in terms of speed, efficiency, and quality, this electric shaver can’t be beat.

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#7 Braun Electric Series 3 Razor

Braun Electric Series 3 Razor with Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver for Men, Blue/Black, 4 Piece

Best for: Beginners

Special Features:

  • Three pressure-sensitive shaving elements for maximum efficiency and comfort
  • Specialized micro-comb increases the amount of hair shaved with each pass
  • Durable, waterproof design

Pros: Affordable, tough, wet and dry shaves

Cons: Poor performance on thick beards, not as thorough as Braun’s more advanced models

Sometimes all you need is an electric shaver for your ingrown hairs, and nothing more. Braun has acknowledged this fact, and the Braun Electric Series 3 Razor is their answer to that.

This no-frills electric shaver for ingrown hair is simple yet tough. It’s got three pressure-sensitive shaving elements that offer maximum efficiency and comfort as you shave. It’s also got a micro-comb, allowing it to shave more hair with each pass.

Unfortunately, this electric shaver suffers from poor performance on thick, coarse beards. And if you’re looking for a premium Braun shaver, this isn’t it.

Bottomline: If you’re exploring your electric shaver options for ingrown hairs, the Braun Electric Series 3 is a great starting point.

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#8 BaByliss PRO GoldFX Cordless Metal Shaver

BaBylissPRO FXFS2G FOILFX02 Cordless Metal Gold Foil Shaver

Best for: Sensitive skin

Special Features:

  • Foil shaver with rotary technology
  • Hypoallergenic foils that safely shave even the most sensitive skin

Pros: Extra-close shaves, looks fantastic, doesn’t heat up, cordless design

Cons: Can tug on hair if used carelessly

BaByliss PRO is a renowned name in the world of flat irons, so it may come as a pleasant surprise to you to find out that they’ve also put out one of the best electric shavers for ingrown hairs.

This gold-colored electric shaver for ingrown hair looks great and performs just as well. By incorporating both foil and rotary technology, BaByliss PRO has created an electric shaver that cuts quickly and cleanly, without leaving any hair behind. Folks with sensitive skin will definitely appreciate the fine hypoallergenic foils that come with this shaver – a must-have if you want to avoid rashes and ingrown hairs.

While this shaver is no doubt a great product, it requires some practice to use it to its full potential. Customers have reported that a tugging sensation isn’t unusual for first-time users.

Bottomline: People with sensitive skin have specific needs, and this BaByliss electric shaver has you fully covered.

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#9 Manspot Groin Hair Trimmer

MANSPOT Groin Hair Trimmer for Men, Electric Ball Trimmer/Shaver, Replaceable Ceramic Blade Heads, Waterproof Wet/Dry Groin & Body Shaver Groomer, 90 Minutes Shaving After Fully Charged

Best for: Manscaping

Special Features:

  • Soft ceramic blades provide clean, clear cuts
  • Anti-nick shaving guard
  • Comes with 4 adjustable guide combs

Pros: Unisex, comes with a starter’s guide, fully waterproof

Cons: Can still nick you in spite of safety features

Let’s get this out of the way – shaving your sensitive spots is a tricky affair. Not only is the skin in the pubic area more sensitive, but it’s also prone to infections and other contaminants. If you’re planning to do some manscaping but don’t want to run the risk of ingrown hairs, try out the Manspot Groin Hair Trimmer.

Soft yet durable ceramic blades give the Manspot Groin Hair Trimmer excellent cutting power while minimizing the risk of ingrown hairs. An anti-nick shaving guard protects your sensitive parts, and four adjustable guide combs help you get whatever look you want. And in spite of the brand name, ladies will be pleased to know that this works just as well for them.

Just because this shaver comes with safety features doesn’t mean you can be careless with it – it’s still a bladed tool, and you should still be cautious when using it.

Bottomline: This pubic hair trimmer is a solid choice for a dedicated groin trimmer. Apart from that, you can also use it as a body trimmer, so that’s a bonus.

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#10 Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Shaver

Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver/Shaper #8061-100 - Up to 60 Minutes of Run Time - Bump-Free, Ultra-Close Shave

Best for: Close shaves

Special Features:

  • Super tight shaves
  • One-hour run time per charge
  • Hypoallergenic gold foil for sensitive skin

Pros: Incredibly precise, great for sensitive skin, can be used corded or cordless

Cons: Needs to be handled carefully, can be a bit fragile, close shaves can cause wounds if handled incorrectly

The Wahl Profesional 5-Star Series Shaver is a small but tough device, capable of super-close shaves that won’t require a follow-up with a manual razor.

Because of its small size, this electric shaver for ingrown hairs is very easy to handle. Its close shaves are complemented with hypoallergenic gold foil that cuts very well and is light on the skin – perfect for people with sensitive skin. Finally, it can be used as both corded or cordless.

Bottomline: If you want a professional quality shaver, get a Wahl. While the small size requires some time to get used to, this electric shaver is sure to please with its thorough, super-close shaves.

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Electric Shaver for Ingrown Hairs Buying Guide

It’s actually a lot simpler than it sounds to shop for an electric shaver for ingrown hairs. But if you’re looking for guidance, here’s a breakdown of what you should look for.

What is an Electric Shaver for Ingrown Hairs?

There’s no such thing as an electric shaver dedicated to ingrown hair removal. All products here are electric shavers that have been selected for their thorough shaves and skin treatment, which are both very important for preventing ingrown hairs.

How Does an Electric Shaver for Ingrown Hairs Work?

Electric shavers are powered by an electric motor located within the shaver’s body. This motor, in turn, powers the blades which smoothly pass over your skin and cut hairs.

What is the Best Electric Shaver for Ingrown Hairs?

The title of “the best” is tricky, as each person has their own preferences. Ultimately, the best electric shaver for ingrown hairs is one that has easy controls, thorough cutting action, and streamlined maintenance. However, two of these electric shavers for ingrown hairs stand out.

If you’re looking to get professional results, I definitely recommend the Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver. It not only comes with a lot of features but guarantees quick, easy shaves. For those on a budget, I recommend the Remington F5 Foil Shaver as it’s affordable while still retaining many of the features an ideal electric shaver for ingrown hairs should have.

Types of Electric Shavers for Ingrown Hairs

There are two types of electric shavers for ingrown hairs – foil and rotary.

Foil Electric Shaver

Foil shavers use oscillating blades found beneath a foil. This foil usually contains a pattern through which the cutters can work. This results in a very close shave and is an excellent choice for shaving thin hairs.

Rotary Electric Shaver

Rotary shavers are easily distinguishable thanks to their large, round heads. These heads have both an outer guard for capturing hairs, and interior blades for shaving anything the guards catch. These shavers excel at cutting thick and coarse hair and are a great pick for shaving tricky spots, like the neck.

Features to Look for In An Electric Shaver for Ingrown Hairs

There are a couple of things that you should look out for when looking for an electric shaver for ingrown hairs. These will not only help you shave thoroughly enough to prevent ingrown hairs but also offer additional features for a smooth and safe shaving experience.

Ergonomic Grip

Ingrown hairs are very commonly caused by a bad shaving technique, and that’s why it’s important that your electric shaver for ingrown hairs has an ergonomic, comfortable grip. The better your control over your hand movements and the shaver’s path, the lower the chance of ingrown hairs popping up.

Replacement Blades

Replacement blades are a feature that’s often overlooked until it’s needed. To avoid this problem, check if the electric shaver you’re planning to get comes with replacement blades. If not, see first if the seller also offers replacement blades for that shaver.

Easy Maintenance

If you’re not fastidious in maintaining your shaving tools, dirt and other contaminants can gather on the blades. If your blade is dirty, you not only run the risk of a bad shave but also of infecting wounds and aggravating ingrown hairs. With that in mind, it may be best to look for an electric shaver for ingrown hairs that comes with a cleaning dock.

Common Questions about Electric Shavers for Ingrown Hairs

Are electric shavers good for ingrown hairs?

Yes, electric shavers are good for ingrown hairs. Most, if not all electric shavers use a cover with their blades. This cover allows blades to cut close to the skin without actually touching it, decreasing the risk of ingrown hairs.

How often should you shave to prevent ingrown hairs?

There’s no correlation between frequent shaving and ingrown hairs. To prevent ingrown hairs, you should practice good shaving practices, like using lubrication and moisturizing your skin after your shave. You can also use the trending Magic Shaving Powder. It removes unwanted hair on their faces, arms, armpits, and legs

Why does ingrown hair happen?

Ingrown hair is usually caused by a bad shaving technique. An ingrown hair curls back down into the follicle it came from, pushing back into your skin. Your body treats this as an invasion and responds appropriately.

How do I remove ingrown hairs?

Wash the affected area with warm water to relax the skin and stimulate your pores to open up. Do this several times a day.

However, if an ingrown hair has become infected, consult a doctor.

What type of electric shaver is better for ingrown hairs?

Foil shavers are often recommended for people who suffer from ingrown hairs. The foil helps to lift the hair away from the skin, allowing for a closer shave. This can help to prevent the hair from growing back into the skin, which can cause irritation and inflammation.

In addition, foil shavers usually have multiple blades that can provide a more thorough shave. This can help to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs, as there will be less hair left behind. Lastly, foil shavers typically have an adjustable head that can contour to the shape of your face. This allows for a more comfortable shave and can help to reduce razor burn.

Enjoy Your Electric Shaver for Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are a problem that all of us will face, one day or another. But I hope that this selection of the best electric shavers for ingrown hairs has helped you find a new, comfortable, and efficient razor.

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